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— Posted by yowyowwow on 5:28 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

OK. So heres this guy. he realizes that the man who leaves a fastfood establishment with the profits from the day, rides a bike home or wherever w/ the cash. If this first guy muggs the worker, will that man not have money for his kids to eat. I mean he feels that the only people worth stealing from are big faceless companies who can afford to lose a few stacks in a night. Who would lose, the poverty-stricken immmigrant workers trying to make minimum wage or the big bad underpaying peice of shit company?

— Posted by Darkie on 6:16 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Is it the mexican’s earnings or the resturants bank bag? I don’t think i could bring my self to steal from the mexicans cause they are already so poor that if u take one dollar from them they will be even hugarier. But if this is some white guy toteing the bank bag stick a broom stick in the spokes and go to work. Rob the machine and the rich…and assholes

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 6:45 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

go after guys in suits and mercs n bmw’s, they got enuff money and probably wont go hungry

— Posted by Guybrush on 7:16 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

If you have moral problems with mugging somebody you shoudnt even consider it in the first place. Personally I have nothing against big corporates being ripped of. In most cases they themself are the biggest criminals ripping us all of one way or the nother. So if youre gonna make it a moral dilemma I think its principally ok getting something back from those fucking capitalists pigs, but in reality nothing really changes, at the sametime someone gotto pay for these “criminal” acts against them. Guess who that is? Well its not THEM I can assure you, they wouldnt give a shit if someone robbed a local store or something. It would only give them another “justification” of raising their prices for their “services” screwing every hard-working ppl out there, including me and you :biggrin: And remember if you plan robbing some store or bank, there are always the risk that you traumatize some poor innocent employee bastard just trying to make a living.

I know, its not easy being a sensitive anarchist. I think its sort of pointless to justify a hit morally saing its aimed towards “faceless” corps, because it dosent change anything and in the long run just gets back to you. If you wanna make a change you gotto change the system! Either join the revolution or be a bore and join some leftwing political party. Otherwise, STEAL AND ROB CAUSE YOU WANT IT OR FEEL LIKE IT, admit it and dont hide behind some robinhoodnonsense.

peace out.

— Posted by Darkie on 10:40 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Yes, BUT…

Let’s say i steal $500 in computer equipment from some “faceless” corp. Now they will have to raise prices, but in the end it will only cost me an extra 20 cents. That is $499.80 profit. Now they do this to 2499 other people. Welp, that sucks for those people. Cause in general, i hate people. They are all dumb dicks. They might be that asshole that cut me off today, looked at me funny cause of what i wear, or one of 99% of my school that dress a like. Thus i have no problem sticking them with a 20 cents or $200 bill. But specicly targeting some one who is already too poor to eat till content isn’t right. Remember what we are fighting for…equality. No government(or big business…well they are the same i guess) means everyone is equal or worth as much as they can produce which isn’t true now. That lack of truth is obvious now by the fact that i CAN steal from them.
(rough quote) “He who marches in line as already earned my contempt. He has been givin a large brain when only a spine would sufice.”- Al einstein

— Posted by yowyowwow on 11:41 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

1st thanks i never looked that deep into it.

2nd I think what you said about the system is true but i dont wish to change it, because I am rightwing. I believe in making a fortune and keeping it from the government also.

3rd I dont believe that everyone here is as free of moral holdups as you. And I don’t believe a good way to judge someone is by how many things bad things they’ve done, but how many spoiles they have in their possession.

Anyway I appreciate your comment and think you guys have a lot to offer here.

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