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I need some help with…

— Posted by Boosa on 4:09 pm on Mar. 5, 2002

I was womdering mayB u know  – where the hell can I get a “pure potassium” or “pure sodium”?
in what places…some products mayb – or to EXTRUCT it somehow….?

and the same about “iodine crystals” (I am in israel and they do not sell this things…)

and what the hell is ammonia….?

— Posted by DeathWagon on 4:15 pm on Mar. 5, 2002

im getting potassium from my school’s chem. supply room.

— Posted by Boosa on 4:17 pm on Mar. 5, 2002

hehe…I think I also would but this romm is constantlly under control…there is at least 1 teacher there all the time….:(

— Posted by DeathWagon on 4:48 pm on Mar. 5, 2002

Boosa read my thread “chemical supply room”. I’d just tell you but i dont wanna double post.

— Posted by Boosa on 5:15 pm on Mar. 5, 2002

o.k..I did..but it aint gonna work – first of all b.cuz the sup. room is in a nother builging – its a special building for all the science things…(bside physics), they close it after studing time.
.k..lets say I did open the lock and enter the building – there is a nalarm and on the way to the sup. room 2 video camers..(it is on the second floor), and not like spining cams but they r HIGH abouve the flore so the c everything and every1…,
o.k, lets say I did made it to the sup. room now there is another lock to pick, and then even if I did it all I have to go back somehow…with no leaving no signs…I think that this kind of job is not for a 17 years alod dude who wants to have some fun in his life…:)

(unless u have any suggetions…I dont think I can get in to the sup. room so I need other possiable sources to get the chemichals)

— Posted by Darkie on 7:20 pm on Mar. 5, 2002

I know u can buy sodium from http://www.skylighter.com . They want a 21yrold ID bu with a digital camera u can doctor up urs and send that to them.

— Posted by DeathWagon on 7:55 pm on Mar. 5, 2002

I’m lucky as hell im in middle school still thers two locks, and an idiot teacher. It’s in the school building.

— Posted by somefukinsnapov on 2:36 am on Mar. 6, 2002

nothings impossible boosa,specially in crime
if u want it,ull figure out a way to get it,even if it takes 3 other ppl that “just want some fun in their lives”

— Posted by Boosa on 3:14 pm on Mar. 6, 2002

well yeah – it is possiable – but I want to stay free after I do this (and not in jail)

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