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I was just thinking

— Posted by Jimmy Long on 10:21 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

How come we get banned everytime we dis a moderator, even if theyre wrong? I thought anarchy included the lack of consideration and total disrespect of authority? Granted, we do tolerate a little more considering they’re on the same side as us, but the last time I put a 14 year old in charge of anything, i can’t say it worked out great. Why do we bow down and worship the all-mighty moderator and live in fear for if we anger him we shall be banned from holy shrine of anarchism? (sarcasm, people) Correct me if im wrong, but i would think anarchy would be a little more than bad grammar and smoke bombs.

(Edited by Jimmy Long at 10:24 pm on Mar. 27, 2002)

— Posted by largeidaccam on 12:37 am on Mar. 28, 2002

live in fear aye????hmmm i dont think so and its not if you “dis” us because we usually just delete posts like that neways(and you get like one warning), the reason why we usually go ape shit when people post about smoke bombs (or something like that ) is because the topic has been brought up about 20 times already AND/OR its in the archieves , which just pisses us off even more so because people dont even look around the site BEFORE posting and creates more work for us!

Also you should have posted this in the Site Discusions forum , how does this have to do with Anarchy , Crime or Disorder????

— Posted by Jimmy Long on 1:48 am on Mar. 30, 2002

well, if i could find out where the fuck site discussions or general discussion is, maybe i would post it there. Most of the admins are cool. Some, like Roland, actually, JUST roland, piss me off sometimes, but sometimes even he can be ok. ne wayz, i think i was high when i wrote that. peace

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 1:16 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

when u start to post sumthing contributal u can “dis” what others say

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