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More on the teacher

— Posted by NegetiveCreep on 3:43 pm on Feb. 22, 2002

First of all its a charter school (no board of supervisors) and that also means that two people basically control the whole thing. They’ve protected a teacher in the past that was caught doing drugs with students and having an affair with one. I don’t think they even called the cops or anything. Also I’m a girl so the hitting thing might be hard to do, though a very good idea. Whatever I do must involve the cops and probably the media (not a problem since our local news loves these stories). And if it helps he’s only been living in our country 4-8 years, I’m not sure, which might be used to my advantage. Thank you so far for your guy’ replies and ideas. I would appreciate any more you could give me (the more creative the better). Thanks again.

— Posted by Darkie on 4:25 pm on Feb. 22, 2002

What country is he from?

— Posted by OzzY on 4:29 pm on Feb. 22, 2002

plz close this post!
he (she..) has opened just kinda the same post some days ago, and i HATE doubleposting!
answer to your goddamn first post if it has ANYTHING to do with it.. and it has!

— Posted by NegetiveCreep on 8:35 pm on Feb. 22, 2002

The teacher is from a country near Russia but since its not a well known one, or something like that, he says Russia. Also there was a complaint about starting another thing on the same topic. Give me a fuckin break I’m new to this shit.

— Posted by brainwave on 4:19 pm on Mar. 22, 2002

blow his car up, take a spark plug, drill a hole in his tailpipe, put the plug in it, tie a wire from the bat to the plug, now put a cup of gun powder in the tailpipe, when he starts the car, KA-FUCKING-BOOM, problem solved:cool:

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