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Mother’s Maiden Name

— Posted by The Dark Avenger on 1:54 am on Mar. 19, 2002

How to go about finding someone else’s  mother’s maden name without looking suspicious? We are to assume you don’t know this person well enough to just walk up and ask.

-This ties in with the Fruad http://www.bombshock.com/cgi-bin/ib/topic.cgi?forum=6&topic=111 post.

— Posted by stephenericrose on 2:15 am on Mar. 19, 2002

I don’t know why you would want the maiden name of someone you don’t know..  but there are a few ways i can think of that aren’t exactly genius but, you could try to find out who some of their OLD friends are..  maybe find when they graduated and look in a yearbook, they have things like that online..  I am guessing that the person you are looking for is from your town or nearby..  so old yearbooks are probably a good start.

— Posted by knightmedia on 7:42 pm on Mar. 19, 2002

The most tried and true method is to get a copy of their birth certificate. It will have their mother and father’s names and birthnames on it. Either get it from the county clerk where they were born for $5 or steal it out of their file cabinet.


— Posted by The Doctor on 9:50 pm on Mar. 19, 2002

They keep records of that type of thing a your local register of deeds office thats your answer just go in and look it up you don’t have to pay it’s free although their very dusty places if you have alergies I’m sorry. My grandmother does geniology and thats how she does it

— Posted by GhEtTo BoY on 4:39 am on Mar. 20, 2002

best thing to do is ask around.. try as many different thing as possible like maybe a census for all the ppl in ur year say u need it for a personal test or somfin

— Posted by The Dark Avenger on 12:13 pm on Mar. 20, 2002

THese are all pretty good ideas. Thanx a lot ppl.

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