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New Scam

— Posted by tee hee on 5:20 pm on April 6, 2002

This is something off the top of my head and probably has some bugs and problems in the layout.

Do you want tons of books and other stuff? Do want to fuck up the someones life? If they have an account at the library its easy.

This scam involves:
Barcode generator(i would use to internet to find a site.)
a blank card(no mag stripe needed)
someone one library account number(ppl leaves the receipts containing these everywhere.)
— a printer
— the library,store,where ever needs a do- it-yourself check out machine
— common sense not to fuck this up

This may seem short for that big ‘ol introduction but read the introduction and go about doing it how you please…….Go to the generator site make a bar code with it. Print it out(this is where things go wrong; there are many complications with this and if it you go to the site and read http://www.milk.com/barcode >http://www.cgpp.com/bookland/isbn.html > you will understand. Stick the barcode on the blank card. Swipe the card or just do what ever you do when you check out stuff and WALA!!! At my library you can get as many as thirty books! Off the top of my head so what i mean is I havent tried this even though it seems bulletproof. May be done with any store w/instant check-out thinga-ma-jig. Positive revisions welcome.;)

— Posted by kingpin on 5:22 pm on April 6, 2002

who cares about complications, shit everythings complicated.

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