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Golf Carts

— Posted by Darkie on 12:55 am on Mar. 26, 2002

Does any one know how to steal a golf cart? I heard on most, the ignition lock can be turned with a knife, but i have no confirmation. Is it easy to pull the lock? Can they be hotwired? I figure hot wireing them wouldn’t be too bad cause they are electric and all but i don’t know if all that stuff is closed up.

Thanks for any help

Story time: I got to thinkin about golf carts cause not to long ago my friend and i were walking down the street(3 am). This one house had a large side driveway with 2 tow trucks, a car, and a dually(truck). It also had a golf cart that was trapped in by the trucks and cars. The keys were in it and we realy wanted it so i figured i could prolly get it out. I tried squeezing it through and it was scrapin paint off real bad and got stuck. When i tried to back it out it got hooked on the bumper of the car and started pulling it off along with the whole front of the car(i think the car was a crysler seabring where the bumper is molded into the panel). I think “O Crap” and floor it. *POP*. The front of the car flew off cracked all to hell. I ram as hard as possible through the cars and land in the street and take off after my friend got in. Later we are goofing around in a parking lot when we see a truck go by on the road that looks like the one from the house….it comes back and pulls in after us. All i remember after that it is making a 2 wheeled U turn, flying down a steep hill, crashing into a house, and running through back yards trying to get away from the big scary tow truck drivers. It was great and i need to do it again but now they keep it in the garage! So i want to do golf courses now.

— Posted by rageing redneck on 2:12 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

once upon a time my grand father lost the keys to his golf cart,so i wired the ignition into a toggle switch,takes about 10 minutes….of coarse this is an older model golf cart,i dont know about the new shit

— Posted by Darkie on 11:28 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

Next week some time my friends and i will go “golfing”. After carving symbols or lude messages in the greens and driveing for houses and seeing if one of the golf carts doubles as an ATV in the pond i intend to take one of the carts into the woods or back holes and prop that biotch up and have look undernethe her. I am just hopeing i can find some wires and simpley bypass the lock ignition which is probably just an electrical switch. If anyone is interested I can let u all kno how it goes.

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