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Fake IDs

— Posted by Darkie on 1:36 pm on Feb. 24, 2002

Anyone in the US know how to alter a driver’s license or state id? My friend showed me how he manaed to pull the laminate up but i have tried alot with out beig able to do it on mine. Any other ideas on fake id’s?

Yes i have looked around the site before asking.
And is anyone interested in purchasing some security cameras?

— Posted by qube on 3:26 pm on Feb. 24, 2002

Search online for fake id’s that you can order, or search for fake id layouts you can print out and laminate. Most official ids have printed pictures, and holograms so you cant really change them easy. Not sure about US drivers licenses those…

— Posted by Darkie on 4:12 pm on Feb. 24, 2002

Yea, just printing my own up won’t work cause they have all those fancy holograms on them. I also don’t feel like paying some one $100 for a fake id. What i want to do is either jack some one’s and slide my picture in or get me another one and alter the name and numbers.

— Posted by qube on 4:16 pm on Feb. 24, 2002

Yes, damn the holograms. My friend purchased a fake id, and it cost him 10! They are not expensive if you find a professional site.

— Posted by Darkie on 4:38 pm on Feb. 24, 2002

Know any good websites for this sorta thing, i looked and couldn’t find a one. 🙁

— Posted by qube on 5:55 pm on Feb. 24, 2002

Search using google.com, thats my favourite search engine ever, its fast, and no shit.

— Posted by largeidaccam on 11:42 pm on Feb. 24, 2002

hey $100 is cheap over here for a good fake id{im in Australia} usually if you want a good one it costs $250 minimum

— Posted by horrorpunk138 on 4:13 am on Feb. 25, 2002

here’s an easy way to get a fake id, if you’re just gonna use it to get alcohol, or into bars and whatnot . Find a friend who’s 21, or 18 if you REALLY don’t look old enough.  borrow their Birth certific, social security card, and a bank statement with an address on it .  go to the liscense branch and ask for a state id, not a liscense . pay the 5-9 dollars, and there you go, your legal.  Just make sure you know the info in case they question you… and you’re good to go.

— Posted by knightmedia on 11:09 pm on Feb. 25, 2002

A few notes:

1. You get what you pay for. The group I ran with for a while priced their IDs around $300. They were completely COP-PROOF. Even the magnetic stripes were programmed. General street price on an ID for getting into clubs and buying liquor is around $50. With the $300 ones, you could actually get arrested as another person as long as you don’t already have a record (fingerprints, dammit!)

2. You can disassemble an ID pretty well with a hot laminating machine, a clothes iron (turn the steam OFF), or your oven at about 300 degrees. You’ll see several distinct parts: the top laminate (about 3mils thick), the hologram card, the information card, and the teslin template card, not to mention the back sheet with the magnetic stripe and sometimes a barcode (sometimes this is the back of the teslin, sometimes it’s the backside of the laminate pouch)

3. Go to Eden Press or Paladin Press’s website and look for a book on making IDs if you want to make them. I’ve read a few of these and they’re pretty informative.

4. If you’re only looking to make a simulated hologram, I know how to do it. Email me privately. I don’t give the information out to anyone without good reason.


— Posted by underagejess on 9:19 pm on Mar. 11, 2002

A really good site which sells fake id online is phatism.com
Their genuine and prices are pretty good.

— Posted by ghettopimp70 on 12:11 am on Mar. 13, 2002

you guys are all getting ripped off…everyone i know that makes them only charges 50 bucks canadian

— Posted by preditor on 12:32 am on Mar. 13, 2002

yeah, but do they check out? do the have a social security number to go with them. not for 50

— Posted by ghettopimp70 on 12:36 am on Mar. 13, 2002

they are official drivers lisences made from people at the DMV

— Posted by preditor on 12:46 am on Mar. 13, 2002

then that is one hell of a deal

— Posted by ghettopimp70 on 1:09 am on Mar. 13, 2002

thats standard price in calgary

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