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live through destruction

— Posted by saurontheevil on 4:09 pm on Nov. 7, 2001

has anyone done anything that was big but you had little or no personal gain from it. well i have. all for the good of the downfall of the government.(don’t you just hate that word- government)i just felt like sharing this memorable experience that it might inspire others to go out and protest the governments violation of our rights.

me and a few people that i know decided to show our hate of the government one night a nd we went to the local bank and destoyed the place to show that we will not be held down by the government’s influence through money. we then went to mc donalds just for fun and destroyed the garbage can via a homemade grenade. can you say boom…   well needless to say we did some other things that should be left unsaid.

but most importantly we had two main points to portray
1. we refuse political oppression
2. we will at almost any cost have fun it is just the human nature peeking out

— Posted by kent82 on 10:26 pm on Dec. 7, 2001

well the funniest shit ive ever done would have to be covering this assholes front and back door with concrete, then stomping on his car good and proper and chucking paint all over the place. it was hell funny cos the basterd was trapped in his house and all he could do was scream and yell at us (i dont think the dumb shit had a phone). then we chucked a few bricks at his crappy house and windows, set off a few up-sized cherry bombs around and under his house and went on our merry little way. a night to remember im telling ya!

— Posted by preditor on 7:51 pm on Dec. 14, 2001

One time I shot up the guard house of a local airforce base with a paintball Gun than ran like hell from the Mp’s
that was awfully fun til I saw there M-16’s then it was just weird

— Posted by ladieluver on 2:48 am on Dec. 15, 2001

i took some ones station wagon and put a big brick on the gas petal and put it in drive right in ro a lake and then broke his house’s windows witha .22 that was fun till the cops showed up and we had to run like hell… ne way to make a long story short we ditched the gun and took off out clothe cept our boxers and undershirts and said we heard gun shots and came to “investigate” it was funnier than fuck the next day

— Posted by The Dark Avenger on 4:05 am on Dec. 15, 2001

I was quite the pyromaniac when I was younger. I caught my dad’s garage on fire, he put it out. I caught my cousin’s yard on fire, they put it out. I even caught the inside of a car on fire, but that was an accident, so I put it out myself. One time though, I was in this wooded area not far from my house with a friend. It was mid to late fall, so everything was dead. I had some matches and one thing lead to another and I caught the entire place on fire. There was no houses in there, but the fire department came nonetheless. They couldn’t get in to put the fire out, so it burned for a few days.

Oh yeah, one time I was working the graveyard shift (11pm to 7am) and my neighbor kept turning his car sterio up really loud about two hours after I got home and into bed every fuckin’ day. He wouldn’t GO anywhere, just did it to piss me off. One day he was gone with someone else and I stole his speakers. Later on I changed shifts at work and sold his speakers back to him. Stupid motherfucker didn’t even know that they were his anyway.

— Posted by ladieluver on 7:47 pm on Dec. 15, 2001

i’ve had some eggs siting outside for about a month and last night i went egging witha friend and we egged this one kids house (firenut for those who know him) and my god does his house smell but it rained this morning and washed it off so i plan on paintballing his house with marbles…. yes marbles and i’m going to do “random acts of evil” to his cat…… i think maybe i’ll spin it around for a while and let it go and watch it zig zag all ofver the place

also a couple nights a go (while your on the pyromanicsubject…) i went out and set a telephone pole on fire in the middle of no where… as we were driving off you could hear BAWAMMMMMMMMMMMMM  we looked back and we saw a mushroom cloud… the transformer exploded we were like O SHIT! and we sped all the way home i’ve never driven so fast… what a rush…. we were all drunk and stoned and we knew what we were doing was a bad idea but we were powerless to stop it boy was it fun

— Posted by saurontheevil on 4:39 pm on Dec. 17, 2001

random acts of evil are very funny.

— Posted by preditor on 5:12 pm on Dec. 17, 2001

This one kid really pissed me off in school when I was younger. I watched his house for two nights and found out he only lived with one parent. I devised a plan and got an ax a maul (a tool with one end as a pick and the other like a horizontal ax head on an ax handel) and a freind. I noticed the mother got home around 11 and the lights went out around an hour before that on the two nights I watched. 10 o,clock bedtime. so at 10:30 me with the maul and my freind with the ax tore a hole in the back of his house endind up in his bathroom closet. We tore a 3 foot hole than ran and laughed all the way back to my house. Revenge is a bitch!

— Posted by jmb1125 on 7:05 pm on Jan. 25, 2002

I take interest in your statement at the start of this thread. I don’t know which country you are in, or
which rights of yours are being violated. I think it might
be Australia, and the issue of firearms.

Here in the states the NRA is pushing a membership drive based on what has happened in Oz. They
interview people in Oz, and it does’nt sound good.
For you people live there, I would like to here from
you about what has happened and what you think.

Thanks a bunch.

— Posted by Dman on 10:56 pm on Jan. 30, 2002

i filled up a fountian (the ones that you throw money into) in a mall with a whole shit load of bubbly bath once…

— Posted by somefukinsnapov on 12:43 am on Jan. 31, 2002

hmmm alot of trouble but no personal gain …fuk i got hundreds cuz im justa deviat..lol one night me anda few buds went o a car park with a shit load of drano filled panadol capsules,and a jimmy each(pocket sized of course) which fits snugg in a fuel tank cover.we wrenched them open and on a 3 we dropped them in screwed the cap on and bailed out with 7 or so drunken aussies and a pocket full of drano ..man u can have some fun!!….oh i fergot to mention the frothy VB!!:D

— Posted by Sicopath on 4:18 am on Jan. 31, 2002

This one is a classic, Me and my friend went down to the city council building on a public holiday, it was completely fucking empty, but the doors were open. We thrashed the computers on the first floor, (we couldn’t get to 2nd because the elevators were shut down and the door to the stair room was locked) and took a monitor and hung it from the ceiling and thrashed it like a piniata, putting glass and circut boards everywhere. Then we took a stack of newspapers, they were all new ones that the building gets daily and set them on fire out front. To finish it off, we smashed the glass on a circut control and took the fire alarm routers or something like that, it didn’t matter to us at the time.

There was no news on it the next day, the council probably didn’t care cause they got such a big fuckin’ budget.

Teaches them for leaving it open.

— Posted by mrjingles on 2:34 am on Mar. 28, 2002

its not as bad as some of the shit use do but me and a couple of frends dragged like a tree across a high way at like 3 am and watched as this car didnt even slow down or nothing dont ask me it didnt fucken see it (the tree) it just fucken drove straight into it  we just heard BANG! and we see the car skidding dragging a tree under it, then it pulled over coz the tree like popped a couple of tires and it stayed there for ages before it finally drove off heaps slow it was heaps funny…

— Posted by confuzious on 12:20 am on Mar. 29, 2002

I once set up a bunch of model rockets on a timer switch aimed at the police station. That really pissed them off. The other thing i did was cut the phone lines to the police station. And one night i stole the plates off of 4 different cop cars, all in a dunkin donuts parking lot. I also flooded the basement of the town hall.

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