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how do you rip off change machines?

— Posted by bmw310 on 6:56 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

I’ve tried all the old methods they dont work anymore.
Does anyone know any method that does work??
If not what about coke machines?? vending??

and dont tell me that crap with the notch or other stuff from the cookbook.


— Posted by largeidaccam on 8:49 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

on the other pages of this forum there about 5 other posts like this about vending machines , payphones and other such things , can you look in the futer before posting, also why dont you just buy the coke , mars bar or what ever?

— Posted by Sparky586 on 9:28 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

Some of thoses ways you reading about getting money out of vending/coke/change machines are either don’t work anymore or just a bunch of bull shit.  I would suggest you use the method gluing a string (I suggest a fishing line) and stick it down the part where you put your change in.  This method will work on arcade machines, but I don’t know about payphones.

— Posted by Sparky586 on 9:33 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

Oops sorry, I messed up on my last post.  It’s you glue a string to a quartar and stick it down the part where you put the change in, so it’ll read you just put a quartar in.  Then you can just pull your quartar back out and do it again.  So with one quartar you can play games and puy pop and food out of vending machines all day

— Posted by thadon41 on 9:43 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

You are so full of shit! that cannot work!

— Posted by guzzetti on 10:03 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

GET A fucking Hammer, beat the fucker till breaks open. Voila. Preferly use a Sledge Hammer.

— Posted by guzzetti on 10:04 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

Sparky u a dumbass that dont work.

— Posted by thadon41 on 12:38 am on Mar. 31, 2002

Lookie here kids, Ive said this some where else on this forum but I’ll say it just one more time…

The best way to break into ANYTHING, is to learn about the system first.Weather is breaking locks, hacking computers, gaining money out of change fuckin machines or whatever. Get some books etc. Learn about what your trying to defeat first. Then once you have enough knowledge for the task ahead, proceed to figure out a way around the system.Basically exploited its weakness’s.

This is it. You really want to get change out of a change machine? Learn about the machines, then you will know! Ya’ll are just too lazy and you want the quick answers from someone who has already done all the work.

— Posted by cheryl on 8:21 am on Mar. 31, 2002

Tie a coin to a piece of string put it in get ya grub yank the coin out!! 🙂 lol i was told it works

— Posted by TheAnarchist on 10:26 am on Mar. 31, 2002

Dude theres strips on 5 dollars 10 dollar and 20 and 50 dollar bills ya and 100 dollar bills…you hold the bill to the light and you see it.. rip a notch in the bill near it and pull it out and you glue or tape that on the one dollar bill close to where it was on the 20 or whatever bill and put that in a change machine..there 20 dollars in change because the machine thinks its a 20 dollar bill

— Posted by bmw310 on 6:31 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

that one doesnt work dude, at least not on this machine where i try it, maybe i gotta find the right machine. On what kinda machine did you do that???

— Posted by TheAnarchist on 8:47 am on April 1, 2002

It works with even the new machines becasue thats how the machines tell which bill is which.  Thats why they have those strips so that the machine knows that its a 5 dollar bill…its always worked for me at car washes gas stations anywhere there is a change machine

— Posted by Orion85 on 10:54 pm on April 2, 2002

a cordless handheld rotary tool work? like a dremel and just put an appropriat bit on it(high temp tolerance). cut through a lock, cut it out, or a wedge and hammer always trusty. whatever you wanna break into, its most likely made of metal. cut through, bust through, or melt through with thermite. there is a way to do it.
—It might not be as easy as just reading a forum! experiment, do more research on what you are breaking into, this website is a great resource but you must know what you are looking for. maybe a combination of methods work. THINK. know what you are getting into. can’t expect all these people to mouth feed you.

— Posted by kingpin on 9:13 am on April 3, 2002

bust em the fuck open with an axe.

— Posted by slimjim on 6:34 pm on April 3, 2002

I know how much fun everyone has answering these but if u look around there must be like 50 of these threads so just look around next time cus sum1 may already have asked ure question.

— Posted by eternalgee on 3:35 am on April 4, 2002

Hey TheAnrachist I just tried the strip method last night by pasting a couple 5 and 10 dollar strips to dollar bills. It didn’t work at all which really bummed me out. Can you please tell me specifically (manufacturer’s name, etc.) which machines this method works on? I know you’re right this method has got to work.

— Posted by kingpin on 7:33 am on April 4, 2002

smash the front of it open with a animal carcass

— Posted by TheAnarchist on 1:24 pm on April 4, 2002

You guys must be puting them in the wrong place.  if you look at the 20 dollar bill its in a certain place… I think all the bills have different places so maybe you guys are like puting the strip in the wrong places

— Posted by TheAnarchist on 1:27 pm on April 4, 2002

One more thing guys don’t go off and start blowing the machines to hell…its not worth the trouble i do the strip on the one all the time..  THis is how the machine works… The strip IDENTIFIES the worth of the dollar…IT HAS TO WORK.. so put the strip as close as you can to where it used to be on the 20 on the dollar bill .

— Posted by AnarchistChaos666 on 7:08 pm on April 5, 2002

 TheAnarchist     ok well    if you take the strip out of a 20, 50, etc.   won’t that fuckin bill be useless?????

— Posted by ne0 on 1:12 pm on April 6, 2002

stuff some cardboard or shit up the coin slot and then come back later. dance when coins come raining down. stop dancing and run.

— Posted by Mike Hunt on 11:37 pm on April 6, 2002

dude, chaos… make sure  u rip the strip outta a $20 bill. w/ the strip outta it… u can spend it like regular money. if u do it w/ $50 and up, the clerks check it for counterfeiting. they never do for $20 and below. at least they do that at walmart. the strip thing, never tried it and have no clue how to fix it so it will work. the only other thing i know is to take two $1 bills and tape them end to end w/ opposite sides facing up. u have to tape them just right or it wont work. tape em together so it forms something thats looks like a really long dollar. and go to a change machine that will take dollars that way. put the dollar in (face up), and let it take it. it will go in and get to the dollar that is face down and return the bill and give u the chang cuz it read the first bill completly. i do this when i go to the movies and arcade all the time

— Posted by TheAnarchist on 1:50 pm on April 7, 2002

AnarchistChaos no cuz PEOPLE DON”T CHECK FOR THE STRIPS OF 20s and 5s and 10s! they check for only 50s and 100s =D gees think people think

— Posted by TheAnarchist on 1:51 pm on April 7, 2002

yikes im sorry MikeHunt before i started typing maybe i shoulda look at yer post =D

— Posted by bmw310 on 3:43 pm on April 8, 2002

hmmm yeah i gotta try that one where you tape another opposite facing dollar to it.

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