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How to obtain an island or start a country….

— Posted by woody8415 on 12:00 pm on Mar. 12, 2002

In the not so distant future I am looking to start a civilization of sort. I need to know how I would go about buying an island or taking one over. I would like it to be ask risk-free as possible and as legal as possible too. Can anyone help me out??

— Posted by Hergor on 1:01 pm on Mar. 12, 2002

just look on ebay… lol :biggrin:

— Posted by preditor on 1:03 pm on Mar. 12, 2002

well, that is no prob to get one if your filthy rich, are you?

— Posted by Hergor on 1:16 pm on Mar. 12, 2002

if that’s the problem i suggest robbing the sheikh of dubai…

— Posted by preditor on 1:26 pm on Mar. 12, 2002

haha, that be kinda hard to get away with, blame it on binladin if you get caught.

— Posted by Just0nePepsi on 3:09 pm on Mar. 12, 2002



Those islands are a lot of fucking money but they are for sale.

— Posted by bigboom on 3:22 pm on Mar. 12, 2002

soon the U.S. will sell small craters afganistan away one rain and you’ll have the first nation of water instead of land house boats all around


— Posted by Hergor on 5:02 pm on Mar. 12, 2002

ah, and a little hint:
don’t try to separate land from texas!
back in 1992 (or somewhen near that date) three ppl tried to claim independence from the state of texas to set up their own republic. police and swat teams took their small farm by storm. all three died in the resulting gunfight.

i’m sorry, i can’t find any further infos about this ‘event’ on the net right now… 🙁

— Posted by preditor on 11:40 pm on Mar. 12, 2002

I think all us from bombshock should move into the same area and claim it as an independant republic, lets see anyone try and take it from us.

— Posted by trowe on 5:04 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

that would be fun. cops would be so freaked bout comin near the place theyd be shittin there pants.

— Posted by confuzious on 9:55 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

Hell yeah. We need a country where we can build bombs and weapons and do drugs together, so nobody would dare fuck with us.

— Posted by preditor on 10:29 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

when I create my own country I will make you all “government oficials”

— Posted by Sicopath on 4:19 am on Mar. 18, 2002

I’ve been fantasizing about raising an army to invade Vatican City, it’s the smallest country in the world, the size of a small high school, fortified by mountains, no military or police and the pope lives there.
If we take the pope hostage(so they won’t bomb us) and fortify our location (easily done, it’s in a valley) nobody would dare face us.

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 4:26 am on Mar. 18, 2002

And all the people that live in the Vatican are unmarried nancy boys who wear long white robes and pray a lot, with careful planning and execution this plan could actually work.

Let me know when you want to start planning Sicopath!!



— Posted by kingpin on 4:57 am on Mar. 18, 2002

that is the best fucking plan i have ever heard are you guys serious cause i think that would be sumtihng that i would be willing to do in the not to distant future if you are serious i want in.

— Posted by preditor on 5:31 am on Mar. 18, 2002

I call dibs on the popes funny hat

— Posted by extreme on 5:31 am on Mar. 18, 2002

dont you think dat plan is abit to far fetched, firstly  wat do u think would happen if u take the pope hostage, the whole world will be there to blow ya f”ken brains out !!!! well catholic religious followers anyway

— Posted by kingpin on 5:39 am on Mar. 18, 2002

ha chatholics im not scared of no catholics anyway most of us are gonna die anyway and id rather die in a huge international incadent and have it be recorded in histiry than die of colon cancer or sumthing and thwe only ppl who care are the ppl i know

— Posted by aSs BacKWuRds on 9:07 am on Mar. 18, 2002

yeaH I AGREE die for a cause die 2 be famous when u do die raise hell while ur stiil here cause were a ll gonna die some day

— Posted by trowe on 11:11 am on Mar. 18, 2002

We could do that shit easy man. Im in if ur serious. i got no other shit goin on in my life except for my small plans of domination over a small country, which will come after we do this. We would need some better equipment than stuff we make ourselves though. cause onces those military fucks come after us, were gonna need somthin good.  I could personally do with a couple walther P99 chrome slide pistols or somthin.

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 1:29 pm on Mar. 18, 2002

Well I wasn’t actually being serious but hey, if we could get all 5000 of Bombshock (although 90% of them are AWOL) then why not???



And I’ll fight you all the way for the Pope’s hat!!!

(Edited by Mr Mushrooms at 1:54 pm on Mar. 18, 2002)

— Posted by Hergor on 1:47 pm on Mar. 18, 2002

the vatican huh? interesting. never thought of that…

but the world would really go bonkers and the US might intervene… this would be the invaders’ last act for sure…
on the other hand, who wants to be old and senile when her/his life ends?

and most of all, a direct assault and hostage-situation in the vatican would go right down in history… :biggrin:

funny idea, especially ’cause i’m an atheist…

— Posted by trowe on 1:53 pm on Mar. 18, 2002

i say we do it. im nuts enough to go along. i got nuthin better to do. we would need guns, transportation and sum explosives. whats everyone say?

— Posted by thephreak on 2:39 pm on Mar. 18, 2002

In response to the person who wanted a country to do generally illegal things in – this is a genuine option. Create your own country in the middle of an ocean, and as this is not anyones territory claim it as your own. An example of this is a guy who set up his own country on an oil rig to get around banking laws.

On a different note if you wished to disappear (at least in the u.k), find a child that died almost straight after birth, but not in the town of birth (making sure the age is feasible e.g not born in 1269) and apply for a replacement birth certificate,  and as checks are only run in the town of birth you can get a new birth certificate and have a new identity!

— Posted by confuzious on 2:49 pm on Mar. 18, 2002

Have weapons, drugs.  Wanted: place to use them. I think the catholic church sucks, (2 priests are being sued for molesting kids in my town) so why the fuck not take over the vatican? We would all be legends.

— Posted by Lord Storm on 3:06 pm on Mar. 18, 2002

Ooo, I want in…definitely

— Posted by DeathWagon on 7:29 pm on Mar. 18, 2002

THIs IS A GREAT IDEA. We need to invade more than one place. The Vatican, a secluded town in nebraska and areas on other peoples home countries. We build up an army an make a false thing calling it a religion so it can be an official orginazation, and we get tax exemption (this is before the religion). WE have to make demands in code and have a country of complete anarchy (where everything belong to everyone and we all porsoper.) Int the end we kill all the people and all tha nilams get to live ina  no longer fucked up world, count me in.

— Posted by Strobe on 1:12 pm on Mar. 19, 2002

oohhh this sounds like fun 🙂 count me in!!
i can bring a buncha drugs if you want too 😉

— Posted by Sicopath on 12:10 am on Mar. 20, 2002

I say If we held the pope hostage, no catholic fuck or government would dare get at us because we might (dramatic pause) Kill the pope.
Unless the pope goes all Martyr on us and says he doesn’t care if he dies or not.

(moderators of this forum- this thread should be moved to the newly made community forum, my opinion anyway)

— Posted by balor on 3:54 pm on Mar. 20, 2002

Well if ye are going to hold the Pope hostage I know a lot of Catholics(me included) that couldnt give two fucks what ye do with him.He is head of the most corrupt church in the world and of one that has protected child abusing priests for a hell of a long time.He deserves to die for that alone.

— Posted by DeathWagon on 4:04 pm on Mar. 20, 2002

Right on Balor

— Posted by DeathWagon on 4:16 pm on Mar. 20, 2002

Sicopath, if the pope says sumin like that we just gag him and tickle his feet, so that the rest of the world know hes alive, and dosnt knwo hes ok with death.

— Posted by jujubeans on 10:05 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

wut be fun is too get like me, other female bombshockers, and like 10 porns stars (unless he likes men) and make the Pope renounce his religion so he can fuck all of us but then turn him down. i dunno, i just wanna screw with his head a bit.

— Posted by loscgk83 on 10:19 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

what the fuck i just answer this on a different thread.

lookin the archives,fool

— Posted by eVipere on 10:47 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

Hell ya, create a new f*cking country!

But, why do it in a litte puny ass place like the Vatican??
Isn’t that just ONE building??  

Go to Afghanistan and kill the damn towel heads that run that piece of shit they call their “country”   It can’t be that hard!  They are all hiding in their little caves anyways.  After they’re all dead, establish our own gov’t.. Anarchyism!!!!    

call it:
The Anarchy Republic of Anarchists  
or something like that!

— Posted by kingpin on 6:35 am on Mar. 22, 2002

afganistan is full of us troops and afganies with rifles id be staying the fuck away from that place for a while.
we should not let the pope talk on camera just show him gaged and tied and he is so old you cant even understand what he’s saying anyway.
we should take over a small group of islands aswell as the vatican but the islands would be a piece of piss to over throw.

— Posted by trowe on 9:42 am on Mar. 22, 2002

If we could get enough guys with guns, we could take over trinidad and tobago. small islands, they also make a certain drug there, but i cant remember what it is.
They got a small army.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 9:56 am on Mar. 22, 2002

Im for buying the island idea, i say that anyone thats interested, all of us split in money to get 1! I know they are very dear but im sure there would be a lot of ppl interested dont u? We could name it sumthin like “The Anarchist Republican” and declare war on america n shit lol. also legalise drugs and wreck anarchy on nearby main ladn n other islands then flee back home lol

— Posted by DeathWagon on 10:02 am on Mar. 22, 2002

eVipere two things:
1) afghanistan is huge! for a huge army, or several million people we might be able to take over the land area.
2) those people in caves are heavily fucking armed, the northern alliance, and other warlords want to rule so they have armies of their own, we would just be throwing ina nother army group trying to rule. the difference would be we would have pipe bombs and cocktails, they would have tanks.

— Posted by Ankou on 11:40 am on Mar. 24, 2002

Man what a fucking great idea! i have done some research on trinidad&tobago,afghanistan and the vatican city. If u guys decide to do something count me in.. Allright if we are to take over some small country (I dont think its possible to take afghanistan just yet) i suggest that we take some time to build up a huge stash of weapons for all of us to use. then we steal a couple of nukes from russia or if you prefer.. america. Or some other country. (its gonna be fucking hard if u ask me but we will have no choice) Then we would have to be able to transport these nukes somewhere safe. Then we take over trinidad&tobago. We set up our nukes there (So other countries will hestitate to attack us since it could result in a nuclear war) and fortify the whole goddamn place. Of course we would need quite a bit more people than 5000 bombshock members to do this. And if the “steal a nuke” idea doesnt sound too good to ya then try to steal or buy some uranium from somewhere and build a nuke. Of course it too will be hard but well worth it. We could also attack the vatican and fortify that place since it isnt bigger than a normal sized city. 5000 bombshockers is more than enough for taking the place over. But when we have taken that place over the only protection we have would be the nukes. Since the place is like a goddamn deathtrap small,nowhere to run if the other countries decides to attack us. Oh well i guess thats a risk we must take. It would be much safer to get all our money together and buy a private island for all of us to live on. Just think about it, we would rule that place, noone would come over to us and arrest us for “illegal possession of drugs,guns etc..” Life would be great there. Grow weed and sell it to the jugoslavian mafia for a living for example. heh man.. I guess its only a dream but dreams do come true.. eventually. Whoa i just got an idea on how to get weapons. I dunno if it’ll work but here it is: Go to russia or some country where your chances of buying weapons without a license are great then you simply strip the weapon apart and put it in a small box and send it to some place of your choice (where u live etc.) by mail. I dunno if they scan mailboxes as they do with bags in airports if so it would be best to put the stripped weapon in some sorta leadcontainer and then mail it. Oh well.. Peace b with u all.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 12:33 pm on Mar. 24, 2002

how do you expext to steal a nuclear warhead exactly? You watch too many movies man.


— Posted by Hergor on 12:34 pm on Mar. 24, 2002

Ankou, first of all: LET GO OF NUKES! :angry: there is no way for any of us at bs (even if we were 5000 ppl – the largest ammount of those has probably just forgotten us. i count around 50 active members…) to get a hold on nukes.

a) the US protects their nukes like golden eggs and russia is not likely to do different (just like other nuke-bearing countries as well). any thieves wouldn’t stand a chance against their security. and don’t come with “but they did in a movie…”
b) building a nuke is just as impossible as stealing one. as for constructing a simple nuke you need more than just uranium. you need enriched uranium-235 and at least a safe spontanous neutron generator (like polonium and beryllium). not to mention the right tools and safety equipment. so forget about that asap…

and about sending weapons in lead containers: don’t you think the feds will open the packet when it goes through the x-ray (and it will go through a scanner) and they see a lead box in there?
mailing weapons or illegal substances is bad – if you wanted those you’d have to go to the country where you want to buy them and leave by private- or cargo-ship or cross the border at daytime in open and uncontrolled field…

anyway, i still like the vatican- and island-ideas… 🙂

— Posted by Ankou on 8:31 am on Mar. 25, 2002

Man i was KIDDING! Of course i know the us and russia guards their nukes like golden eggs. man..  I dont even watch many movies cuz they arent for real. But i was serious about the mail idea. Nukes sucks anyway. Non-nuclear rockets would be better. But actually i didnt think any of u guys was serious about taking over any place. And i doubt it would come real too. Lots of people here might say “Yea that sounds cool! lets do it!” but when all the military guys arrive with they choppers and guns they’ll piss their pants. Alltough there might be some people here who has the balls needed. That kind of people doesnt fear death and i can honestly say that i do not fear death either. Bullshit you might say but if you have proof for a life after death then your whole life changes, you lose all fear. And i have had that kind of proof many times. Im not going to tell you everything that happened to me since it will be too long to post here. but lets just say that i had a “contact” with a dead relative of mine. After that i lost my fear. But if u are serious about the vatican thing you can count me in since my life is kinda messed up. i have more enemies than i can count to and i really dont have anything better to do. Peace.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 11:33 am on Mar. 25, 2002

you could always bluff about having a nuke, make a few fake pictures, hey, you ever seen the bomber boys? lol

— Posted by Hergor on 11:34 am on Mar. 25, 2002

hey Ankou, well then, you just sounded like one of these 14 year old drunks (no offense).

fear of death? lol… no, i fear being old when i die.

though the vatican-idea is a good idea as such i doubt anyone would be able to gain the needed ammount of ppl for that (except for radical religious groups maybe).

and for the ‘contact’ thingy: well, everybody has her/his own view. i don’t believe in things like that (although i would like this world to be a little more mystical) but i don’t say you’re wrong with it. who knows? most scientific theories are solely based on belief even if some ‘facts’ point at them…
just look at the history of science. there have been so many ppl judged as ‘being wrong’ and later restored right that one can’t really speak of ‘facts’ for things not completely (/mathematically) proved wrong.

besides, prooving something right is much harder than the opposite.
something can be proved wrong with only one counter-argument but for prooving things right you need a lot of tests and even then you’re not sure… 😉

(Edited by Hergor at 11:35 am on Mar. 25, 2002)

— Posted by trowe on 4:51 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

totally true. anyway… it would not be hard to take sumwhere like bermuda, or the bahamas, or sum tinyass place like that. that would be easier than hell. but our problem would be gettin guns and shit. i want guns, but i cant find guns.

— Posted by golkar on 8:32 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

Hmmm.  We’d need to coordinate.  5,000 people show up for a war and no one can use the same ammo.  Line up by caliber!  .38 and .357 on the left, 7.62×54 NATO on the right and by Gawd I’d better not see an Mosin-Nagant in that group!  

— Posted by trowe on 9:02 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

thatd be funny. but seriously, we should pick on very small islands, they are easier to take over, and easier to claim as our own.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 9:31 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

I’ve some up with an anarchist organization,
Seriously kids.
I’ll post my idea someday in weapons and combat.
It will be a long distance fight for freedom. If your afraid to kill u wouldn’t want to be in.

— Posted by golkar on 10:21 pm on Mar. 25, 2002

The anarchists fielded an army of 100,000 in the Spanish Civil War. I think George Orwell described their organization. Ah, here’s an excerpt: “Everyone from general to private drew the same pay, ate the same food, wore the same clothes, and mingles on terms of complete equality. If you wanted to slap the general commanding the division on the back and ask him for a cigarette, you could do so, and no one thought it curious.”

— Posted by Ankou on 4:04 am on Mar. 26, 2002

Yeah Trowe youre right the smaller islands are much easier to take. But if we really are going to do something then we will have to get enough people and a good plan. Not to mention guns. i would suggest that we scrape together a group of people who would fly to some island and when they are there they could check things out like how big a police or military force the island has. (Altough it cannot be that big) Anyone know of a good island to take? It would be harder to get people than guns though since we need reliable people who doesnt think its all a game and then get a nervous breakdown when things get hot.

— Posted by kingpin on 5:29 am on Mar. 26, 2002

ok im not sure how many of you are serious about this but if you are there are sum things you should realise
1- we all live in different contries so it would be hard to get an army together
2- as soon as other countries found out what had happened they would send in their extremely well trained army with real weapons as apossed to homemade weapons that they have been trained to
use  and that we havent.
3- although it sounds like fun i dont think we could get enough ppl foolish enough to go through with it

too bad though cause it woulda been cool

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 8:56 am on Mar. 26, 2002

if u r serous, shouldnt we use sumthin a little more secure to discuss over, pigs could listen to this no problem, especially since sum of u idiots want to kill the pope (kill the queen instead, she needs to die!!!) 😎

— Posted by felony on 9:19 am on Mar. 26, 2002

The popes a VERY old man and he would probaly have heart attack during all the kidnapping and shit, then you would be screwed, be funny though 🙂

— Posted by Analyticworm on 10:09 am on Mar. 26, 2002

First I think that you have a sound Idea I think what you would need to do first is pick the location. I would think that the purchase or an island would be the best choice as then legally its yours and you would not have anyone trying to take it back. The next thing I would do is get a decent amount of people to come to the island and assemble the basic items needed to live. Houses, running water, some type of hospital, school, that type of thing. Second I would then petition the UN for a charter get some type of aid and then set what ever laws and policies that you see fit. If you are serious about this I would assist any way that I could.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 10:47 am on Mar. 26, 2002

As for the armies.. ect.
I have lots of guns I have trained to use. I have a team of 8 people that are highly trained and (in my eyes) could match a SEAL team or whatever. They have LOADS of experiece along w/ me.
I know I will probably get flamed for this.. but I speak the truth. I get get my hands on guns and explosives.
as for the we live in different countries thing…
We could still unite at a rally point or our attack destination.
Or we could all win small victories where we live and then post our victories.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 12:04 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

i was playin metal gear solid 2 today, and found out that the terrorists r plannin to claim the island of manhatten as a republic call “sons of liberty” just thought this was kinda cool 😎

— Posted by Ankou on 12:06 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

I think the “buy an island” idea is the best one. the only problem is money. I would help but im not as rich as Bill gates.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 5:29 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

lets create a charity called “give money to the in$ane anarchist$ $o they can buy their own republic and weapon$ $o they can de$troy u$ all” maybe we should shorten that down a bit 😎

(Edited by chroniccrescent at 5:45 pm on Mar. 26, 2002)

— Posted by trowe on 5:48 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

Islands can cost millions of dollars, while taking one over would be much cheaper. Being cheaper, but harder…there is of course flaws. Like sumone said, cant remember who, they would send in an army to help that country… maybe true, but it would be hard for them to do that. governments get overthrown all the time, and armies dont get sent in. Im just saying that, unless we can get about 1-5 million dollars, i recomend hostile takeover…

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 5:50 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

when i buy my own island after i get rich scammin the public, i will announce it a republic and u can all enter the island, with my own laws n shit, itll b cool, 1st law, no queers, 2nd law, hoe’s on every corner …etc

— Posted by golkar on 6:04 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

The idea of buying an island might have merit… Assume that 5,000 people are serious about making this happen. Have them prove how serious they are by putting, ummmmm, say, $100US in a legal trust. That would be $500,000 instantly without anyone having to go to jail. Rinse, repeat quarterly for a year. Just checked a couple of real estate sites on the web and there was an 8000 hectare island in Panama for $8,000,000. Smaller islands available for less. Problem is that if it’s large enough to support an independent nation, it already has one. Otherwise, a bigger nation has control. But there is an interesting quasi-exception to the rule… www.sealandgov.com

And just for grins and giggles… Ganjastan!

(Edited by golkar at 8:28 pm on Mar. 26, 2002)

— Posted by trowe on 6:32 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

like i said, islands are expensive. It would be a hard thing to do, to take one over, but to raise over 5 million dollars to buy one… too much time and money.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 8:36 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

Take one by force.
The USA has a little guy called “Fidel Castro.”
He rules Cuba and needs to die 🙂
So lets take Cuba by force… and… take the cuban cigars!

— Posted by kingpin on 2:17 am on Mar. 27, 2002

there oviouslly isnt that many people who are interested in this im not sure how many ppl have been posting on this thread but it sure isnt the whole of bombshock.
but anyway i think the best idea so far is to buy an island then build up our resources and then over through another island but of coarse i doubt we have enough money so what we should do is just move onto one of the islands without anyone knowing i doubt they go all the way out to the island and check for freeloaders but also there would be no electricity so that means no bombshock (nnnnnoooooooo) and there would not be any good cell phone coverage there so we would be very limited in commiunications.
this plan is very flawed but im still in, ive been in dodgier scams than this before.

— Posted by Sicopath on 4:05 am on Mar. 27, 2002

About the elctricity, my friend told me recently about Sri-Lankans on Bicycles generating power ;)…..

But seriously,
Private islands for sale are all under the juristiction of a nearby country until it is sold. They state that the plans of development must be acceptable to the country and true or else they’ll be up our asses.

— Posted by Ankou on 6:00 am on Mar. 27, 2002

We could rob a bank and stay low a while afterwards. Hmm.. But i doubt its a good idea. At first a bank is robbed and six months afterwards a gang of anarchists shows up with 20 millions and wants to buy an island. heh they wouldnt be suspicious at all.. But seriously guys, to buy an island is much better than to overthrow some crazy place like cuba. i mean we dont have any people and we dont have many guns. If we had an island of our own we could overthrow another island much easier. But since we got no dough… well i guess we would have to commit some crimes to get some.  

— Posted by Analyticworm on 9:27 am on Mar. 27, 2002

First I don’t think that getting the money together would be the hard part honestly 20 million is not that large of an amount if a group is commited to a goal.(example: I have a cousin that is not that bright and kinda lazy that blows 12,000 a month that he gets from sellin drugs. I have never sold drugs don’t mind those that do and probably wouln’t sell them on a small scale if I was given the opportunity )  I would be mor concerned with getting a un charter to be seen as a seperate country then with anything else. After all with out that charter all a group would be is a bunch of us citizens that are commiting some type of crime on an island. Again if there is a core group that is seriously interested in this I would be willing to sit down and work everything out.

— Posted by Ankou on 10:52 am on Mar. 27, 2002

i am seriously interested in this. I will help in any way possible.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 11:47 am on Mar. 27, 2002

Quote: from Sicopath on 5:05 am on Mar. 27, 2002
About the elctricity, my friend told me recently about Sri-Lankans on Bicycles generating power ;)…..

But seriously,
Private islands for sale are all under the juristiction of a nearby country until it is sold. They state that the plans of development must be acceptable to the country and true or else they’ll be up our asses.

Shri Lanka is a poor as country. Bunch of villages. Anyways I’m serious too. I’ve been serious for 2 years!!! damn. I got a team that trust thier lives to me.
I say we take a piece of land and turn it into a fuckin fortress.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 11:54 am on Mar. 27, 2002

Exactly how many people are seriously interestd in this? I think there are more pluses then minuses in this and with the way that the world is going we should beable to make this not only a place to reside but a good revenue stream. Once the core group is extablished we can work on everything else.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 12:08 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

I have an attack team. It’s 8 men. Highly trained.
– Me leader (Foot militia.)
————————— The men.
– Medic
– Demolition
– sniper
– militia
– militia
– electronics (computers)
– militia
– militia

You guys probably think I’m bogus. Plus since my age is “too young” But its your desition to believe me. But if we do pull this off and we meet someday.. you’ll believe me 🙂

— Posted by Analyticworm on 12:28 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

I too have military back round as well as computers I am not sure where age comes in as I seen my first combact when I was 18. I would be more conserend with experience but again that is just me. Again I think that all serious people should get together some time soon and develope a game plan on how to accomplish this task. Also that will give every one an opportunity to get some type of measure of everyone else. We would also have a chance to determine exaclty what the island would be used for. I for one am not looking for just a place to go to have fun with sex drugs and what ever else. I would be more interested in extablishing some type of revenue stream from the island with the end result that independace would be soon following. With the way the world is going and the whole aspect of terrorism there is a huge opportunity to provide protection services to select groups. Again this is just my opinion who ever is seriously interested contact me either by email or ICQ. I would also like to invite the creator of this message to contact me so that we might discuss the plans, options and theories that he/she has discovered and/or invented.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 3:38 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

I saw combat first at 11.
I was scared alright.

— Posted by trowe on 6:24 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

I am my own team. I may not have guns of my own, but i do use my dads… These are my skills:
Sword Combat,
And My Best Skill Of All: I can look at somthing and instantly see how it works, i can see somthing in pieces, and no more than five minutes later, i know how to put it together. criticize if you want. But its true. Doctors tests prove I am borderline between Insane and a Genious.
i belive I could be a good asset… than again…

(Edited by trowe at 6:25 pm on Mar. 27, 2002)

— Posted by Roland49686 on 6:30 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

You have the skills of an engineer

— Posted by eVipere on 7:09 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

I have the skills of electronics, computers, and anything mechanical, as well as a bit of basic explosives (who doesn’t???)    Although I would be a feable asset when in comparason to some of ya’ll .. I could try!  

And, if we need alot of cash.. just talk to BIll Gates.. LOL

He might aid our cause so he can avoid US monopoly laws…  

— Posted by Roland49686 on 7:45 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

We can get our funds easily.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 8:11 pm on Mar. 27, 2002


I would be interested in knowing what your plans are to rais the money.

— Posted by kingpin on 8:24 am on Mar. 28, 2002

jesus christ i think im in over my head but thats never stopped me before if you all arent lying then shit you all seem to have experiance with all kinds of shit, im only young (16) and i have only had experiance with small time things like petty crime but i still want in.
in comparisson to you all i dont think there is much i could contribute but i am a bit of a crazy mother fucker
and i’d be willing to go through with it all exept for the money factor, i work in a supermarket and i aint gettin much money also if we were to do this i dunno how the fuck i would get out of the country by myself im not sure on airplane companies policies on kids flying by them selves are but if theres anything anyone can think of i’d be very appreciative.
p.s if you read back through the posts there are only about 10 people including me out of something like 7000 plus so i think we need to alert the rest of bombshock to our plans and maybe get sum more people in on this.

— Posted by kingpin on 8:29 am on Mar. 28, 2002

p.p.s i am good with computers and a pretty good thinker, also i am pretty good with bombs but like eVipere said so are most of us on the site.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 1:05 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

Robbery, and selling stolen goods.
Finding a good source is always the key.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 1:22 pm on Mar. 28, 2002


Ok what would this group rob and where? Also I am curious how you plan to fund the group until the fist joint project can be designed and completed? Where would this group first meet at? and exactly where would the base of operations be until the proposed island can be found and purchased? I think before we decide what will be done to produce a profit there needs to be a census of who is seriously interested and what they can bring to the table in terms of experience and money. Once that is done then the decision on what projects can be looked at. There are what aprox 7,000 people on this forum? How many are seriously interested?

— Posted by Roland49686 on 1:46 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

Not all 7000 members post. Only a hundred or so.
This will require years of planning and shit and gethering money, resouces, and ect. We got plenty of time. We just need to set aside a seperate ammount of money (all of us) for this.
I estimate I will be around 18 when we actualy decided to pull this off so please..
Don’t rush anything. Small operations ect.. will ensure success untill out plan actualy plays out. Right now I working on a name for our organization and looking ofr ways to operate it.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 1:56 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

The Vatican actually is protected by the sweedish army and honestly they are the best trained in the world. So I doubt very seriously that we would be able to do aything of that nature also every country in the world that is non muslim would come to the defence. Now if we are just discussing this for discussion sake then I do have some suggestions that would work, However I am looking for something more.  You see the problem with taking something over is making sure you have the ability to keep is conquered. So the ideal situation would be to purchase an island and build up from there. Again just my opinion.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 2:03 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

Take them by force and with the element of surprize. It’s a VERY large piece o’ land. Also Everyone HATES cuba and will not support them in any ways. If we take them we will also take…
Weapons (chemicle and nuclear as well as guns)
Plus they would expect NO attack by an unknown enimy. It’s a perfect plan.

— Posted by trowe on 2:05 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

Thats true, people think about a hostile takeover, and think it would be fun, and im one of those people. But as for keeping a standing army ready, that would take some work. As for purchasing an island it is costly. 10 million for a good one. And yes I know that it is only making a dollar, than doing it again 10 million times. but that is alot, and time consuming. I think it would be longer than 2-4 years, I have only seen about 6 serious people post on this topic in the past week. six people to bring up 6-10 million dollars would take alot of effort.

— Posted by trowe on 2:07 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

and as for cuba, they have an army. may be small but they still have it, and we do not have adequit people or weapons.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 2:20 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

What about those small-ass islands in the pacific? I’ll look on a world map today and see if I can find an adiquite island around in the pacific or atlantic.

— Posted by trowe on 2:39 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

Those are what I say we take if we insist on hostile takeover… hell, 8 or 9 people could take one of those really small ones.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 2:43 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

Surprize is our deadliest weapon. So lets not alert anyone to our plans.

— Posted by confuzious on 11:48 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

There are lots of little islands that nobody ever hears about, and that could easily be taken over. I have experience with guns, computers, and drugs. But we would really need money. If we could find some place with enemies that would fund us….

— Posted by kingpin on 11:58 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

cool well if roland will be 18 or so when we do this then i’ll be old enough to do what i like and i will also be able to build up a fair amount of money by that time also i dont think we have many people interested in being involved ( 4 ppl at last count) i think we should start a new thread in the community discussion to recruit people to help us out because were gonna need a lot of people to pull something like this off/

— Posted by onecrazyfool on 12:37 am on Mar. 29, 2002

Ok, you guys are all high or sumthin, cuz there’s no way this would work.  They’d probably just find some way around the Pope to get you.  Take over Monaco if you’re gonna go suicide for a country.  It’s slightly bigger, and has sum cool crap in it I think.  Like a horse race and an aquarium.  I don’t know about their military status though…

But you’d need tons of people, with lots of weapons.

— Posted by onecrazyfool on 12:50 am on Mar. 29, 2002

Quote: from Roland49686 on 2:43 pm on Mar. 28, 2002
Surprize is our deadliest weapon. So lets not alert anyone to our plans.

Ignore my last post, I did it after reading the first page.  But Roland, don’t you think it’s a bit late for that?  I heard the “pigs” as sum of you call them watch sites like these.  Ya know, to catch crap like this before it happens.  Maybe I’m wrong…

— Posted by Mastermind on 12:57 am on Mar. 29, 2002

Ok, instead of pulling one big operation, everyone alone or in small groups robs a bank near thm.  That way it is spread out all over.  We could get money to buy an island real fast.  Half of the people could move to the island to prepare for the upcoming invasion.  The other half would stay where they are and send stuff that they sell, like chemicals, guns, computers and stuff to the island.  On the island we could set up a bank, like a swiss bank.  Then every job someone pulls, the moeny will go to the bank and be hidden from pigs.  When we get enough supplies by making them or stealing them, we get together on the island and train.  Back to getting the money, when we get it we could lander it and involve some small time mafia, then get them into our new countries.  We wouldn’t want to get acknoweledged by the UN ’cause then when we attack they attack as a group defending against a country.  Otherwise they would have to fight us like we were terrorists that own an island.  Hmmm, be treated like an army, or like terrorists  Thats just my opionion.

— Posted by kingpin on 1:28 am on Mar. 29, 2002

id rather be refered to as an army than a terrorist organisation we would sound like we are not just some right wing group of crazy’s but an apossible force.

(Edited by kingpin at 1:31 am on Mar. 29, 2002)

— Posted by smoothcriminal on 2:15 am on Mar. 29, 2002

i know a bank in my town that gets sixty thousand every first thursday my friend robbed them he got caught cause his brother ratted on him he did get to spend 2 gs of the money and buy a 99 explore

— Posted by smoothcriminal on 2:18 am on Mar. 29, 2002

im with this first we take over a prison maximum security of course over . we then go to a airport pack a 747 or two and go to the vatican personally i think it should be cuba . but anyway if it is the vatican we could steal the pope mobile add a canon there is 1 tank

— Posted by smoothcriminal on 2:20 am on Mar. 29, 2002

the bank i mentioned before is a trailer bank like a office at a construction site if anyone has a big rig we could steal the whole fuckin thing

— Posted by smoothcriminal on 2:23 am on Mar. 29, 2002

this just for educational purposes blah blah blah disclaimer

— Posted by Sicopath on 3:43 am on Mar. 29, 2002

you quadruple posted you lamer!

— Posted by golkar on 7:28 am on Mar. 29, 2002

I’ve had to think this through a little… If we fight for an island, we need to make damn sure its got the basics on it.  Land that will support farming and fresh water.  There are TONS of islands that no one lives one because there isn’t any fresh water.

If we buy someplace it makes more sense to become anarcho-capitalists.  One hundred people is a pretty small army but would be a good size business.  Its just harder work then robbing banks… 🙂

— Posted by Roland49686 on 10:23 am on Mar. 29, 2002

Okay alot of people are interested…
Also there are small islands that maybe 18 people could take over.
Starting a new government could actualy really work.
We need to create a name that describes our position and also tell the world we arn’t terrorists. Like “Citizen’s Army” Or sumthin.

— Posted by EvRLsTNgGoDStpR on 10:49 am on Mar. 29, 2002

Count me in, i’m trained in wheapon’s and shit my crew will allso help we could get some money and we’ll donate all of our wheapons, Shit about time somebody’s got a good idea, *EDIT* Found a good island for 48,000! http://www.vladi-private-islands.de/sales_islands/sites/3a_long.html

(Edited by EvRLsTNgGoDStpR at 11:00 am on Mar. 29, 2002)

— Posted by trowe on 11:32 am on Mar. 29, 2002

dude… first, that is way to small of an island. we need one at least 400 acres, at the minimum… second, if you can get weapons, help supply those of us who cant get them.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 11:48 am on Mar. 29, 2002

hey roland, forget about cuba, Fidel Castro’s Army Of 100 Guerillas beat the original cuban army of 10 000 (not sure if figures r correct) and if uve forgotten, camp x-ray is there too, the american military prison where they r holding afghans, cuba is suicide, go for sum lame ass island in the pacifics, and count me in, and instead of taking an island over, raise money whateva way u can and buy an island, it sounds lame but is the best way to go

(Edited by chroniccrescent at 11:52 am on Mar. 29, 2002)

— Posted by Analyticworm on 12:06 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Again the best way to accomplish this is to purchase not conquer. Figure and island is going to be around 10to 15 mill for what we would need. Now to develope it build buildings and other neccessary things prob will be about another 10 to 15 mil including supplies and equipment Now lets say we put this on a 5 year plan that would mean that we could need to save about 6 to 6.2 mill a year really we would have to produce about 10 mill a year we will need money to live on also to reseach new projects as well as start and maintain what ever we already had going. I know in the area where I live that there are at least 20 different things that could be done to produce 6 to 7 mill a year. Again what we need to do is get a core group together leave from this public forum and discuss in private what exactly this group is looking to accomplish. So far all we are doing is talking.

Weapons, We are all business men and women in this forum. I don’t see giving anything away I could see some discounts if we put this thing together I could also see shareing connections if this is put together. What I think in that situation is that everyone would bring something to the table we establish a budget and decide where the main focus should be. Should every one be armed? Depends on what every one is doing and when. The best defence we would have until we are at 100% strength is to be and remain unknow. Every project we start should seem random. Do you know what the best lie the Devil has done? If not I will tell the forum.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 12:32 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Every person should be armed.
The computer people and building people should be armed with a small sidearm (Pistol… preferabley a beretta or glock)
Now there will be attack forces.
They will be armed with weapons (Assult rifles and sidearms.) And low order explosives (Grenades, small bomb, ect.)
There will also be demolition people. They will also have small sidearms. They will be busy with explosives.
If we take over an island HELMETS AND BODY ARMOR is a must. We do not want any casualties but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.
I’ve never had a casualty.
Extra ammo is also a must.
Stationary machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons are also need once we achieve take-over.
If we buy it then we will need to set up bases and outposts immediatly.
Chances are we cannot find an island to buy that does not belong to a government. If we do buy an island a government probably has control over it. I doubt free-lance islands are for sale.
That means we need to make sure that whichever government is in control knows they no longer have control.
Once we have an island in our possesion an underground system should be build and we should build it in a hill so we do not hit the water table or water at all.
Supplies are a must and we need people on the mainland to give us signals and information on our postion.
Thats all I have to add at the moment

— Posted by Analyticworm on 12:47 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

First when you purchase and Island it is just a matter of filling out the proper paper wok to file for an UN Charter. That charter would give you the ability to be your own sovergn nation. Most of the Islands that we would be looking at and the areas I don’t think there would be any problems with what we do or don’t do on the Island. I have done some research and to get the UN charter is not that hard. Now reguarding being armed. I understand what you mean however what I was refering to was not being armed on ths Island but here in the states. The Devils greateat lie and accomplishment was making people think he did not exist. That is what we need to do make people think that we are not doing what we are doing and what ever projects we have going on or are plannin to an outside group (lawenforcement) is that each project is totally unrelated to each other and is something that is random. That way we would not bring undue attention to the ultimate goal. Again how we set this up and with who is someting better left to the extremely serious and in private. Again just my opinion.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 12:54 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Xpl0sive needs to set up a voting thingy ma bob so ppl can tell us if they r in or out, im definately in though

— Posted by DeathWagon on 1:38 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

I think that chances are with bombshock people in certain cities and areas should group together and prepare weapons and supplies and start pooling money so when the combined efforts start we have shit to work with.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 1:53 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

I agree with death 100% and that is what I have been saying since I got into this conversation. However, before any resources are given i think we all need to make sure who we are and what we say we are. There is nothing worse then to invest in a unprofitable venture.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 2:21 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

can we get a new forum created just for this, coz theres too much too plan on just 1 thread, i think roland should moderate it

— Posted by Analyticworm on 2:33 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

I think that something like this should be done via ICQ or on an IRC channel or some other type of forum that can be locked an only the people involved should have access. There could be a public forum also but I would not use it for anything really other then what we are doing now.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 2:42 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

yeah but this thread is massive, 4 pages so far and surely more to come, a new forum for this would b good so we can discuss other ideas too without it being all in 1 thread, i know this doesnt make sense the way i put it but think about it

— Posted by Roland49686 on 3:30 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

I need everyone who is planning to be in this to post IN FAVOR of a political forum.
We post all kinds of thread there about this. It was started by ratty.
Now on a different level.
Thank you for your opinions on me moderating a forum!
I have many weapons, supllies, men, ect. I have loads of guns too.
Have we found an island that can be Baught (and sovrieghed by us from UN) or overrun?
Now I have even bigger plans for this…
You know how hawii is a state made up of many islands? Well.. If we can get one island then we could defanantly get more.
Once words of this come out people will be FLOCKING to a place where marijuana is legal, so on and so forth.
Also our gov. will need our OWN police force and forensics team for people that wanna disobey our laws (killing our officals, stealing, ect.)
We wanna provide a government for people where they can live FREE lives. Where there arn’t laws on substance or weapons.
We will also need boats, and some plans for building.

— Posted by synapse on 3:37 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Dudes… This is just a fuckin GREAT idea and definetely count me in. But I realy think the big armies like Russia and US and UK and all these Uroupian united countries won’t let us to even move a bit.. we gonna get smashed in a sec.
I think buying a little island would be the best since there are places that if bought , does NOT have to follow the country’s regulations..
This is one of them(here is the URL) http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/middle_east_and_asia/spratly_95.jpg
Spratly Islands are pretty cheap and if we just get our members just to put like 500$ each we can definitely buy one ofthem NO PROBLEM..
Then WOW man think a bout it we gonna RULE …
fuckin awsome idea…
I’m definitely IN.
So yeah write what u think about //http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/middle_east_and_asia/spratly_95.jpg

(Edited by synapse at 3:39 pm on Mar. 29, 2002)

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 3:38 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

good idea, i do think that murder should b illegal in our island n shit like that, we can murder ppl from near by islands lol, i still say buy an island, get ppl to raise money by pullin bank jobs, drug dealing, wateva, until we get the island, p.s. what should we call it? not the anarchists republic, that sounds lame, sumthin lcool, i cant think of nething just now

— Posted by Roland49686 on 3:41 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Citizen murder..illegal
Millitary murder (thats us).. legal

We may find some residents… not fit. For the surrounding.
I don’t know about places in the middle east tho….

— Posted by Roland49686 on 3:44 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Those spratly islands by vietnam are up for sale?!

— Posted by trowe on 3:47 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

we may need a government, but alot of people arent seeing the really big picture. a hostile takeover of any island with inhabitance on it, will produce suspicion from governments. And we dont want suspicion. to keep this under raps, i think we will need to do 1 of 2 things.
1:Get over 5000 people and do a hostile takeover, requires alot because as soon as any government finds out, they will send in military forces and alot of us will die.
2:buy the island, make it what we want, and go from there.

both have good islands for sale.

— Posted by trowe on 3:51 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

vietnam hates america, canada, uk, etc. they would kill every one on our island, than leave, just like that.

— Posted by synapse on 3:53 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Yes,  as far as I know if someone is intrested and got cash they would sell Spratly Islands
So we just need to get people to start makin money…
no matter what it takes.. We NEED CASH and if we get it yeah man realy we can have our own Military and RULS / kindda unbelivable but it is POSSIBLE/
Think about man.. it that come true..we have achieved the BIGGEST issue in last 2 centuries.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 3:55 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

I looked at trowes websites and there are ALOT of carribean islands that have lots of land and shit. (good for marijuana too! :biggrin: ). Those look like the best. They’re all under a million.
Like some are 18,000.00
It’s great!

— Posted by trowe on 3:57 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

there some pretty good islands for pretty cheap. thats why i think buying may be nessissary, because, it may be easier. one bank job could buy a good sized island…

— Posted by Roland49686 on 4:02 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

I almost have enough funds by myself for one of the small carppy islands on there. Lets buy (as a group) a big ol’ island. Or a bunch of good sized islands in the carabean!

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 4:16 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

im with roland

— Posted by synapse on 4:21 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

I’m with Roland too

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 4:29 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

this is very pricy, but is fuckin huge!!! -> http://www.privateislandsonline.com/skyropoulaeugr.htm

— Posted by synapse on 4:37 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

If we get only 2000 people of BombShock to put 250$ then we can buy that shit and also with the 50$ each we can equippe the place…
It’s realy realy easy and possible…
Then a New and amazing modafaka land will join the world.But with a little difference:
This new land does NOT give a shit to any of those enforced world regulations…

(Edited by synapse at 4:38 pm on Mar. 29, 2002)

— Posted by EVILEYE on 4:44 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

start youre own civilisation eh ?well u could buy an island off the coast of scotland for 300,000  or make one out of millions of plastic bottles ! no really someone has done that !and its off the coast of cuba (saw it on tv so its true!)

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 4:44 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

hey, lets start picking who will b in the government, may i nominate myself for a position?

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 4:49 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

evil eye, u scottish?, i am

forget that, iread ur profile n ur english, still no scots here that i know of 🙁

(Edited by chroniccrescent at 5:11 pm on Mar. 29, 2002)

— Posted by synapse on 4:52 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

“chroniccrescent ” that’s was pretty kool and funny man
yeah Go ahead u wanna be what?
I am going to hold the position of supervising all comminications and computing technologies…

— Posted by Analyticworm on 4:52 pm on Mar. 29, 2002


Now I think that everyone is getting the idea. I think again who ever doesn’t have icq should down load it http://www.icq.com then I think the next step is to get everyone involved to agree on a date and time to meet an talk about this in a form of chart room. At that time we can get the location of everyone what their current projects they have working and what projects are being planned. At that point depending on how the conversation goes we should meet to complete the more difficult projects. Also we are going to have to start some type of corporation to funnel the money through Also that same company will also have to purchase what ever else we are going to need. You see there is alot that needs to go into this. Also do we really want alot of people comming to the Island or do we really want who we want to come.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 5:07 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

ill b “general secretary of bullshitting the press” lol, im gonna get icq right now

— Posted by synapse on 5:09 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

“Analyticworm” I agree..
we need to start the plan ASAP.. cuz there is alot to go through. But as u all know MONEY can solve anything and since HOPEFULY the number of our members gonna be big then there is not much to worry.
But there is always one thing which has always been the MOST SIGNIFICANT ISSUE throughout the history , that is “ORGANIZATION”
We must have all the plans organized to be able to succeed.
I think we sould start off by estimating the number of members who gonna join us and also eliminating the fake members.

— Posted by synapse on 5:14 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

bytheway I think ICQ is not a good idea cuz it can be hacked EASILY.
The better one is YAHOO messenger that is realy hard to hack.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 5:15 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Ok who ever is interested please email me and include your ICQ number. When I get all of that information I will then send an email to everyone involved with the names and ICQ numbers. Figure on givieing eveyone until monday to do this. From there we can set up a time and date to meet and a ICQ chat room can be created and we can introduce our selves and give a bit of our back round as well as aprox location. I would recommend that every one take a hard look at themselves before making this decision as once we go forward there is no turning back.

— Posted by synapse on 5:27 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

there are alot of people do NOT have a certain computer( they may use public computers) so for those people it’s impossible to get involved cuz ICQ saves the buddy list on the computer but Yahoo messenger saves the list on server and everytime the user signs in the list gets downloaded automatically.
So I think Yahoo messanger would be the best.
So everyone can send emails to Analyticworm’s email or to my email at s_y_n_a_p_s_e_0_0_0@yahoo.com to add ur YAHOO messenger ID to our “BombShock mission (BsM2002)list”.

— Posted by synapse on 5:30 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

YES….I have a suggestion:
how about we call this whole thing:
” BsM2002 ”
which stands for:
BombShock Mission 2002

— Posted by Analyticworm on 5:35 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

I do agree about the yahoo messenger idea. As for a name I care not so BsM2002 is fine with me

— Posted by synapse on 5:38 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

>> >>>>>>>>        BsM2002                           Bomb Shock Mission 2002
> a huge serious issue in the history of BombShock

— Posted by Mastermind on 5:45 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Count me in, im probably too young, but ill help any ways

— Posted by synapse on 5:54 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

as I said before in order to ensure that u r IN , just send an email to analyticworm@hotmail.com or to s_y_n_a_p_s_e_0_0_0@yahoo.com and make sure u write ur BombShock ID and Yahoomessenger ID .
And u will be added to BsM2002 contact list.
In a short time probably by this comming thursday we will have everyone to chat in a yahoo private room.
Furthure info about the time and room Id will be posted later as soon as we get enough people in the list.
And as Analyticworm said before… please think about what u gonna go through cuz as soon as u step in there will be NO WAY OUT.  
Thanx in advance to everyone

— Posted by trowe on 6:04 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Synapse, how old are you. I have nothing against you, and you seem like a nice person, but you jumped in there pretty quick, and all of a sudden you are calling yourself a contact person. I think we should only contact analyticworm about this. synapse, you seem to know abit, and im not on ur ass or anything, but i think its best if we stick to one contact.

— Posted by synapse on 6:07 pm on Mar. 29, 2002


— Posted by Mastermind on 6:08 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

I agree with trowe, synapse is cool, but we have no idea whose fucking reading this
better safe than sorry

— Posted by Roland49686 on 6:10 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Yes one contact is good.

Okay. I don’t have yahoo messanger but I will get it soon. I also have an ICQ but I need to sign up. I’ll contact you when I do.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 6:40 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

synapse, no offence, but wo made u boss? u acting in control and jumping in too fast, my email is markrice16@hotmail.com and my yahoo is chroniccrescent but i havent used it for ages, im gonna get an icq soon so ill tell u it l8r. p.s. yahoo now do a credit card verification so its fuckin impossible to get a new account without havin a credit card, so yahoo may not b a good idea

oh and im now an affiliate!! im proud to say that i personnally dont think ive ever posted bull shit to get my ratings up (at least not on purpose)

(Edited by chroniccrescent at 6:43 pm on Mar. 29, 2002)

— Posted by synapse on 6:49 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

hey chroniccrescent , listen dude..,,
here we have noone as a BOSS since we are escaping from all these modafakaa bullshits like king queen… / all those shit …
So neither me nor anyoneelse is gonna call themselves a “BOSS”. / what I am doin is tryin to and helpin others to organize this whole thing.
About the Yahoo registration… NO it is still POSSIBLE to resister for FREE:here is the URL to register.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 6:55 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

synopse, dont take it personnally, ur cool n all but ur kinda taking charge, i was just sayin, but im with u on the idea but there should b only 1 guy in charge of ppl whos interested, whoeva wants to do it, maybe we should vote or just use worm, doesnt matter to me, i dont really care, as long as it gets done i guess

oh, and i know yahoo is free, the credit card is just to verify u, yahoo is fucked up (it may have changed though, if so i retract my statement)

(Edited by chroniccrescent at 6:57 pm on Mar. 29, 2002)

— Posted by synapse on 7:00 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

All cool ,

— Posted by bmw310 on 7:04 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

I’m there too in the bombshack island thing
If we could get enough people they couldnt really do nothin to us

I mean they cant kill like 10,000 people thats a kinda illegel.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 7:07 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

bombshack? hahaha, thats what we would probably b livin in on the island, hey, ever seen the beach? we could base it on that!

— Posted by Roland49686 on 7:09 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

I got my Yahoo messanger account!
It kicks ass. I have a microphone on my computer and me and trowe talked to eachother on the computer! It was totaly kick ass!
I’ll E-mail Our contact with the info… hey, can you send the people who are in it the info so we can also talk to eachother?

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 7:12 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

hey, nebdy here interested in this got msn messenger? if so add me, markrice16@hotmail.com to discuss ne stuff

— Posted by Roland49686 on 8:01 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Get Yahoo messanger.
It’s better than any messanger I’ve seen and is free and awesome.
It’s a good way to communicate!

— Posted by largeidaccam on 9:42 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

i disagree with yahoo messangermsnis much more user friendly , when this thing gets up and running put me in charge of training people in hand-to-hand combat because im a first degree balck belt in the Go Ju system of Karate , ive also been out recruiting and i have about 9 people who are willing to go through with this

— Posted by synapse on 10:04 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

MSN messenger ain’t got feature to store offline messages.
So we can not contact eachother in case one is not online but by Yahoo Messenger we can leave offline messages.
believe me buddy, yahoo messenger Rocks.

— Posted by kingpin on 10:23 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

ive got msn and yahoo and i think there both the same pretty much for msn its muppet_man_swift@hotmail.com
and for yahoo its kingpin_swift@yahoo.com
so definitly count me in
also ive been thinkin bout what to call ourselves and i came up with this “the soldiers of clarity”
what does everybody think?

(Edited by kingpin at 10:29 pm on Mar. 29, 2002)

— Posted by synapse on 10:41 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

check this out:

(Edited by synapse at 11:00 pm on Mar. 29, 2002)

— Posted by kingpin on 10:53 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Situated 17 nautical miles (31.5 km) north of the Bay of Islands area of New Zealand’ North Island, this very beautiful private island is located in great marlin fishing waters. The island is nicely elevated, and provides sheltered moorage for boats. Fresh water is available on the island, and there are several spectacular building sites. In addition to the marlin fishing opportunities, the waters around the island are ideal for surfing. This is one of the few privately-owned islands in the area, so privacy is ensured.


this place sounds so perfect and for 750,000 $ for 10 acres it sounds like this is the one

— Posted by Mastermind on 10:57 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

10 acres? That aint much
Oh and why do we have analyticworm as our contact? just because he jumped the gun first, or am i missing sumthing?
ITs kinda like synapse, only analytic was first
OH yeah, i saw a 8 acre place for like 85,000, so this is kinda a rip off

then again, that might be why

Has anyone noticed that woody, who started this thread, has not said a single word after he started this?
Just wondering

(Edited by Mastermind at 11:30 pm on Mar. 29, 2002)

— Posted by Mastermind on 11:10 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Hey, i like the one suggested thats 4 mill, and has 4000 acres
pretty good deal, its off of greece and has two peaks
we could make tons of bunkers in the hills and they look to be pretty defendable, just in case
there’s fresh water but no electricity yet, that’d be easier to fix than having no water though
we could try electrolysis with solar energy, just plain solar energy, and all that wind blowing around the ocean would make for great wind mill things
i like it
heres a simple map
(click on the number two that is under the pictures)


(Edited by Mastermind at 11:15 pm on Mar. 29, 2002)

Shit man, look at this, 8000 acres!! for only one million!!!  go here
has an airstrip too!  we can get all our goods there by our selves

(Edited by Mastermind at 11:34 pm on Mar. 29, 2002)

— Posted by kingpin on 11:53 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

i think we should put sum money aside for generators because most of these islands wont have electricity/.

— Posted by DrunkCentaur on 1:53 am on Mar. 30, 2002


Just fucken joined, and was reading… and looked at the taking over small island plot… and was thinking “HEY! THAT’S WHAT I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO!” but it’s looking like you’re going with the buy island idea instead, and that’s cool… can always attack something later, and it’d be easier if you have a base… *nods*, anyway, wanted to poke my head in… say hi… and ask if i can join… and has anyone counted how many members are actually serious about doing this?  I keep seeing the phraze “5000 members” pop up… but i’m doubting that they’re all involved… so just curious if anyone has counted… if not… think I will,

— Posted by synapse on 2:03 am on Mar. 30, 2002

Welcomoooo”DrunkCentaur ” to BsM2002
gotta give ur Yahoo Id to be able to stay in touch with ya.

(Edited by synapse at 2:04 am on Mar. 30, 2002)

— Posted by DrunkCentaur on 2:23 am on Mar. 30, 2002


(Edited by DrunkCentaur at 12:19 pm on Mar. 30, 2002)

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 6:33 am on Mar. 30, 2002

i know theres not much point in choosing an island right now but i suggest this island that mastermind suggested

-> click here to see

— Posted by Roland49686 on 7:42 am on Mar. 30, 2002

Yes you can join but this is totaly secret and shit so don’t be runnin your mouth about it and givin out your YAHOO ID.

— Posted by golkar on 9:59 am on Mar. 30, 2002

Sounds like brass tacks time.  I’m completely in favor of starting a new forum for this thread ‘cuz we need to discuss all sorts of stuff.  Its good to see people stepping up to the plate and saying they’re interested in taking care of different issues.  

The problem of power has been touched on and I think should be considered in any decision that we make on which island to buy.  Wind power is always an option and a lot of islands have wood available on them.  But if we get an island in the North Atlantic we’ll spend a lot of time freezing our off after the last tree is fed to the fire.  Climate is gonna be a big factor in deciding how self-reliant we can become.  Biomass options will also depend on what climate we wind up having.  I consider food production to be the same problem as energy production.

We should discuss the need to develop an instant infrastructure, ready to be moved in.  Satellite link to the internet, electricity production, 2-3 ways to make money, whatever.  

— Posted by Analyticworm on 10:30 am on Mar. 30, 2002

Once every one that is interested has contacted me (hopefully by monday night) with their yahoo ID then we can set up a date and time to have our first meeting. I think that the first meeting should be to discuss who we are and what experience we have and what projects we are currently involved in and what projects we have planned. I would also like to stress that there is no leader however we do need to have some type of order established as total chaos will never last. We are going to need to creat commities to consider what options we have and the cost in buildings, power, farming, just to name a few so that when the time comes to make a decision we have all of the information needed to make one clear and stable. I would not at this point go out and attempt to get friends/bussiness associated involved in this, as we are not sure that this is going to take off. We are in the very beginning stages of this. Again contact me by monday 12am and lets get this started. Another thing that will have to be decided how are we going to add new members?

— Posted by Roland49686 on 11:49 am on Mar. 30, 2002

Hey Analyticworm..
Can you E-mail me your Yahoo ID so we can talk? Thanx.

— Posted by EvRLsTNgGoDStpR on 12:14 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

it has bugun, hell fuckin yeah, yeah guys don’t post your S/N’s and shit do it by email, guys give me a emial with some of the names.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 12:32 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

Hey send me Your yahoo ID’s so I can talk to you people.
Send me them ASAP. Click on the E-mail icon on my status bar.
Thanks a bunch

— Posted by Mastermind on 12:50 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

I agree, we definitely need to save up for a generator.  We will probably need to be able to add plumbing too, since we will build more.  And what about communications?  TV?  Cant go without tv, though we could get a few of those satellite tvs and make it give free tv, same with phone and internet

— Posted by Analyticworm on 12:57 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

Again all of these thing we can discuss after we know who is and is not going to be involved. I have a few emails from people now just remember send them all to me. What I will do then is compile all of the names and ID’s and send one email to every one with all of the onformation.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 1:13 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

whats information might that be? ur planning this too fast

— Posted by trowe on 7:20 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

Its not planning to fast, its planning ahead. these are just sketch ideas, nothing is final yet until we set up a meeting time on YM. That is when we will start the actual planning. Just send your YM names to analyticworm, so he can set it up. he is not the boss, but he is the first one to try and establish order so we may actually be able to do this. So dont start critisizing anyone, and dont flame anyone on this board, cause in the future, we may all have to live together.

(Edited by trowe at 7:22 pm on Mar. 30, 2002)

— Posted by kingpin on 7:30 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

whats your email analyticworm?

— Posted by FairyNuff on 7:35 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

look at his profile

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 8:12 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

i wasnt flaming, i just think were jumping into this too fast, discuss how we get the money and how much would u like to raise?

— Posted by kingpin on 8:15 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

thats what were gonna do on yahoo messesnger

— Posted by FairyNuff on 8:18 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

i cant get messenger took work….sumthing about connectin to AOL an clickin next then nothin happens. Any ideas?

— Posted by kingpin on 8:33 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

maybe your behind a firewall, thats why icq doesnt work for me but this isnt icq so it might not be, but then again it just might be

— Posted by Scralatchtica on 8:37 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

Hey, Im new to this and am kinda interested in this island thing. Ive looked over all the posts and noticed that you havent mentioned anything about food. Where would that come from???

— Posted by Roland49686 on 9:09 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

FairyNuff is gonna be a cook I think.
If ur a fatboy loser that sits on his computer you shouldn’t be here. You need skill…
This isn’t a flame but thats just what I think when someone asks “What about food”
I’m not dissin you I just wanna get this straight.
Food won’t be a big concern. Food is cheap these days (As far as I can see…)
So as long as provisions keep coming we can suppoort ourselves until adiquate agriculture and food production is made.
What we need to worry about is invasion. We want to make sure that no outside groups want to invade. We also need an intelligence group that moditers enimy and nautral countries/groups so we are aware of attack before it begins.
As soon as base is set up and so on… Will we need to go over drills
– Nuclear attack
– Flood
– Invasion
– Inclement weather
We need to be prepared and always alert. Expect the unexpected. We will not take citizens for awhile. We need to asure that it is safe and ready for colonization.
Once we have established this and have a formatible millitary… we need to piss off small non-nuclear countries that have little to no allies.
This is a good way to capture land and biuldings. Even civilians.
(Vietnam, The koreas, and some other countries.)
As soon as we establish mainland countries we can go from there. We should not ONLY have island territories.
Non-Terrorist announcements, and other ways of telling people we are not terrorist will be great.
The USA is warring terrorism. Not just afganistan. If they think we are terrorists or even assosiated with them we can kiss everything goodbye.
Establish allies.
Find other countries willing to ally with us. Also technology/millitary sharing is great between allies.
Loss of human life is not expected.
Buying an island doesn’t involve combat. I doubt we will see any blood for awhile. So don’t think we’re nuking cuba.
We should establish ranks AS SOON AS POSSIBLE…
Generals (one or two)
And Corprals
Now I’m not sure about the rankings and if they are correct (And correctly spelled) But I want to keep it simple. Since I am experienced and was one of the founders of this I would like to be a General or Commander. No less.
Sorry if I shoud demanding but I don’t want someone else to have high leadership and less experience. I don’t know what everyones qualifications are but I would like one of these positions.
Thank you,

— Posted by 7th Street on 10:43 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

A land of registered Bombshockers…  Great idea.

Hey nice site, sycopath.

— Posted by 7th Street on 11:05 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

Roland, lemme just touch and go on your last post.  Whether you’re serious about this or not, I’m bored as fuck, so here goes.

You need to pick people that have skills to be the first and govern your estate.  By skills, I mean: skills of: warfare, construction, economics, agriculture, utilities (power and water), and a shitload of other shit.  You DO NOT need a land of just stoners that dont know shit about shit.  

Secondly, to prevent flood damage, being in the middle of inclement-weather land, build under ground bunker type housings.  This would also help when under attack.

Research.  DO NOT ATTACK KOREA.  They are one of the most powerful nations, whether you choose to believe me or not.  

Hope my minutes of boredom entertained or helped you.

— Posted by kingpin on 12:20 am on Mar. 31, 2002

but how are we gonna determine who gets what position maybe we should vote, and hope that there is no one who just wants to be the boss so they can tell people what to do,
maybe we should just have a core group of like 4 or 5 of us who handle everything really important and then we could have sub layers of authority to deal with not so important stuff.
and about the food thing as long as no ones fussy or anything we can just buy canned food in bulk and get heaps of it really cheap.

(Edited by kingpin at 12:23 am on Mar. 31, 2002)

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 12:58 am on Mar. 31, 2002

i myself would like to b in charge of diplomatics. i think we should stick to ourselfs for the beggining, no war even agains lame ass countries, not until we have got sum defence (i mean serious anti nuclear shit here ppl) coz as roland said, keep it at around 100 ppl (depends on island, probably %05 of maximum population should b there) and play it cool. We can all smoke dope there, we can blow up whales n fish for fun, but not other countries

fishing with dynamite, great way to raise food supplies 😉

— Posted by kingpin on 1:17 am on Mar. 31, 2002

i agree with chronic about staying low and just settling in before attacking anyone.
also i was wondering seeing as ive never bought an island before and i dont know, but wont it be suspicious if a whole bunch of mainly young people all of a sudden pop up and buy an island and declare it a country??

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 1:23 am on Mar. 31, 2002

doesnt matter if it looks suspicious, as long as it is legit, we make our own rules so we can smoke dope n shit if we want (but there is still international treaties, but im sure no1 would break them)

— Posted by synapse on 3:25 am on Mar. 31, 2002

I think we would need to get some of lamers to take care of shitty jobs cuz it’s essential for every nation to have some crappy jobs like transportation guy(boat shit), mail delivary, construction workers …..
And we ( Founders ) take the responsibility of main positions. Since some of u already assigned a position to urself based on ur experience , I would like to be resposible for supervising the telecommunication and computing cuz that’s what my major and field of business is( i’m realy experienced ).

— Posted by synapse on 3:31 am on Mar. 31, 2002

I think we gotta have some budget for satellite shit either cuz  with that we can have cell-Phones n Internet too.
but actually that’s no big deal cuz it’s not pricy thu…

(Edited by synapse at 3:32 am on Mar. 31, 2002)

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 6:08 am on Mar. 31, 2002

Fuckin hell I’ve just read all this!!!

I’m gonna keep out of this but heres a few ideas for what they’re worth; planning wise.

1. Don’t argue about who’s in charge. Have 4 or 5 responsible people who can take this seriously and be on top of things all the time.

2. Get everyone’s email who’s in on this project and keep them updated with newletters or just mass emails.

3. Do some serious research.

4. Don’t just talk, take action. Make phone calls, enquiries etc. If you do get further than talking then this is a very interesting idea… there are holes and don’t raise your hopes… this has been attempted before with verying degrees of success.

Sorry to butt in on your plans but I’m doing a business/admin course at college so I know all about planning and research for projects, email me if you need any more advice or info,

Otherwise, good luck with all this!


— Posted by chroniccrescent on 7:59 am on Mar. 31, 2002

hey mushrooms, u want in? also, i would be happy to partake in costruction n such, we do not need “lamers” to do this, we can help each other out

— Posted by cheryl on 8:04 am on Mar. 31, 2002

U wanna buy an island huh….well my brother (who happens 2 b qube) found an internet site which sells private islands…… if u is a rich b*stard mind.

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 9:53 am on Mar. 31, 2002

As far as execution and action goes… I’m sceptical about how far this is gonna actually get off the ground but I’m more than happy to help with the Admin side, give me everyones email addresses who’s in on the project and keep me reguarly updated and I can make sure this is run effeciently, let me know if you want me on this… I don’t want a senior role but you’ll need someone to do the admin on this project and I can do it standing on my head. Whoevers in charge, email me (briddsy@yahoo.co.uk) and let me know if you want my help.

Easy now,


— Posted by trowe on 1:24 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

First, you people have to realise that this operation may take years, also, what you have planned will take more years to get going. Underground bunkers, anti-nuclear stuff, it would all take too much time. If you dont want to be classed as a terrorist organization, you must act like a country. and a country is concerned about war its first year. its concerned about economics, about money and how its going to atract people. If we all of a sudden started buying thousands of weapons, along with building underground bunkers, than we might as well kill ourselves, because we wont last long. drugs are almost the last think you want growing on an island the size of what we are talking. if any UN officials came to the island to check our “countries” movements, and how well we are doing, and they see pot growing, and guys tripping all over the place on acid, they might raise suspicion. Than they hear us talking about anti-nuclear possibilties, they will consider us a terrorist organisation.

now that thats off my chest, here is a possible name:
—————-World Liberation Army—————

— Posted by Roland49686 on 1:27 pm on Mar. 31, 2002


Now lets make sure we arn’t a bunch of bloodthirsy savages.
We need to establish a form of governemnt. That means economy and shit.
We’re going to need citizens taxes, and educated people in governments and planning.
We need to ensure that even though many are looking at the millitary point of view we also need to look at this FROM ALL ANGLES…
What would make someone move here?
Why would someone want a job here?
What resources can we harvest?
Whats the ground/soil like?
Know your surroundings. We need to map our island. We also need to create infastructure.
Architechture is ESSENTIAL. Anyone with architechture experience needs to speak up.
Thats all for now. I need to post your opinons on my millitry stance.. General or Commander?
Thank you very much. I want to lead the millitary faction if possible.

— Posted by FairyNuff on 1:30 pm on Mar. 31, 2002


— Posted by 7th Street on 1:37 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

1.  Set up a government.
2.  Build utilities/transportation/airfields/boat docks/etc.
3.  Build shelters.
4.  Build defenses/offenses.

Might I recommend, start off small in your ‘taking over’.  Sabbotage ships and retrofit them with weapons and such.  Then aim high, but not too high.  You dont want to get in over your heads.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 1:52 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

Yes.. lets no be too cheeky to our fellow countries. That have power we don’t have right now.
Most countries of these days are over 200 years old and have monuments and shit.
Whatever we do must be recorded. We want to have a history and shit. Also a Decleration of Inderpendance FROM USA and all other countries.. (U.K., Australlia, sweeden, and all the other countries people come from). We need to be rekonized by other people.
We also want to make sure we have ALOT of people when we decide to do this. W/O people we will not be taken seriously and probably arrested to indecent behavior.
Hostage taking, Sabotaging, and stealing AS A GOVERNMENT SHOULD NoT HAPPEN. If you steal a 9mm at your local gun store thats okay. But don’t steal a boat or somthing when we get all set up.
This thread should be copied and recorded.
Any news on the island yet?

— Posted by trowe on 1:52 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

The first thing we should be concerned about is buying the island, everything else should be done on the island. choosing a government should be done on the island, not over the net. thats childish. we have to concentrate on buying the island, that is our first priority. No one is just going to give us one, that is why we have to agree on one, and no one can even do that. everyone is trying to find a better island all the time.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 1:54 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

Lets not be hasty about this either. I still need to grow up! We CANNOT send kids and people under 18 over there. I have 4 years to wait. Plus funding and training and knowledge learning should fill that time gap!!!

— Posted by trowe on 2:08 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

4 years is a long time. you only have to wait until your 16 to move from where you live. Im saying is we need to find the right island. That is the first and only thing we should be talking about right now. Once we find our island, that is when we will need time to make money. robbing banks, homes, anything and everything to make money. I am buying my own small island soon. It is 12 acres, and is located in the carribean. I will invite people out ther when I have it. its a pretty penny, but i am almost there..:)

— Posted by Ankou on 3:17 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

Allright this thread has grown quite a bit! i see that there are plenty of people who is interested. I havent been online for some time so i havent had the time to read all of this. I saw that you posted what your skills are though, and now i will post mine. Im a pretty good marksman, i can handle about any pistol and rifle. And im good at sneaking and hiding myself, i also have a little training in martial arts. (escrima and karate) i have some basic knowledge of explosives too. Hm.. as i havent been online for quite a while could anyone tell me what the plan is? Or do you have a plan yet?

— Posted by Roland49686 on 3:52 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

I just got back. I bought a scope for my rifle. My old one was getting a little off-balance and this one can REALLY magnify.
We need to (possibly) Get a cluster of islands or one BIG island. C’mon people.. we don’t want to be the worlds smallest country and have people makin fun of us cuz we’re so low budget.
Don’t really post your qualifications yet. Let us talk on Yahoo… untll I get some addresses anyways.

— Posted by golkar on 3:55 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

Trowe, maybe you could explain the process that you go through to buy an island.  

Before we buy an island, we might consider forming a corporation or cooperative of some kind.  Maybe Mr. Mushrooms has some suggestions on that…   That would give us an air of legitimacy and give some organization to the effort.   It would serve as an umbrella for our [legal] fund-raising activities.

Realistically, the timetable for this will take years and we should take advantage of that fact by gaining knowledge, collecting equipment and recruiting a number of others with a like mind.  

I agree with trowe.  We need to come to a consensus on where we are going to set up.  If trowe already has an island in the Caribbean, it might be a good idea to find a suitable island in the vicinity.

— Posted by Creeper on 3:55 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

And the “Longest topic ever” award goes too……

7 pages so far,  

— Posted by Ankou on 4:00 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

hmm… if you are going to join in a discussion in a yahoo chatroom on thursday, which room will you go to? users or public and what will the rooms name be?

— Posted by Roland49686 on 4:07 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

Damnit man! :angry:
I don’t wanna flame you but there is a feature on Yahoo messanger thats called “Conference Chat” You invite certain people and it’s a private chat room.
We’ll use that.
The question is.. Who should start it?

— Posted by DrunkCentaur on 4:33 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

It’s my opinion that although we shouldn’t be shrugging off the idea of an army, choosing a leader based on what someone says there so called qualifications are wouldn’t be the smartest idea.

When you look at someone such as Roland who says “I have more experience then most people on this site… I should lead”, and the details he gives about his experience are something to the effect of…

“As for the armies.. ect.
I have lots of guns I have trained to use. I have a team of 8 people that are highly trained and (in my eyes) could match a SEAL team or whatever. They have LOADS of experiece along w/ me. ”

And then the first question I ask myself is how would he be able to compare himself to the Navy Seals? Has he seen them work outside the movies… does he know what he’s talking about or is it just empty bragging? So you watch to see what else he says that might be able to tell you, and you hear stuff such as… suggesting we should attack korea or vietnam… which is completely stupid considering that they are far from strangers at war, and have been defending themselves and attacking for generations… currently theres sort of a peace going on, but if the US military bases weren’t still there to guard the borders… that peace would be over so quickly it wouldn’t be funny, hell theres still incidents where US soldiers are getting shot at out there… *ponders* or the idea that he doesn’t seem to have the foggiest about what the ranking structures might be… when you compare your experience to something, somehow I get the feeling you should have some clue as to what that something might be, *nods* not trying to slam you Roland, but the way I see it, it’s hard to trust someone completely with your life saying yeah, I’ll follow your orders as far as military strategies and drills for experience that I have not seeing anything to support, before we even meet… and I get the feeling that most people aren’t gonna want to make much of a commitment in who they want to follow in wartime till we’ve met eachother and know what skills belong to whom, about all we can do right now is figure ways to make some money, (I’m working on some ideas that I’ll bring to the chat), and decide what island we might want to try. Also like was said before, we don’t know how much time this’ll take… so consistantly be learning new stuff that might help with the cause, hell even with infrustructure… if it does take 4 years… one could get a college degree for that info in that period of time, *nods*

[edit]for the record… I really like this island…


It’s cheaper than most of the others[edit again]damn it, misread it, thought it said $750,000 for some reason… but it’s still pretty cool i think,[/edit] it’s… meaning more money for weapons… and a helicopter(for which theres a landing pad for), and if we ever decide to pull off the vatican idea… we’re in the area… and it looks alot higher of ground, which is important… because we don’t want to be consistantly drowned everytime a tidal wave comes up… especially when you consider that the polar ice caps are melting pretty fast(when I say fast, I mean fast enough that the navy has a special committee working on the idea of how to handle a sixth ocean?) and I think it’s be important for the island to be at a fairly high elevation above sea level, *nods*[edit]

(Edited by DrunkCentaur at 4:49 pm on Mar. 31, 2002)

(Edited by DrunkCentaur at 5:02 pm on Mar. 31, 2002)

— Posted by Roland49686 on 5:25 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

Okay.. I know you wheren’t trying to slam me but here I took it as a slam so here I go:

First of all. I must not have given you the facts. I have no idea how ranking goes. I’ve never used.
You doin’t know me. You havn’t seen what i’ve done. You havn’t seen my team, me, or anything we’ve done. Therefore… do not pass judgement.
I’m saying I know the qualifications of a SEAL team. They are advanced and do precision work. I was estimating what we did.
I never said I was a part of them, knew anything about them, or seen them in action.
And lastly,
I thought I could trust you.
We were talking the other day and now your dissing the fuck out of me upon facts that do not have stable grounds.
Therefore… if combat where to arouse I could not trust you and it could result in loss of life.
I hope in the next four years we can mend the damage in trust here.
Now critisizing other members is not acceptable.
We need to trust eachother. We need to form a brotherhood that can rely and trust eachother. Not a crazy bunch of people that insult eachother constantly and neve get anything accomplished.
When someone says somthing.. it is the truth. Lies and other trickery inside the brotherhood is not acceptable.
If we lie to eachother just to show off then it is pointless and we should stop now.
We need to act within eachother and trust eachother. Pointless bitching will get us nowhere.
Now we should get our act together and act like men here. Regardless of age,race, or religeon (yeah I know, it’s overused)
We should still stick together and find a place for ourselves in the world. Make a differnece. Be IMPORTANT!
So lets not go and fetch a snack and watch TV after we get offline.. let go out and train..
Learn your weapons, Create some skill! Learn some techniques…
Learn economics, Research government development.
So thats all for now… Keep it up people

— Posted by largeidaccam on 5:43 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

just a question ,whos going to be in charge of the money because if i “invest” in this i dont want some shiffty cunt to do a runner on me, think about it….where on an Anarchist site here ofcourse there going to be shiffty people around….

— Posted by DrunkCentaur on 5:44 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

I didn’t say one thing that you should take as dissing you, I was only stating that we can’t take anyones word for what they are as qualifications at face value, especially when it includes placing ones life in their hands,

I agree that trust is important, I won’t work with anyone that I don’t trust… but I’m not gonna trust someone blindly just because they talk the loudest and first. I want to know that people are who they say they are before we all say, yes… let him lead us into battle… and then you turn out to be some dillusional 200 lbs, 12 year old punk ass kid that can write creative stories, wanting to make something of himself, and wants to experiment with my ass to accomplish that. Not saying that’s what you are… not accusing you of everything… like you already said, I haven’t seen anything that you’ve ever done… so why should you be the one we follow?

And don’t think my posts show you any reason why you can’t trust me, I can be trusted more then anybody you’ll ever meet, because I will not keep anything hidden regarding what I think about what’s going on. After all, what good would it do to be leading a bunch of spineless lab rats that don’t question anything you say before deciding that you should lead? Could you really have any faith in us then? Could you really trust us to not mess up and get you screwed in the process… because we’re so incredibly stupid that we can’t think 3 steps ahead… because if we just decided to make you commander no questions asked… thats about where our intellect would have to be. Maybe you would be the best choice of general or whatever it’s gonna be called, but don’t think that should be decided until everyone together has met in real life, and a better evalutation of eachother can be made,

Sorry man, but you’ve gotta see where I’m coming from… and as far as trust goes, if this is enough to break your trust, then that’s really sad… don’t think we can expect anyone to be able to trust anyone long enough to get this thing going, if that’s the bar that’s gonna be set for us trustwise,

P.S what judgement did I pass that I shouldn’t have?

(Edited by DrunkCentaur at 5:47 pm on Mar. 31, 2002)

(Edited by DrunkCentaur at 5:53 pm on Mar. 31, 2002)

— Posted by Roland49686 on 6:04 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

Yeah I see where your comin from.
Blindly accepting leadership isn’t very wise. I guess I’ll have to prove it to you somehow

— Posted by DrunkCentaur on 6:15 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

No problems there… time is something that we’re definately not in short supply of, *grins* hopefully theres no hard feelings, having trouble getting into yahoo at the moment… gonna send you another screen name via e-mail, *nods*

btw, handled that alot better then I expected… many people would come out flaming with nothing but illegible ramblings mixed with swear words causing them to look like utter morons… impressive,

— Posted by Analyticworm on 7:22 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

Ok I have read the post and first I would like to seggest that we stop slamin other people, and that we look at this opportunity for what it is. At this point its nothing there is no reason to look at islands or anything like that at this point. What we need to do is look at each other decide if this is something we want to be part of. We also need to discuss how we are going to set things up. What projects are we going to start and keep going. First what we need to do is all sit down and discuss this. Again anyone who is serious send me an email by mon night and i will compile all information and send everyone an email with the yahoo ID’s and we can set up a time and date for us to talk.

— Posted by kingpin on 7:30 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

i think that what we should do is just collect as much money for say 3-4 years and then see what islands are for sale, cause if we choose one now and wait 4 years to buy it it might be gone so we should wait until weve got some money together before we decide what island to buy, in regards to the whole goverment position thing if possible i’d like to be the minister of foriegn affairs, i think id be good for this position. also who should i give my yahoo id to???

— Posted by trowe on 7:53 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

give your yahoo id to analyitiworm. just click on his name or whatever and you will find his email.

— Posted by smoothcriminal on 9:30 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

skills that i have first aid cpr construction ac heating hunting fishing basicly gathering so count me in

— Posted by Roland49686 on 9:35 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

Good smoothcriminal,

Thats a good idea. For now we shouldn’t worry about generals, or all the technical shit. Who should be the leader of the Millitary faction?
I nominate myself but lets vote before we get all fucked out on who is who.
Whoever suggested themselvs as forieghn affairs.. I support you. Find out as much as you can about possible allies, enimies, and so on.
Who should be in charge of building and structure?
What about polotics?
And also economics.
Our own money system?
Okay… lets pull together the basics and start doing this. Only the pencil and paper shit. Not the action.

— Posted by synapse on 9:51 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

One other thing that I think we gotta consider is the enemies.See ,since this whole discussion is public ,all the fuckin enemies can see what we are plannin … so the moment we act on the plan , we’ll face with those modakaffas. so it’s not a bad idea to have some methods against them.

(Edited by synapse at 9:53 pm on Mar. 31, 2002)

— Posted by Roland49686 on 10:01 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

I seriously doubt that we will have enimies from the start.
You know how a bee will only sting you if you make it mad or get near it’s nest…
Well the same thing is with countries. They don’t go on online forums, see what people are doing, and then decide to attack them.
So I doubt we will need to worry about them. What we need security for is from our own governments right now.

— Posted by bmw310 on 1:08 am on April 1, 2002

Our Goverment??? A goverment??? but goverments suck
We wanna be free dude.

— Posted by ghettopimp70 on 1:24 am on April 1, 2002

Count me in too.. I have a little experience with weapons and explosives but im getting to be a good lockpicker and im as sneaky as fuck. I could be behind you right now and you wouldnt know it, i have a lot of experience in B&E’s so I can do some sort of espionage work or something

P.S We should use ICQ instead of Yahoo!

— Posted by kingpin on 2:00 am on April 1, 2002

well if no one else has any objections then i nominate myself for minister of foriegn affairs.
and about our own money system i think we should abolish economy, an economy would only complicate things and i think our country would be alot better off with out money, we will just share what we need./
“money is the root of al evil”

— Posted by ghettopimp70 on 2:04 am on April 1, 2002

And if you dont contribute in buying the island you have less authority than others. But yeah i agree we dont need an economy but we can sell drugs and get money from other countries for resources

— Posted by smoothcriminal on 5:54 am on April 1, 2002

The whole idea of a hostile take over is bizzar . i dont ot would work maybe but what ever .  Not comparing any of us to kings but really the clutter of island thimg would work . like ancient hawwaii  spelling king kamehameha had a small island when he started and at the end he  ruled all of them even the leppard (spelling) colonie start small then get big but i dont have any real say so in the matter . but if it worked in the past it can still work today .

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 6:32 am on April 1, 2002

listen, we dont need a military straight away, if we do, thats a bad sign. We play it cool for a few years, increase the population then start forming a sort of semi government, also i want to abolish tax on the island, if we want sumthin built like a hospital we casn all build it and save moiney for it together, fuck ripping our citizens of, we want to make a Utopia here, not another US.

— Posted by FairyNuff on 7:03 am on April 1, 2002

i agree in a way but we’ll still need money to buy materials etc. and without taxes….

— Posted by Analyticworm on 10:31 am on April 1, 2002

First I think some of you are thinking ahead which is good but to far ahead is not. What we first need to do is make sure that this idea is one that makes sence money wise as well as profit wise. The first thing we need to do is develope a revenuye stream. Honestly purchaseing an island is at least 5 to 6 years away. In that time alot can happen. So what needs to be done first is we all come together to make sure that we can all “work” together first then after every ones skills is established we can begin to work on what avenues of making money we will look at first, then as we begin to profit we will need to set up a company to put the money in that we make. Again we don’t have to pick any leaders they like cream will rise to the top.

Again I have only gotten a few emails and tues morning I will compile all of the emails I have and send all of the information out. Once I do that I will post in the room that I have sent out the email and for me I am not or will not discuss anything with anyone not on the list.

— Posted by DrunkCentaur on 10:34 am on April 1, 2002

*nods* our government can hold bake sales or something, weed brownies and such… invite all the world leaders over for a social get together… where we all get high… and talk about how we’re peace loving Utopian Seekers,

I’m almost be sarcastic… but not completely,

— Posted by Ankou on 10:48 am on April 1, 2002

Hm… If you are going to chat on thursday i may not be there to chat with you guys. Tomorrow i’ll go on a small trip to another part of finland and i’ll be back thursday evening. Just thought i’d tell yall. But if you dont chat on thursday then everythings ok. Peace

— Posted by Ankou on 10:54 am on April 1, 2002

And oh yeah.. Forgot to tell ya. Im about to educate myself in how to build houses. And if it’s going to take 6 years before we have the money to buy an island i will have enough time to finish the education. i could help you out if you need a builder or a soldier.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 1:51 pm on April 1, 2002

Sweet. This is awesome.

Now to the dolt that posted we don’t need a gov… Yeah sure. Come on. Let the people run wild, murdering and killing officails (us!) thats bullshit. No control is a crackpot idea for Anarchy Cookbook- preaching fags.

— Posted by 7th Street on 2:19 pm on April 1, 2002

I would like to take part in the Conference.

My ideas for now:
1.  Set up a voting government, not just a “I WANT TO BE LEADER GOVERNMENT”.

2.  Set up a topographal listing of where things should be located on the island, such as, farm land, buildings, etc.

3.  Once on the island, you need to look for things that you can export in exchange for supplies/money.  You CANNOT just start printing out paper money and declare it as legitamate currency.  Proof of this is, the U.S. used things such as gold to do this.  Also, you’re gonna need a printing press thing that can’t forge your new found cash.  Things that could possibly BOOM in money makers include:  tourism, crops, fish, salt, even sand.  Hawaii imports sand from the Bahammas for their world famous volcanic beaches which lack sand.

I got plenty of ideas.  Please let me be in the Conference Chat.

— Posted by woody8415 on 3:01 pm on April 1, 2002

Wow…..this has grown a lot more than i thought it would when i posted it. Sorry i havent been keeping in touch on our plan, but i have been out of town on some other business. I would like to see this plan go threw. I would very much appreciate it if whoever has gathered everyones emails & s/n’s would email them to me.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 3:06 pm on April 1, 2002


Please send me an email. So I can pu your informaion in wih all the rest.

— Posted by woody8415 on 3:39 pm on April 1, 2002

I am currently looking for an island that would suit our needs. I had 2 that would have been perfect but i seem to have forgot to save them. So when i find them again or another island i will let everyone in on it.

— Posted by woody8415 on 3:51 pm on April 1, 2002

I found this island that i thought would be almost perfect for this project.
It’s 8700 acres with over 4000 acres that are farmable and it’s only $1,250,000. Let me know what you think.

— Posted by ghettopimp70 on 3:54 pm on April 1, 2002

what kind of government do we want? democracy, dictatorship…? Also our islands main revenue should come from drugs…Any dealer can just show up when they want and buy a shit load of drugs for cheap..we will also need smugglers to bring it into other countries

(Edited by ghettopimp70 at 11:26 pm on April 2, 2002)

— Posted by DrunkCentaur on 4:06 pm on April 1, 2002

LMAO!  It may be kind of difficult for us to get any revenue if any dealer can come buy a shitload of drugs for free, *nods* :p

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 4:15 pm on April 1, 2002

I feel like I’m kinda gatecrashing a party heere and I ahte to put a dampner on anythnig because for what its worth you’ve put a lot of effort into this and it’s been discussed well.
I think though its perhapss time that somebody pointed out the neegativ stuff to you before it actually gets off the ground.

1. Leadership

A majority of you are very young. Already people hav asumed thir own responsibilites and arguments have risen about ‘who’s in charge’ etc. Say (aznd I use these nams purely as an example) that Roland decided he was gonna lad the operation, with chronnicreesent and analticworm or whatever. Chronic got upset with the way Roland ran things and suggested he took over. Who’s gonna do anything? It causes a lot of friction when you hand out responsibility. I can’t stress how important it is that you establish trust, for this sort of operation; I’d rather know the people I was gonna go into it with inside out. This is the Internet at the end of the day.

2. Finance

Who do you trust enough to handle finance (largeiddaccam made this point earlier) for this operation? I wouldn’t give any money to anyone i didn’t know properly. This is where the trust thing comes in again.

This idea is good and with a SHITLOAD of dedication and hard work it could very nearly work. It’s been attempted before, belive me and I found an example (I’ll post the link soon) and it was such a good idea in theory but just didn’t work.

I’m not trying to tell you to stop, by all means carry on but someon needs to highlight th problems and issues that arise with an operation of this scale being operated by us.

But please keep me informed because I really love this idea.

Hope my comments have been of some value, I’m as stoned as fuck.


— Posted by chroniccrescent on 4:46 pm on April 1, 2002

lol, i wouldnt do that to roland! anyway, if nebdy asks for money on this from you, ignore them, no money shall leave neones hands until the last moment, how we will purchase the island can b decided at a later date. lets do 2 things right now

NO.1- Find out who is interested, raise awareness to other ppl and compose a database of potentials and theyre ids, emails etc.

NO.2- Start planning on funds raising and start earning money, and as i said before, dont give money to anyone

p.s. fuck saying “i wanna run the country” this too can b decided later, leave everything except NO.1 and NO.2 till later

— Posted by DrunkCentaur on 4:52 pm on April 1, 2002

I wonder if we’d qualify for one of those government funding programs that the annoying question mark dude keep nagging about on the television set… gonna go get a copy of the book from the library and see,

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 5:00 pm on April 1, 2002

Quote: from ghettopimp70 on 3:54 pm on April 1, 2002
…Any dealer can just show up when they want and buy a shit load of drugs for free

now, is this only me, but is he strange, any dealer can buy drugs for free, first, u dont give away drugs, second, u cannot sell drugs, for free, u contradicted urself!

— Posted by Roland49686 on 5:43 pm on April 1, 2002

Holy shit…
8 pages.

No money is to be given untill we are ready with EVERYTHING. Also before we buy an island I think ALL MEMBERS OF THIS SHOULD MEET! We should choose a specific location and in a couple of years we should all meet together and present ourselves so that we know someone here isn’t some kind of pussy fag trying to be k3wl.
Anyone that doesn’t come to this meeting won’t be involved… simple as that.
Thats all I have to add at the moment.

— Posted by 7th Street on 6:41 pm on April 1, 2002

A nation’s money supply cannot come from drugs. That’s ASKING for a kick in the ass.

I like this island…   http://www.privateislandsonline.com/devilscbbh.htm

(Edited by 7th Street at 6:57 pm on April 1, 2002)

— Posted by golkar on 6:57 pm on April 1, 2002

The money issue is going to be a major hurdle.  We need a plan that makes it easy to contribute money but difficult for one person to get the money out.  Anyone wanna start a church? 🙂  Its funny, but I’m not joking… there might be some advantages.  

I’m interested in hearing serious discussion on equipment needs so that I can keep my eyes open for deals.  

— Posted by headcase on 8:19 pm on April 1, 2002

Great idea, I’m in. But your lookin at islands for $1mil and up, bad idea. Honestly it wont work, buy something small, like a holiday island 🙂 .It should be near a country so food, medical aid etc are readily available in emergancy.Also if we could get some builders to the island it would be great, save us alot of trouble.

And as for starting it up, I think after the island is bought a small group, whoever are the leaders, should go over there with chainsaws etc clean the place up (most islands are forests).

Then at least one building should be built used for storage, gather food, water etc so that the place is capable of supporting life. During this time a village should be built, huts out of reeds etc. Now other members can come to the island they helped buy.

Making it a country, that involves work but government aid will help us alot.

As for the government, I don’t know, not my strong point.

These are just suggestions, but right now I don’t thing the plans will work out.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 8:22 pm on April 1, 2002


We can’t get small islands! This is a Fukin government. Not some party!

My dick is stiff.

Thats all I have too add.
Woo hoo!

— Posted by kingpin on 8:49 pm on April 1, 2002

are you alright roland, you sound like ur fukin maggoted.
anyway what country are you from analyticworm cause ur thursday might not be my thursday so we gotta figure out what day it will be for people in other countries.
also i agree with golkar maybe starting a church is a good idea, i think that churches get special privilages but im not entierly sure what but if we had some foney religion that we could use we might be able to take advantages of these privilages.
and roland try not to come on here and post when ur out of it cause ur losing respect ok this is supposed to be a serious project.

— Posted by R0NiN on 8:59 pm on April 1, 2002

ok first of all a small island will cost around 1.5 – 2million now the amount of members, not including the ones at bombshock could rase that kinda money in little more than 4 years, with money for weapons and shit like that. Id also like to point out that i used to run a web site called “the peoples NSA” on my OWN server and it was taken down and destroyed after i came back from holidays, so be carfull bombshock.

— Posted by R0NiN on 9:07 pm on April 1, 2002

i should have mentioned my skills, i can pick locks and im also a cat-burglar.

— Posted by kingpin on 9:11 pm on April 1, 2002

a cat burgular hey, interesting

— Posted by Analyticworm on 9:57 pm on April 1, 2002

First off the only reason I am even thinking of this is due to the possible revenue stream for what I am currently doing. I am not a leader nor do I want to be what I do want is to have an orderly attitude towards getting this off the groud. I still say that we are going to have to have a few discussions to make sure that we can all “work” together. In collecting everyones information to give out to everyone is just a means on my part to beging this whole project if it is something I am going to get involved in. At this point I am just like all of you willing to sit down to discuss this.

Money, what we all need to do is figure out who is going to do what. then establish a budget and each person is responsible for their end of things, its that simple.

Even if this project does not go any where I do have things on my plate that I would be willing to discuss with other like minded people with the hopes that a positive revenue source will come from it.

So again what I think is that all interested parties should sit down in a private room and we can see what each of us can bring to the table and what short range and long range plans we had before this discussion even began.

I hope this has cleared the air a bit about me wanting or not wanting to lead. All I want to do is make some money and have some fun however and doing what ever I can.

— Posted by kingpin on 10:05 pm on April 1, 2002

with the discussion thing i work some nights and i am on call all other nights so if a night is arranged to discuss things i might not be able to make it beccause i might have to work.

— Posted by woody8415 on 10:16 pm on April 1, 2002

I think that each and every one of us on here that is serious should form a group of people in there own part of the world. This shouldn’t be that hard……..just talk to your friends and find out how many would be interested in this plan. I figure that if everyone here that says they are serious can form a group of 15-25 people then we should have a pretty good sized group of individuals. Now lets say that out of those groups 5 people in each group have some sort of trade or skill……then we should have a large group of skillful people that can be useful to our plan.

— Posted by kingpin on 10:22 pm on April 1, 2002

me and ronin can do that in australia, we already know each other

— Posted by Roland49686 on 10:34 pm on April 1, 2002


Well… good job. It’s been a few hours and my dick is still stiff!

Lets all save up our piggy banks and get some jolly good money eh?
Also bank accounts would be a smashing idea.
Well… theres some ideas for you PeOpLe. See ya. I’m gonna go wank off!

— Posted by R0NiN on 6:03 am on April 2, 2002

i think theres something realy good going here, i know a few people i can get together, but how exactly do we tell people, i mean we want to keep it kinda low key for a while so we cant exactly go telling everyone we know and try and convert them. Well im sure we’ll work it all out in the discussion. me and kingpin allready know eachother down here in australia so we can start something down here.

— Posted by kingpin on 7:52 am on April 2, 2002

about this leader issue i think that we should have just a small few of us who first started this thing to be the central leaders, who can cover most of the bigger issues that we will face and make joint decisions and then have lower groups to deal with things that arent as important or when we are busy.
i know i have stated this before but i think it is a good idea and no one seems to have noticed it so i just thought id bring it up again.

— Posted by R0NiN on 8:16 am on April 2, 2002

i agree, but its not possible to have just one leader, you would need many sub leaders in each state that keep in contact with the other sub leaders and give orders and so such and so on and so forth.

— Posted by FairyNuff on 8:53 am on April 2, 2002

but its kinda unfair to everone else that put money foward to buy the place

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 12:18 pm on April 2, 2002

why’s that?

— Posted by headcase on 12:36 pm on April 2, 2002

Ok maybe ‘small island’ was a bad choice of words. What I really meant was a cheap island. Even if we did gather enough money, who here can honestly say they wouldnt go currupt will $1 million of other peoples money? Although a joined bank account is a good idea, but can you have a joined bank account for 100’s of people? If you can it will be alot of paper work. I’m going to look for some more suitable islands. And no one wants to hear about your dick roland :).

— Posted by FairyNuff on 1:12 pm on April 2, 2002

reckon roland was trippin? i dont mind not being a leader but i can see some people gettin a bit annoyed about being bossed around by others

— Posted by headcase on 1:28 pm on April 2, 2002

Roland…..are you eating nutmeg again 🙂 ? Ok seriously, I have some info on the Swiss guards of the Vatican, I know that idea is out but if buying the island doesnt work, its still an option.
In the Vatican there are only 107 guards. One commander, 5 officers, and 101 soldiers. Also they wear funny clothes. Should be easy to pick off, and once I saw a video of one falling down.Their shoes are slippy and they probably can’t run :). We can take em. Ok I’m going to eat some nutmeg.

— Posted by headcase on 1:29 pm on April 2, 2002

Roland…..are you eating nutmeg again 🙂 ? Ok seriously, I have some info on the Swiss guards of the Vatican, I know that idea is out but if buying the island doesnt work, its still an option.
In the Vatican there are only 107 guards. One commander, 5 officers, and 101 soldiers. Also they wear funny clothes. Should be easy to pick off, and once I saw a video of one falling down.Their shoes are slippy and they probably can’t run :). We can take em. Ok I’m going to eat some nutmeg. Oh forgot something, every year on the 6th of May they all gather in the courtyard of San Damascose to renew their vows. This is when we should strike.

— Posted by FairyNuff on 1:34 pm on April 2, 2002

i thought it was decided against taking the Vatican

— Posted by headcase on 1:38 pm on April 2, 2002

It was, but if all else goes to hell, why not?

— Posted by FairyNuff on 1:39 pm on April 2, 2002


— Posted by headcase on 1:46 pm on April 2, 2002

Check this out – has a good map.
Ok just got some bad news. The military protection of the Vatican is Italy’s responsability, there are just no Italian soldiers INSIDE the Vatican. So going to war with the Vatican is going to war with Italy. 🙁 Guess that idea is out…….
Oh well lets do it anyway!

(Edited by headcase at 7:57 pm on April 2, 2002)

— Posted by DrunkCentaur on 1:55 pm on April 2, 2002

I would like to mention that theres a reason why the vatican chose to use swiss guards… they are far from push overs… they were the most feared mercenaries of there time, fighting in wars all over europe… they were so good at war, that the European nations decided to outlaw the swiss from being mercenaries… except for in the vatican… because they were getting their asses kicked… they didn’t even have to join world war II with how close they were to germany because they new the germans wouldn’t be stupid enough to attack… not saying that we couldn’t take them on… after all… it’s been years since they’ve actually had to fight… and it’s mostly just for show theoretically anyway… because who in their right minds would take on the pope… but no reason to go underestimating them because they dress funny, *nods*

— Posted by smoothcriminal on 2:00 pm on April 2, 2002

i am just guessing but is the vatican scratched from the drawing board here guys or what

— Posted by FairyNuff on 2:02 pm on April 2, 2002

yeah DrunkCentaur is right, anyways Italian tanks have 1 forward gear and 5 reverse so they can run from battle quickly lol

— Posted by headcase on 2:04 pm on April 2, 2002

Ok I’ll say it again, slowly this time, in big letters:
IT   WAS   ,   BUT   IF   ALL   ELSE    GOES

— Posted by DrunkCentaur on 2:14 pm on April 2, 2002

Why are you repeating yourself?  You coming down with alztimers or something?

— Posted by headcase on 2:17 pm on April 2, 2002

Yes, along with many other things, but smoothcriminal asked if the vatican was scratched from the drawing board, last post, page 8. I was just answering him.
Just found a beautiful Italian Island, has a Tower, chapel, even a yacht harbour.No price though…Check it out at

(Edited by headcase at 8:34 pm on April 2, 2002)

— Posted by Roland49686 on 3:50 pm on April 2, 2002

Hey headcase..
That was posted earlier. We want a LARGE island people! Not some fruity getaway spot. Government people! We could run out of space REAL quick.
(Yes I was high. No I don’t eat nutmeg)

— Posted by headcase on 3:53 pm on April 2, 2002

What about Antartica, that doesnt belong to any country, I think we should all go to live there! There are even signs that we should claim it….notice the similarities: Antartica – remove the ‘T’s’ the ‘I’ and change the last ‘A’ to a ‘HY’ ….. Anarchy!! It even sounds like it! And don’t forget the Vatican, replace ‘Vatican’ with ‘Anarchy’ and there you go!

— Posted by trowe on 4:14 pm on April 2, 2002

this thread is goin to hell. but yes. to me, the vatican idea is still open. as for antarctica, that is a really cold place, and military is there. almost every country has a military outpost there, last i checked anyway. we either need to buy an island, or take one over. if you guys are sayin that no one could trust anyone else with money, than at least trust us with your contacts for weapons. i would personally love to do sum shit here where i live, but i need a gun, and  i got no contacts cause i live in a small town in canada. found a dude in switzerland who will ship guns to me, but i need a import liscence. any help on all is helpful…

— Posted by Analyticworm on 5:35 pm on April 2, 2002

I am sorry to inform the room but the vatican is not open to take over. First the vatican is the home of the pope I don’t think the US and other world leaders would allow the vatican to be taken over not to mention all of the other christian groups that would be willing to die to free it. When this topic was first opened I thought that it would be a profitable venture with some like minded people. AAfter reading alot of the post here I am beginning to think other wise. I will however compile and send out the email to those that have email me. To the rest I wish you good luck in your business ventures

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 5:39 pm on April 2, 2002

i cant beleive ur bailing on us analyticworm

— Posted by iamnogod420 on 6:49 pm on April 2, 2002

A few people I know our interested in owning an island or starting a country.  I’m sure that if enough people were interested then we could take one over or even buy one with a collective pool of money. Just as long as drugs are legal I’m in!!

— Posted by Roland49686 on 7:26 pm on April 2, 2002

Shit! He can’t bail on us! Come on man! Don’t give up on this. Thats how most people don’t achieve what they want is by not following thru,
Come on man. You know everything about us. Don’t bail cuz a few cocks (yeah i know, even me) posted some gay shit.
This is a big ol’ oprotunity for loads of people from differen’t nations to unite. It’s a chance we may not get in a long while.
Think it thru.
If he’s out, I’m out. I need some support here and I think he is a big backbone for us.

— Posted by Nitrate on 7:46 pm on April 2, 2002

Guys, I’m with you 100% in this venture.

I can’t be bothered reading the whole 9 pages of posts about this but i have one hell good idea.

In the sunny pacific is a small set of three islands. These islands are owned by the coca cola company. They are used for coporate conferences, promotion things and company directors, Ceo’s and general head honchos holidays.

There just waiting to be taken over. They’re tropical they have very little security, they are not protected by any actual nation (unlike other islands for sale). And they have facilitys ie fresh water, plant growth, buildings, docks.

This is the perfect oppurtunity. (by the way, one of the islands, the one they use for promos, has been manufactured into the shape of a coke bottle.)

— Posted by R0NiN on 8:13 pm on April 2, 2002

i agree, coca cola had very little security on these islands. There security is limited to the “security gaurd” kind so they would be rather easy to handle. But these islands are very small, allthough bigger than Vatican City so i would rather go to coca cola land.

— Posted by woody8415 on 9:22 pm on April 2, 2002

Roland why are you bailing on the project just because of Analyticworm? How do you figure that he is the backbone of this project? I have watched lots of people step up (just like he did) to take a leadership role in this plan.

— Posted by trowe on 9:34 pm on April 2, 2002

analyiticworm thinks we are getting an island to party, do drugs and fuk around and i agree. I have been saying we need to be serious. we are either taking over, or we are buying. no one seems to be certain on this. and one person does not matter roland. sure, he has alot of ideas, and he may have been the best suited for the responsibillity. in his thirties, im pretty sure hes either ex-military, or still in it. but, one man shouldnt stop us from doing this. coca-cola islands sound good, but we are nothing unless we start sharing. people seem to be ignoring my posts, probably because i tell the harsh truth. this will never happen unless we cooperate, and no one is doing that. how can we bring up money to buy an island when no on is certain if we are buying or taking. how can we prepare to take an island, if were not sure if were going to. people, make up your damn minds. you are arguing and flaming for no reason.  we need to come to a descision… what will it be? Take an island or islands over, or Buy an island or islands? what will it be?

— Posted by Roland49686 on 9:38 pm on April 2, 2002

I was drunk and depressed at the time, I’m sober now. I say we fuck up those cocksucking bastards at coke and really give em a porblem.
I like Dr. pepper and Cherry coke that is produced by them but fuck it! I’ll just drink pepsi.
Anyways My team can get into there and do whatever. No hostages or killing. This is completely a land grab.

— Posted by trowe on 9:49 pm on April 2, 2002

ill join ya. a few questions first.
1:How would you get there?
2:What weapons would you use?(detail)
3:I would like to be involved.
4:Can you get me weapons
5:How would the news handle it?

— Posted by magicphishbowl420 on 10:37 pm on April 2, 2002

i think the whole idea of taking over the coca cola islands is hilarious! but i do also believe it would work with the correct strategizing. i would without a doubt love to be a part of this little “invasion” on the corporate worlds posessions.

if this plan fails we could always colonize on the moon and raise farms of monkeys to do our work for us… just a thought….

— Posted by kingpin on 11:29 pm on April 2, 2002

roland and analyticworm you cant leave cause if you do thats 2 people who were serious about this that are now gone( im not saying that everyone else isnt serious) we need everyone we can get and you both had alot of experience that could help the project alot.
also i think the coke islands are a pretty good idea if what you say about it is true.
we could take it over once we have bought our own island cause were gonna need a base of operations.

— Posted by ghettopimp70 on 11:33 pm on April 2, 2002

I’d like to clear up a mistake i made on the 8th page of this neverending thread. I said buy drugs for free when i meant buy drugs for cheap. I was tired when i wrote that so please stop LYFAO.

— Posted by ghettopimp70 on 11:47 pm on April 2, 2002

And Headcase has obviously been misimformed about the army in Vatican. Its true it only consists of a few over a hundred, but they are the Swiss army which is one of the most highly trained armies in the world. Vatican also has a police force to worry about and the pope has private bodyguards. Now with the island idea I think we need to spread the word to the underground community as best as we can for extra support with posters or whatever just be creative. And im not sure about this but shouldnt there be some kinda safety deposit box or something a bank can set-up for raising funds where money can go in but not out unless a group of people take it out? Im not sure but theres gotta be something like that that a bank can do for that.

— Posted by David carr on 3:11 am on April 3, 2002

is there any chance i can be in on this

— Posted by kingpin on 8:41 am on April 3, 2002

anybody who is willing to contribute can be in on it
why dont we set up a trust fund so that only at a certain date can we get the money adn only if we are all together. im pretty sure this can be arranged at most banks.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 10:58 am on April 3, 2002

First I am not bailing one anyone what I am saying is that if we are not going to work together and focus on a goal then I would not be apart of just a purely chaotic venture. Now lets look at this whole take over thing again. When you conquer a group of people you have to make sure that you have the resources to keep them conquered. ALso you have to make sure that no one care about what you are doing. So since first of all if we conquered a group of people we would be looked on as terrorist and there for bring trouble more trouble. Second we would have to make sure that the resources to keep them conquered were secure before we did that. It is more cost effective to purchase then it is to take. Once the island is purchased then comes the time to build and secure. Again taking over the vatican and the island that coke owens is not an option now or in the future. Period! I will be out of town for a few days (leaving tomorrow) and I will be accessing my email several times a day. I have forwared all of the emails I have been sent to roland he will compile all of the information and send out the email with everyone’s email. Why did I pick him? There was no reason except his was the last email I read, there for was the easiest to use.

Again the first thing we have to do is make sure that we are who we say we are and our skills are what we claim them to be from there we can decide what is the first business venture we can begin and what we need to do following that.

— Posted by kingpin on 11:08 am on April 3, 2002

we should create a company to forward money through(if that makes sense to anyone) and to add a legitimate face to this. we will be taken far more seriously if we look professional.
also we need to establish if we are goin to let new people in on this, because people are gonna wanna join after we have sorted things out so we need to decide whether they can join or if they will have to wait until our country is up and running until they can join us as citisen.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 11:34 am on April 3, 2002


I have been saying the exact same thing on more then one post. It is good to see that you are a like minded person.

— Posted by FairyNuff on 1:55 pm on April 3, 2002

Can someone please post the link to the Coca-Cola islands.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 3:44 pm on April 3, 2002

u idiots, we’re not gonna take over any islands thats suicide, we buy the island, it will take years to do it (i would say a good 7 years if you want a good island)but trhats the best way to go about it, you could never take an island, u dont even have a mode of transport to invade on, stick to the buying plan

— Posted by headcase on 4:17 pm on April 3, 2002

The Vatican is also protected by Italy, as I said before, so I guess that would be a bad idea, and I guess taking anything by force is a bad idea, unless Roland and his team will do it for us. As for Antartica, I was only joking, but the military bases are for research I think. It is coloured grey on political maps, and grey means it isn’t owned by any country, any we could use some backup if we start a country. E.g. if we become a part of NATO and we are attacked, they would have to help :).

— Posted by R0NiN on 10:54 pm on April 3, 2002

Ok people here is a list of islands for sale in the bahamas http://www.privateislandsonline.com/bahamas.htm starting from 75,000 for 1 acre to 7,500,000 for 600 acres.

the main site for islands for sale or rent is http://www.privateislandsonline.com they look like great islands and some pretty nice prices.

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 11:46 pm on April 3, 2002

Ok i know im just a newbie bastard n all but I was planing to go to tha U.S. navy, But this is a good idea. if yall need a low level grun to kill stuff im your man.

Im not strong mut im relativily fast and quiet so I can raid things too. but i prefer the heavy artillary.

— Posted by kingpin on 7:29 am on April 4, 2002

i think we should all get the idea that were gonna attack something out of your heads, even if once weve bought the island, which will take a while, it still maybe years until we attack anything, because we need to build up our resouces and other important shit like that

— Posted by headcase on 12:43 pm on April 4, 2002

However if we start planning something now, it will be easier to do it later.

— Posted by iamnogod420 on 3:13 pm on April 4, 2002

I think that buying an island isprobably the most logical idea. Attacking anything at this time could surely only mean death. I would say the best way to go about this is first to see hw many people are willing to contribute money or help. Since we will need millions we may need many people to help. Not unless someone has enough to buy an island by themselves for us to make use of? nope I didn’t think so. What needs to be done is for us to find out just how much money we have and then how much more we will need. I doubt that anyone trying to buy an island is just going to be able to walk into the bank and get a loan. Even if we happen to be way short I’m sure some of the people on here now a few in genius ways to make money. I have seen people make $10,000 in a week off only $1,000. I’m sure its possible to come up with a large sum of money if enough people worked at it in less then a year. So I say the first business that should be taken care of is finding out how much we have and what we need to obtain after that.

— Posted by headcase on 4:52 pm on April 4, 2002

We are already doing that.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 5:48 pm on April 4, 2002

Hey. Sorry I was out a day,

Good idea. If we can start a business or corporation then that will make us look professional and earn some cashola.
I’ve already gotten some money set aside for us. I also am starting a company I’ve been wanting to launch for a few years with some of my mates.
Anyways I’m open to discussion. I have a few mates that have seen this forum and want in. (mostly my crew) but some others too. So overall including me, there are about 11 people that want in.

— Posted by headcase on 6:07 pm on April 4, 2002

Horay…..ten pages. At the rate this is expanding we will probably rule the world soon. From a simple question to starting cooperations and countrys.

— Posted by magicphishbowl420 on 7:12 pm on April 4, 2002

i agree with the idea of first buying an island, then “colonizing” and then go from there on to the bigger better things like taking over other islands, countries etc.. in order to obtain a high ranking status in the world we need to show strength and resiliancy which cannot happen if there is total chaos so there needs to be order ( to a certain extent) we also need to show that other countries can benefit from us and that them investibg their time and energy in supporting (or as much as u can call it that) us isnt a waste. theres alot of planning that is involved in this but i definetly thinks possible. hey where theres a will there is a way right?

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 8:02 pm on April 4, 2002

I know we wont attack things right away but i was thinkin bout national security. What about air raid? wed need some A.A. guns, some stingers would work but if they droped a flare it wouldent hit em.

 Boats r sorta easier. Just pirate some smaller ones and take them over. out fit them with some artillary then use those to steal bigger ones.

Earlier i was talkin about raiding smaller countrys first and then move up a little. I also had an idea that wont really work but if we took out cuba the U.S.A. might like us or hate us. make allies first then enemys. If we did do this id easily donat anything needed for it. but then again im not rolling in tha BLING! BLING! here. It would take a long time to become a world power but then again all it takes is a good leader.

I know i know im a dumbass but yall dont need ta tell me that.

— Posted by 7th Street on 8:35 pm on April 4, 2002

ANYONE that considers taking someone else’s land by force as the ‘first territory’ is fucking ignorant. Attacking the Vatican, Antarctica (even though I like the name change to “Anarchy”), Cuba, Coca Cola… SUICIDE.  What the hell is wrong with you? Do you know what kind of trouble you’d get yourselves into? Just because you’ve had a little training, mostly BOYSCOUTS, doesn’t mean jack shit. I GUARANTEE the United States is monitoring this thread, thanks to Project Echelon, which none of you know about, or are suppossed to know about. So DO NOT consider taking ANYTHING over before you at least BUY legitametely and make a foothold.

Above all, research and really look at yourselves before you open your mouths.

Secondly… Don’t open an account owned by 100’s of people. The more people that have access to the account means more people can screw the others over by taking everything. A TRUSTABLE person needs to be picked and open a fund raising account, (A P.O. Box would work nicely.) Then everyone can chip in. To further increase money, INVEST. I recommend C.D. Accounts, Mutual Funds, Corporate Bonds, Treasury Bills, ect., done by PROFESSIONALS. Also, don’t invest in blue chip stocks, despite the hype about them.

(Edited by 7th Street at 8:38 pm on April 4, 2002)

— Posted by kingpin on 8:37 pm on April 4, 2002

should we all start our own individual companies in our own respective countries or should we start an international company that we can run together???????/

— Posted by Proteus on 8:58 pm on April 4, 2002

this sounds interesting, if u need someone that can hack such as transfer money and such, i can help. Im also good at thievery, i was tought by RONiN.

— Posted by kingpin on 9:00 pm on April 4, 2002

proteus can you really hack banks or is this just talk???
i know you and i dont think you can.

— Posted by Proteus on 9:04 pm on April 4, 2002

you dont know me, and ok im nowhere near as good at cat-burglary as ronin and kingpin, im working on it

— Posted by kingpin on 9:09 pm on April 4, 2002

i do know you proteus or should i say brendon.
what do you think we should do about this company?
(proteus,ronin, anyone else from australia)

— Posted by R0NiN on 9:15 pm on April 4, 2002

Well, we need something like a simple textile company or a software company – they always make good fronts.

— Posted by kingpin on 9:26 pm on April 4, 2002

we should start a company that would handle a lot of money and that would do stuff that we are gonna do, for example if we use a textiles company for a front then it will look suspiciouse if we are say buying weopons and stuff like that, we also need something that will turn a profit.

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 10:12 pm on April 4, 2002

Quote: from 7th Street on 8:35 pm on April 4, 2002
ANYONE that considers taking someone else’s land by force as the ‘first territory’ is fucking ignorant. Attacking the Vatican, Antarctica (even though I like the name change to “Anarchy”), Cuba, Coca Cola… SUICIDE. What the hell is wrong with you? Do you know what kind of trouble you’d get yourselves into? Just because you’ve had a little training, mostly BOYSCOUTS, doesn’t mean jack shit. I GUARANTEE the United States is monitoring this thread, thanks to Project Echelon, which none of you know about, or are suppossed to know about. So DO NOT consider taking ANYTHING over before you at least BUY legitametely and make a foothold.

Above all, research and really look at yourselves before you open your mouths.

Secondly… Don’t open an account owned by 100’s of people. The more people that have access to the account means more people can screw the others over by taking everything. A TRUSTABLE person needs to be picked and open a fund raising account, (A P.O. Box would work nicely.) Then everyone can chip in. To further increase money, INVEST. I recommend C.D. Accounts, Mutual Funds, Corporate Bonds, Treasury Bills, ect., done by PROFESSIONALS. Also, don’t invest in blue chip stocks, despite the hype about them.

(Edited by 7th Street at 8:38 pm on April 4, 2002)

Ok first off i never went to “boy scouts” and the idea is to slowlw raise the power of the country. The cuba idea is just to start a discussion on ideas.

And its good to see another conspirisist (sp?) on this site. I have an idea on what project echilon is. I think it was designed by the government to steal informatin from computers and it was disguised as a Y2K fix.
Tell me if i am wrong cause i think i heard of it.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 4:17 am on April 5, 2002

im sick of hearing about raiding Cuba, i metioned this before, that is impossible, you cannot raid any country because you need thousands of men, its so stupid, Cuba has camp X-ray there, the american base for afghans! good luck raiding that, not to mention Castro’s highly trained guerilla warriors and suicide bombers which would arise.

— Posted by R0NiN on 7:28 am on April 5, 2002

Hey, i know what ECHELON is, its a servalence system.

Echelon is perhaps the most powerful intelligence gathering organization in the world. Several credible reports suggest that this global electronic communications surveillance system presents an extreme threat to the privacy of people all over the world. According to these reports, ECHELON attempts to capture staggering volumes of satellite, microwave, cellular and fiber-optic traffic, including communications to and from North America. This vast quantity of voice and data communications are then processed through sophisticated filtering technologies.

This massive surveillance system apparently operates with little oversight. Moreover, the agencies that purportedly run ECHELON have provided few details as to the legal guidelines for the project. Because of this, there is no way of knowing if ECHELON is being used illegally to spy on private citizens.

— Posted by 7th Street on 1:07 pm on April 5, 2002

Project Echelon…

Thats exactly right Ronin, I commend you in your intelligence. Every electrical communication/signal/broadcast, whether encoded or not, across the globe, but mainly North America and Europe is being monitored. Most of it is picked up by satellites such as the Trumpet Satellite that picks up cellular phone calls. But the system is not only limited to that, it picks up email, telephone calls, citizen’s band radio, pretty much anything.

All the data goes through a filter system that decodes and filters certain keywords from the usual jibberish. You can bet your ass that this site is a hotbed of governmental activity.

Who’s to blame?  Mainly the United States National Security Agency.  Let’s give them a warm, heartfelt WELCOME…  Bastards…

(Edited by 7th Street at 1:14 pm on April 5, 2002)

— Posted by Ankou on 1:11 pm on April 5, 2002

I know of echelon too. The US government had sattelites that could zoom in and film a (stamp? im not sure of the word but its the thing you put on letters) on the ground in 1985, so just think how powerful the sattelites will be today. (i know they dont launch new sattelites all the time so the old ones are still up there but they have better technology today) I’ve heard that lead paint was outlawed i dont know if its true, but if it is, doesnt it make you wonder? they might be spying on you right now with infrared cameras and shit. I know it sounds like science fiction but it is’nt. and when you surf the web you could get into trouble if you have “KaZaa” or “Morpheus” and the like. These programs have a “spy” function. The dudes who made KaZaa and Morpheus can check which webpages u go to and what you write at the computer when you are online. i do not know why they have this function, i read about it in one of my monthly computer magazines. Oh well i must go now.. See ya later people.

PS. I think the raiding idea sucks right now.. I agree with all the other people who is against it. Because we would be looked upon as terrorists and then the US and other countries would kick our asses.

— Posted by trowe on 1:18 pm on April 5, 2002

my house is as well a small hot spot… i got a dad whos been in jail like 10 times, not to mention my friend is an idiot and whever we talk he insists on talking about plans to assassinate government officials. he is a retard. I have also been arrested twice, but both times i got away clean.
-*-Project Echelon Quiz:Who can tell me which company(government/civilian) came up with the echelon design?

I will post the answer in 3 days, or less…

(Edited by trowe at 1:22 pm on April 5, 2002)

— Posted by headcase on 4:25 pm on April 5, 2002

Quote: from Ankou on 7:11 pm on April 5, 2002
I know of echelon too. The US government had sattelites that could zoom in and film a (stamp? im not sure of the word but its the thing you put on letters) on the ground in 1985, so just think how powerful the sattelites will be today.

So don’t hide anything on your roof.

Also I had an idea, it will be helpful when we’re colonizing the island. Buy loads of tents. Big circus tents, we can use them while we build more perminant shelter on the island.

And as for attacking another country, not till we have a well built up country of our own.

AA guns could probably be bought from Russia. We could buy Shilka’s, whick are tanks with big cannons on top, or for a more American feel, maybe some Vulcan cannons (also from Russia).

One last thing, the Antartica to anarchy thing, I thought of that all by myself :).

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 6:02 pm on April 5, 2002

I jm just a dumbass but i do think of some things that need to be addressed. The vulcan cannon idea sounds sweetass 2 me.

As 4 tha cuba thing you r right and im a dumbass.

— Posted by MadBomber2 on 7:49 pm on April 5, 2002

yeah i want in too and my e-mail is Jimsterz27@hotmail.com but when u look at the history the time inbetween colonization and expansion is like a century!

— Posted by magicphishbowl420 on 9:46 pm on April 5, 2002

raiding cuba is just about the worst idea, especially with whats going on out there with terrorists and shit.
i say we go to afghanistan, wipe out everyone (complete genocide) and then take over their land. if u think about it no one is going to give u a hard time for it, u just took out the motherfuckers that caused all this so called “tragic times” or whatever the fuck u wanna call it, the rest of the world is going to be in debt to us and who wants afghanistan theres nothing there.
we could colonize and create our own country etc etc, now the pnly problem with this idea is i’m not really quite sure how we kill off all the afghans.. no matter where u go u can always find one behind the counter in a 7-11

maybe i’m way off but it was just a thought that popped into my head so i figured i would share it with my fellow ‘rebels’


— Posted by Nitrate on 10:18 pm on April 5, 2002

Guys, back to the coke islands.

They have so little security at this place, probably guys with batons. They have facilitys (buildings, water tanks, air strips and docks). Once we take the coke islands by force we can move onto other things, if we form a corporation and raise money it should go towards supplies weapons and vehicles. Coca-Cola could never retaliate against us, they have a public image to maitain and if they were to start shooting back the media would have a feild day!

Once we’ve taken over the island we could make money in heaps of ways: Rich punks motor their super yachts all over the pacific 24/7, alittle modern piracy and waa la, you got your self a 3million dollar boat to sell. (this actually does work, people in the caribean already do it). we could also train our people and send them to countrys where their services could be bought, (assassins, professional theifs etc)

One thing though, we cannot sell drugs for profit. The mafia control international drug trade and if we mess with their buyers we’ll be fucked.

This could really work but screw buying an island, “DEATH TO COKE” (if you like the drink, don’t worry, they don’t produce it on this island)

harken to my words of wisdom people,

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 10:19 pm on April 5, 2002

I like the idea of this new nation. and i dont care how ling it took but just as long as it happened.

— Posted by Nitrate on 10:40 pm on April 5, 2002

One thing, to raise money for an orginization, its a really good idea to make the organization an official religious group, (this can easily be done) because then you don’t have to pay tax on whatever you earn.

None of us are religious fanatics with killing in mind and we know we arne’t. Does it really mtter though if other people think we are?

its just an idea, may not be nessisary.


— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 11:05 pm on April 5, 2002

Hey thats a pretty good idea but i think somone has already stated that. But we will be needing tha bling bling, the cash money. it would ne a long time b 4 we were high rollers but still just aslong as it happens.

— Posted by kingpin on 2:45 am on April 6, 2002

we should start a religoun then and a company to handle money and shit.
also when are those emails gonna be sent out???

— Posted by smoothcriminal on 3:05 am on April 6, 2002

Just a idea we could break it up into chapters . We could become a anarchy n.a.a.c.p. but with out the protest over shit like flags this way we could have a press from every chapter and all the pres could have like a ameeting to give status of their chapter and shit like that its just  a idea then the chapters could meet and see what everyone is about

its just  a idea if u dont like it forget it if you do comment

— Posted by kingpin on 3:16 am on April 6, 2002

i think its a pretty good idea it would let us start collecting money in our own countries then once the time has come we can all meet up and buy an island
(im not sure if this is understandable,sorry if its not)

— Posted by IcedMetal on 4:54 am on April 6, 2002

I was directed here by another post, and I didn’t have enough time nor patience to read past page 2.

Anyways.  $350,000 for a private island is not too bad.  Hell, a Ferrari costs more.

Just to let you all know I would be more than glad to set mines and booby traps around your republic once you get it set up.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 8:02 am on April 6, 2002

If I here anything else about taking over a country, im not in this thing anymore, you’r acting like children, YOU CANNOT TAKE OVER A COUNTRY!!! not even the smallest ones, you would be killed in matters of days, US and Russia dont just ignore thoses things you know

— Posted by R0NiN on 8:24 am on April 6, 2002

Yer, the people that think they can “Take Over” are stupid, the only way to do this is to BUY a island. That will take several years.

— Posted by Ankou on 8:52 am on April 6, 2002

Yeah.. i say we all save some money. Say.. like $100 a month. or something like that. Then after a couple of years we meet up at some place and buy an island together. This way we wont risk that the person who takes care of all the money runs away with it. i think someone has posted a similar idea before but i thought i’d remind you all. its a good idea. Everyone who thinks they can take over some place just like that. THINK. if you think it over you will find out that it will be a pretty stupid thing to do. Theres a war against terrorism going on right now and it isnt just the US who takes part in it. If you succeed in taking over some place they will bomb you and kill you all in one way or another.

— Posted by logan on 9:38 am on April 6, 2002

You guys are fuckin’ awsome, over the time I’ve been here, you guys have almost been like family to me. I want the fuck in!

Long live anarchy!!!!!!!

— Posted by headcase on 10:27 am on April 6, 2002

Any nice islands within strike range of the coke islands? No reason, I’m just curious :)…..what? Anyway Afganistan is still way to powerful for us to consider. US special forces are still being killed there by rag heads, and there are loads of international forces there supporting the intrim government….complete suicide.
Everyone thinks we should buy our island first, so thats what we will do.
Also I think logan is a little over excited.

(Edited by headcase at 4:28 pm on April 6, 2002)

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 12:14 pm on April 6, 2002

get the hole “take over” idea out of your head, im serious! this is gonna b legal, even if we do buy an island we donnot take one over after that, its fucking gay and suicidal!

— Posted by headcase on 12:23 pm on April 6, 2002

Ok, but we will have to satisfy our violent needs on the island. Is everyone against the “take over” idea? Even if we have a working country first?
Shit, 11 pages.

(Edited by headcase at 6:24 pm on April 6, 2002)

— Posted by Roland49686 on 4:59 pm on April 6, 2002

This is final: No take over.

But defense is a must. No objections on this people. We need defense against whatever.. especialy if they know how we got where we are.
I’ve been gone 4 a few days so I’m not too fresh on this. Oh well.

— Posted by kingpin on 5:13 pm on April 6, 2002

hey sorry ive been out for a couple of days but im back and i agree that we need to get the idea of attacking out of our heads. also when are the emails being sent out, is analyticworm still in on this???

— Posted by headcase on 5:22 pm on April 6, 2002

Well that’s disappointing, I was just going to start robbing some guns, oh well. But just out of curiosity, who wants to attack the coke islands?

— Posted by kingpin on 5:23 pm on April 6, 2002

shit if you wont to attack something go start a new thread and stop posting all over ours>

— Posted by headcase on 6:19 pm on April 6, 2002

I want to know because if enough people are up for it we could start our own country! We don’t need you guys who object to our freedom of speech! Isn’t that what our island is about! Freedom!You are all facist pigs!
I’m just joking around again by the way. And we did start our own thread.

— Posted by golkar on 6:55 pm on April 6, 2002

I’m still here… but wondering how to move to the next stage.  After 11 pages the only solid decision that’s been made is to NOT take our country by force 🙂  Another reasonably solid decision is that each person start saving on their own.

But we need to make some other decisions.  Do we need to standardize firearms or at least calibers?  Do we plan on adopting 110 volt, 60 hz electricity or some other variation?  Should I buy 1/2″ or 13mm sockets if I see them cheap?

I’m gonna keep an eye out for cheap/free equipment that we can use.  Hell,  if this project had started last year I could have gotten some serious equipment for a clinic for free… hospital beds, gyn exam chair and misc. stuff all in the trash pile now.  

— Posted by kingpin on 3:24 am on April 7, 2002

hey roland did analytic worm send you the list of emails i’d really like to get that list together and get a chat room set up and also has analytic worm left the project or is he just not replying??

— Posted by Roland49686 on 12:12 pm on April 7, 2002

He sent me a .zip file with names. I haven’t looked at it yet 🙁 but I will.

Also I have .22, .223, 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 440 (shotgun), and other types of guns. I think .223 is a MUST for assult rifles, ect. And I think 9mm weapons are the best for other shit

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 4:05 pm on April 7, 2002

Ok ok no attacking. But defensive matters are a must and we will need some sort of income to the island. The island would need an economy.

What the hell would we export?

— Posted by golkar on 6:55 pm on April 7, 2002

Well, Sealand is setting themselves up as an offshore data repository.  “The Millenial Project” suggests a data-based economy too.  I would prefer having some real stuff to trade too, maybe small items with high resale value.  Products or items that depend on local resources should be exported in limited quantities.  An island nation would be too limited in biomass and mineral resources to trade them for mere money.  

I like the idea of a Beowulf-type computer cluster that can be used for any number of projects for profit… number crunching, video rendering, etc.  

But we need an internal economy that can provide the basics of life.  Agriculture and industry on a small, decentralized basis.  I don’t like the idea of living out of cans brought in from someplace else.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 7:38 pm on April 7, 2002

Fish, opium, marijuana, and other agriculture shit. I’m serious about the marijuana and opium. We could propose medical marijuana to USA and other countries.

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 7:57 pm on April 7, 2002

I was thinkin ’bout a Mercinary job thingy. People could hire us for our knowledge and then we charge high prices and make them pay for the transportation.

Its just an idea though so it probably is probably a bad one since it came from me.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 8:04 pm on April 7, 2002

Also.. since so many people come to this forum..

I have an announcement! Any Marijuana growers that see this please go to the Drug and Alcohol forum and look at my marijuana seed thread. Please help me!

Sorry for the distraction but I need help!

— Posted by golkar on 8:49 pm on April 7, 2002

I have no problem with people growing marijuana and I think poppies are about the best looking flower on the planet.  Anyone that wants to grow them should be encouraged.  

Anyone that works a job is a mercinary, selling their life for money.  The higher the price that you can charge the better.  (That should give me the right attitude to make it through Monday) 🙂  Just don’t bring your work home with you…

Might as well mention alcohol, both fermented and distilled stuff.  We’ll probably need alcohol as a fuel source and I certainly wouldn’t mind a beer in the evening.  People tend to buy it too.  But that’s biomass leaving…

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 9:28 pm on April 7, 2002

Id say so. evry 1 need some fix 4 tha day. I know i do. Now the thing is we need more than just drug money. We would need some sorta food source also.

Now wed also need a language. English probably but some people have bad english (me) but they speek ok german.

The politcal stand point. Would we be a democracy?

— Posted by Roland49686 on 9:41 pm on April 7, 2002

From the looks of things we’re a tyranny!

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 11:26 pm on April 7, 2002

Also we would need medical supplies I myself give myself stiches most of the time and i hardly ever get hurt badly witch is supprising.

Also for entertainment i say er get some chickens high and let em ficht. THE WORLDS FIRST HIGH COCK FIGHT!! Thats id be some shit there.

What about transportation to and from the island? Food is all good not that i think bout it cause i fish regularly and i could bring some chickens for eggs. We could fish with dinomite!

Im serious about that i am also taking a para-pro class in Heathing and airconditioning/ventailation, and refridigeration. so i could make a big ass freeser.

The elecletricity. Whats tha voltage? When would it b active? What type of energy scource?

I can also cook. (dont make fun plz) I cook pretty good too but i cook best when drunk so i am suited to any type of life so i can bent to the environments.

I am soooooo fuckin serious bout this. Any ideas that i might b able to help with feel free to e-mail me Leviathon_gf@hotmail.com also if ya got msn messenger add me.

Well im off to the shower then im going ladyfind in tha morning so night yall.

— Posted by impulse on 1:10 am on April 8, 2002

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is the funniest shit I’ve ever heard.. You people are actually serious..

Yeah, you probably saw a list of countries and noted that that one place.. with so little of population… Which happens to be in the center of Italy btw, its just sort of independant from the rest of the it… Why not try to take it over?.. ROFLMFAO…

You people are actually imagining all jumping in a big armored APC(which you would steal using a suggestion from a different posting) and running down the streets of Italy, into the vetinarian place(or whatever) and whipping out your street-bought guns on the pope would be conviently be sitting on the john completely alone about 10 feet away from where your APC just busted through the palace wall..

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. I am so imagining this..

Keep going on, I think my insides are about to burst from all my laughter though.

— Posted by impulse on 1:13 am on April 8, 2002

I was referring to a post made near the beginning of this thread where you were contemplating taking over Vatican city or whatever its called…

And sorry for ruining any fun.. lol. Couldn’t help myself.

— Posted by IcedMetal on 1:41 am on April 8, 2002

Of course its possible to take over a country.  How do you think the Taliban managed it?

Two words.  Rebel/liberation groups, militia, and guerilla attacks.  And frequent terrorist attacks/threats.

— Posted by kingpin on 7:58 am on April 8, 2002

we should get together and start a bussinness first and then start to collect some serious money and then buy a huge island and continue our bussinness from the island aswell as making it a country.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 9:24 am on April 8, 2002

Ok I have returned. I have been away for a bit akin care of some business. Roland where are the emails?

If Roland has not sent them out I will have them compiled and sent out tues evening.

— Posted by kingpin on 9:39 am on April 8, 2002

thank you analyticworm,
i have been thinking that we need to thinkof a business that handles money, of coarse we have years to go but it would still be good to start thinkin i cannot think of anything right now, but im gonna keep bursting brain cells tryin. also we need to discuss whether or not we are gonna also start a religion or not.
personaly i think it would be a good idea.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 9:59 am on April 8, 2002


You have alot of great I deas, however what need need to focus on first is the core group of people needed to plan this project from beginning to end. Before anything can be done we first need to all who is seriously interested and discuss what our current qualifications are and what projects we are currently involved in and what we have planned for the future. Most importantly we have to make sure that we can all “work” together as well as how this Island project goes with each of our short and long range goals. I for one am only interested in this project as a source revenue as well as a few other things.

Let me share a short story with the room. There is someone who contacted me via messenger from this forum and they have no real interest in the Island project other then it being a cool thing to talk about. I explained to that person that when they became serious contact me then other then that I had no desire to conversate with them. When I did that the person became very upset and started explaining about their age and what they had planned for there life ect. In short if you are not serious and willing to commint at least a small amount of what you make from what ever you have going then there is no reason to discuss this topic. I for one am in this to produce a profit no more no less. But not at the risk of failing anyone who is going to be commited to this as I am.

— Posted by kingpin on 11:02 am on April 8, 2002

i am serious about this i am prepared to give up my time to this project, what i hope to get out of this is
– a profit
– a place were i can do and say as i please
– the chance to do something like this because i doubt    any of us will get this chance again
– i have no real commitments that will be forever terminated by my decision to follow this project.

i think that is something that everyone needs to think about, because if you have any commitments (girlfriends,jobs,family,school, or anything else) then this could be a major hurdle for anyone with such a problem.

also i think the core group is something like 5-6 ( this is just from reading the thread) and i think this is a good no. for the core group, but of coarse new people are gonna keep reading this and want to join(maybe), so need to decide on a maximum number of people to be in said core group, because too many people might cause a problem.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 12:25 pm on April 8, 2002

Well there will always be new member joining and unfortunatly old members leaveing. What I would like to see is the core group sit down and establish some type of guid to be agreeded on by all members.

Again we all need to sit down and think long and hard about if we can seriously commit to doing what is neccessary to make this project a relaity.

— Posted by headcase on 2:00 pm on April 8, 2002

Ok the takeover thing is failing miserably so I’m posting my well thought out and revelant comments here again. Have we decided the island yet because thats an important part of our project. I suggest Long Island off Australia, it was mentioned before. It’s in http://www.privateislandsonline.com/longocau.htm

— Posted by headcase on 2:09 pm on April 8, 2002

Also if you look at it on a good atlas you’ll see it is surrounded by lots of small islands and one big island (Quail Island) which is about 1 and a half km at it’s closest point.
You could nearly swim to some of the small islands.
On a strange note, there are two Long Islands in Queensland alone.

(Edited by headcase at 8:19 pm on April 8, 2002)

— Posted by impulse on 2:32 pm on April 8, 2002

Okay, lets get to making our own country!! First step: Someone donate to our charity $1,250,000 to even own the land.

— Posted by headcase on 2:44 pm on April 8, 2002

Go away impulse

— Posted by Analyticworm on 3:03 pm on April 8, 2002

Before we can choose and Island or anything we first need to develope a plan to raise the neccessary revenue. we are putting the cart before the hose if we do otherwise. The actual purchase of the Island is at least 6 to 7 years away. Before we do anything everyone who is thinking about this needs to sit down and decide if they have the ability to give there full mental and physical commitment to this. We each before this topic was opened had plans and goals that we were working towards. How does this project fit it to that? that is the question that needs to be answered.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 4:08 pm on April 8, 2002

Quote: from golkar on 8:49 pm on April 7, 2002
I have no problem with people growing marijuana and I think poppies are about the best looking flower on the planet. Anyone that wants to grow them should be encouraged.

just wanted to quote this, does he think that poppies are for looking at? LOL, they’re for Opium (morphine)

— Posted by headcase on 4:32 pm on April 8, 2002

How do you get opium from poppies?

— Posted by Roland49686 on 5:58 pm on April 8, 2002

Scrape the inside of an unripe seed pod with a pin or sumthing and a white goo will come off. Thats opium. It should turn black I think.

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 6:45 pm on April 8, 2002

I c i am gettin ahead of the island idea. I have no lasting connections to this lad they call america. I dont like it here and i wish to help in any way to make this idea work.

I have school but that will b over in 2 years so after that im free to help colinise the island and start building. i dont have a lot of money but im workin on it. The Island seems good but the money will b difficoult. Im thinkin bout playing the stock market to get get some cashmoney. Ill donate 10% of my earnings at a time to it.

When it is finally a reality then ill move there and help with anything i can. I have no disire to stay here and be “loyal” to this shit hole.(the country not the site) The island yould be the only thing worth staying here to get cash for.

— Posted by trowe on 6:48 pm on April 8, 2002

Money shouldnt be a problem with an expected time span of 6-7 years. I will have some very good cash coming in very soon, so i will start saving. How much money are we looking at saving? around 10 million?

— Posted by MadBomber2 on 8:59 pm on April 8, 2002

Lets say we wanted to stage a hostile takover I found a weapons provider online that has some heavy shit that could kick some helicopters ass if they werent moving too fast. heres the link. http://www.37mm.com

Im not sure if they are considered expensive cus i dont know to much but fire arms but they look pretty sweet.  The only problem is getting them mass produced.

— Posted by MadBomber2 on 9:07 pm on April 8, 2002

sorry bout this i double posted and i cant delete it so sorry guys im still getting used to this forum’s user interface.

(Edited by MadBomber2 at 9:09 pm on April 8, 2002)

— Posted by R0NiN on 9:24 pm on April 8, 2002

We need to listen to Kingpin, the absolute first thing we need to do is establish a business to use as a front, now because heaps of us live in different parts of the world  we would need to spring up “chains” of the business and all profits from it go into the one bank account. Now people that want in with the island buying can give money buy; buying shares in the business or donating money to it. This whole set up would not look suspicious to the banks or police because its a totally normal set up those businesses do. Plus the money would be gained in no time.

— Posted by kingpin on 9:25 pm on April 8, 2002

yeah money making ideas is what we need to be thinkin about right now aswell as things for the long run but we gotta think about now for now.

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 9:39 pm on April 8, 2002

Now the business fron would be what? we need to start this shiznit asap. I could sell weed but im already on probate for beating a pussy ass prep up.

— Posted by kingpin on 9:43 pm on April 8, 2002

i think matters like this would be better discussed in a chat room at the apropriate time ( you never know whos listening)

— Posted by bk208b on 10:22 pm on April 8, 2002

I think we should Find a very small island that has some gay ass indians that still use bows and spears and hold them hostage with our guns and make them build our houses and do all our work. When its all done we can make them do repairs and take out the trash. LOL

— Posted by kingpin on 10:29 pm on April 8, 2002

that is stupid there are no islands were indians still use bows and arrows and slavery will not be tolerated on our island.
i certainly hope ur stoned or something cause if your not then u should be placed in a special school or sumthing.

— Posted by IcedMetal on 10:33 pm on April 8, 2002

I suggest we speak with Microsoft and get their backing on this project.  Maybe let them have some island space for factories or something.

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 10:37 pm on April 8, 2002

Just as long as theres some way i can get tha BLING BLING if ya know what i mean. Cash money wont b a prob but the fine Blings cost some shit.

— Posted by kingpin on 10:38 pm on April 8, 2002

no that is a bad i dea we should keep this between us and us only

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 10:54 pm on April 8, 2002

Damn Icedmetal good idea. I am still gonna try tha stock market though sor both personal gain and for the island.

Anyone know any place that i could get a fake idea in the usa? I need one badly im out of weed beer and cigs. IM GOING CRAZY WITHOUT EM. HELP MEEEE!

— Posted by kingpin on 11:01 pm on April 8, 2002

read the fake id thread in this forum.

— Posted by R0NiN on 6:57 am on April 9, 2002

Microsoft? thats insane, they are the most evil organisation in the world – they will backstab you. Never trust microsoft with anything.

— Posted by kingpin on 7:17 am on April 9, 2002

bill gates is a nerd.

— Posted by cheryl on 2:13 pm on April 9, 2002

if u got bill gates on the island he wud obviously try and worm his way to be king!! and take over everything!!!!!!!

— Posted by 7th Street on 2:43 pm on April 9, 2002

…   WTF.

Including Microsoft…   HELL, they could buy their OWN island.

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 3:21 pm on April 9, 2002

I’m pretty sure Microsoft are reading this anyway…

I think if we knew the full extent of their power it would scare the hell out of us.


— Posted by bmw310 on 3:31 pm on April 9, 2002

Yeah microsoft sucks, but we could use bill’s money pretty well for weapons and all the other crap we need to have a country.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 4:10 pm on April 9, 2002

lets get the microsoft shit out of our heads

— Posted by MadBomber2 on 7:01 pm on April 9, 2002

Fine we’ll get Apple to sign on with us and then this will create jealousy among microsoft and then they will come to us and offer us a bigger deal!!!

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 10:01 pm on April 9, 2002

Thanks yall i got a mexican to buy me some cigs but im going to try to pay this inturn at the dmv to make me one.

— Posted by trowe on 9:17 am on April 10, 2002

Can we please fukkin stik to the island? we are getting side trakked.  Who is serious about going all the way in this. Thats making the money, putting it towards the island, and be at peace with this. I for one am starting the paperwork of a small company I am starting to make. It’s small, but it will help bring in revenue. Any kind of company will do, but you have to remember that you need massive profits.

— Posted by MadBomber2 on 3:21 pm on April 10, 2002

So far I have set aside bout 500 dollars for this deal.  I thing everyone who helps bring in revenue should get a certain amount of stocks and the amouint varying depending on how much they provided.  Then They will be reimbursed later on for like a 1% increase.

— Posted by trowe on 5:13 pm on April 10, 2002

I as well have saved quite abit of money for this, but I have to invest in my company, so now I must use it. But my company should be running within a couple of weeks to about a month max. How is everyone else doing with saving money?

— Posted by Roland49686 on 6:20 pm on April 10, 2002

I got ~about~ $1200 saved up.

I also have another $3000 but thats for my own use.

— Posted by trowe on 6:32 pm on April 10, 2002

I have an idea for a company, but what would you guys suggest for a good company idea?

(Edited by trowe at 8:42 pm on April 10, 2002)

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 7:55 pm on April 10, 2002

Allright Im have about 500 buck stored up to invest. im starting small and working up.

This should bring the bling.

— Posted by Mastermind on 10:35 pm on April 10, 2002

I have no money, but i have some good ideas.  They might take a month to catch on but we have time.  Maybe a few moinths to catch on.

— Posted by R0NiN on 2:52 am on April 11, 2002

Anyone who is not 100 percent serious about this should leave – we should think of a business or something to raise money.

— Posted by kingpin on 3:34 am on April 11, 2002

we could start a charity for some cause then us the money to do what we need with it.

— Posted by smoothcriminal on 3:35 am on April 11, 2002

about the list who do i send my info too all i have is aim (aol)

— Posted by freebirdmatt on 3:39 am on April 11, 2002

i got a $100  for it

— Posted by kingpin on 4:11 am on April 11, 2002

you’ll need alot more than that

— Posted by freebirdmatt on 4:14 am on April 11, 2002

after we get the island we can get aid from the us or some other country.  that could be alot of money

— Posted by kingpin on 4:17 am on April 11, 2002

thats a very good idea we could get international aid when we are starting out as a country.
but then of coarse we would have to pay them back sometime
we dont want too much debt.

— Posted by freebirdmatt on 4:24 am on April 11, 2002

they would probably donate med supplies and food etc…

— Posted by freebirdmatt on 4:25 am on April 11, 2002

they would probably donate med supplies and food etc…

— Posted by Da Jaggalo on 9:07 am on April 11, 2002

Count me in,
(da 14 year old from aussie)
You gotz da Oz support now 😀

— Posted by Mastermind on 9:23 am on April 11, 2002

I dont think any countries will give us stuff, its like becoming a country so that u can get free stuff, and trhey’ll figure it out.  A government is completely dumb until it comes to giving stuff away for free, like supplies.  I just dont think becoming dependent at the beginning is the right way to go about things, we might be in debt to a country and they’d take us over to get our money
Like Nicuraugua, or Columbia the drug capital.  And even if we dont need to defend aghainst armies, we need to defend against terrorists and the like who would think we were like wealhty businessmen buying aan island and actually have money on us that they could use.  So we should be pretty trained, because small, clever groups could whoop an organized army any day, whether it be our defending army or us defending against a big dumb army.  Two heads are better than one, but not five hundred.

— Posted by Analyticworm on 10:40 am on April 11, 2002

Again you are putting the cart before the horse.

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