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Fake ID’s

— Posted by DictionBoy on 3:56 pm on Mar. 7, 2002

Well, not for illegal use but for knowledge how would i go about or anyone go about making a good unnoticeable false identification, i have a few ways but in florida the hologram is a bitch any ideas for out of state or fl id’s, if anyone has any questions on chaos to cars or other shit ask i love destruction.   Dictionboy

— Posted by largeidaccam on 1:22 am on Mar. 8, 2002

come on man have a look around the site before you post nething , if you had looked you would have found alot info on this subject , look in the archieves , also if  that info isnt helpful enough make a friend in the RTA

— Posted by DictionBoy on 2:11 am on Mar. 8, 2002

man i have spent some time looking thorugh hear and a lot of time on the internet, thanks for responding but the archives didnt solve any of my problems, i would like to think there are people gifted enough in this club to know how to get around being underage   Diction

— Posted by largeidaccam on 8:19 pm on Mar. 8, 2002

well theres extremly easy simple ways of getting around things like this but there arent great if you want to go buy a gun or something , go to your skool grab a bundle of blank concession cards and fill in your details to them and make yourself the ages you want to be

— Posted by preditor on 11:03 pm on Mar. 8, 2002

your haveing trouble copying the hologram thing, you can buy all that stuff from your local black market dealer to deal with any form of ID, try there

— Posted by Longbaugh on 2:18 am on Mar. 11, 2002

someone else put this in another thread (i dont remember who) so i’m not stealing the idea but “borrowing” it…

Ok what you do is find a friend that is 21 (or 18 if you dont look 21) and you borrow their birth certificate and social security card . Then you go to d.m.v and get a state i.d. card thats only like $10-$15 , then you’re legal . Simple as that or maybe not because d.m.v might want another i.d. to look at . And if you got arrested the i.d. would be real and valid so you would be getting your friend in some shit.

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