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My school teacher…

— Posted by Daggoth on 2:27 am on Feb. 25, 2002

Ok, Ive been reading this site (especially the forumns) for a couple of days. I finnaly registered to post and help people as I see some questions I can answer. Ive read some posts regarding schools and things and you can probably call this double posting and im sorry for that… well anyways. Heres my problem.

I have a science teacher who is a complete retard. He is completely favoratist and is an all-round jerk. Also he is scared of the “bad kids” and doesnt do anything to them. Hes a complete pansy and whines to the principal and others teachers constantly. Also, I think he wears the same pants everyday. I wanna get back at him. Tommorow im pouring superglue into his car’s locks, since he doesnt have keyless entry.

I need more ways for him to regret mesing with me. I am a good student, a straight “A” student in gifted classes and everything. People think Ima good kid so they never suspect me. I want to continue to be a “good kid” so I need ways that I am not likey going to get caught. I need to get back at the teacher.. Hes a moron

I dont know his address.. I know his name!! (heheh)
I can probably obtain his phone number
I know he has a wife and three kids…

Can anyone come up with ways to get back at him that are a lil less risky and are tortoruous 🙂

Sorry, Its late im tired, so I think Ive rambled a lot in this post!

— Posted by Darkie on 8:28 pm on Feb. 25, 2002

USE UR IMAGENATION!!! But one time i had a teacher i didn’t like so i started Operation: Imobilization. The whole key was to stop her from being able to travel(to school in the morning manily). I concentrated on her car(sugar), garage(cement so the garage door wouldn’t go up), parking space(spikes), and street(lotsa spikes). Also filling all the doors of the classes near theirs with super glue will keep that class from happening. Remember the more doors u fill the longer before urs is fixed.

— Posted by unabonger420 on 7:31 pm on Feb. 27, 2002

take a shit and put it in a bag and then put on some latex gloves and smear it all over his car and then put sugar in his gas tank  

— Posted by Sicopath on 7:58 pm on Feb. 28, 2002

Dude, there’s like, fuckin’ 3 of these “teacher” threads. Just post/look in the biggest one. Just don’t start another fucking topic, it’s really an eyesore.

— Posted by qube on 6:04 pm on Mar. 1, 2002

Get a paper bag, fill with shit, set on fire, knock on his door, run. He will look out see the flamming bag and stampt it out, you can imagine the rest…..do it often too jsut so he gets paranoid and gets all snappy and other kids will start being bad to him.
Im sure he aint that bad, just doing his job!

— Posted by Darkie on 6:41 pm on Mar. 1, 2002

no more teacher posts. That is like all this section is made up of. Teacher are easy to take care of. Go on a sunday nite and attack their car till it won’t drive. Then u won’t have to put up with their shit on monday. Do this till they leave the school and/or state.

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