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How to steal a Car

— Posted by DJClarkey on 10:52 am on Mar. 16, 2002

Ever wanted to knwo how to steal a car but didnt wanna try incase you got caught?… Uncle DJClarkey will tell ya

Firstly it is recomended you can drive otherwise its pointless unless you just wanna get inside and wreck the car whihc isnt as pontless but isnt as fun…

Secondly i recomend you try late at night when no ones around

Now get a screwdriver that is flat headed, pick your car try something old with no alarm or something that hasnt got imobilisers on

Stick the screwdriver in the lock real hard and as far in as you can it doesnt matter if it damages the lock you wont be needing it agian now twist it round like the screwdriver is the key No problem the door should open… Otherwise you could stick the screwdriver where the lock is it should be asilver round circle where this ends and it meets the door stick the screw driver between them and pull the lock out it can get a lil hard but it works them stick the screw driver in and you should be able to open the door a whole lot easier… If that doesnt work you can always go get a coat hanger one of them steal frame ones unwind it all so its ruffly straight… now at the end make a loop like a head on it… (in america I think its called a slim jim or something) and at the car door at the top of the frame of the door bthere should be rubber protecting the door… slide the hanger in down throught the door and loop it round the lock that unlocks the door pull it up and hey presto!… if this doesnt work then i recomend you use this fail safe way! Go get a brick and smash the car window easy… I dont ike this meathod though one as its loud and two your driving and he seat is gonna be covered in glass… Now that your in hopefully the car shouldnt have a stop lock on it if it does then it just means more work… if it has a stop lock lean back in the seat and put your legs onto the wheel now push it from side to side real hard this can take a while but eventualy it snaps off!… take a breather… Now if the door opened with the screwdriver just use it again on the ignition and vrooom… hear that baby rumble! else then under neath the wheel should be a long piece of plastic covering called the cowling tear this out and look for a whole load of wires that are tied together in a bunch! I know theres can be loads of wires and its gonna be messy but at the end of these wires should be a black tape holding them alltogether like one thick wire take the tape off strip a bit of the plastic off the wire using a knife or summet now colours vary on cars so the best I can say is try every single wire in the bunch by striping the ends of and twisting them around each other but be carefull you dont burn the engine out… HOPEFULLY if you followed these instructions right youll be on yer way!….

Also if you liked that and want more you could try a JCB digger or something smaller like a mini digger or summet…

Take a nail and take a hammer hit the nails head real hard till its really flat not bent FLAT now stick it int he diggers ignition and AWAY!… these are the easiest to rob!… Remember though you cant exactley go for a spin down the road in a JCB without lookin dodgy!? The bigger you go for the harder it is… go for small mini-diggers, crappy cars, old cars an so on!

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