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opening pay phones

— Posted by wizeass on 8:23 pm on Dec. 29, 2001

how can you open payphones without an explosion:?

— Posted by The Dark Avenger on 9:09 pm on Dec. 29, 2001

Pay-phones are made from ‘cast’ metal. Cast metal, is strong but brittle. A good strike with a hammer should open it. Aim for the shiny square.

— Posted by wizeass on 10:14 pm on Dec. 29, 2001

where is this shiny square you speak of

— Posted by The Dark Avenger on 5:40 pm on Dec. 30, 2001

Here in the US, the pay phones are black and the part where the coin return/key hole is is silver/chrome.

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 3:56 am on Jan. 2, 2002

Yeah if you heated it with say a blowtorch it would become even more brittle, but i dont think anything smaller than a sledgehammer would do the trick

— Posted by Barker on 2:45 pm on Jan. 2, 2002

What about BT UK payphones?

— Posted by dellexo on 1:58 pm on Jan. 3, 2002

I have read somewhere that you can use a small bottle jack(the hydroulic type used for cars).These things can lift sevral tonns and are silent in use.I don’t know exactly how you do it ,i suppose you wedge the jack on the floor and using some kind of strong metal tube against the cash box and pump away.

— Posted by preditor on 2:14 am on Jan. 6, 2002

I have drilled through one before but I do have a $400 cordless drill and used a $12 bit that was tungsun tipped

— Posted by dellexo on 8:09 pm on Jan. 7, 2002

A friend of mine has done the same thing on the lock using a high powerd hilti nail/bolt gun.These tool are very powerfull and a well aimed shot on the lock will fuck it big time.Last time i fired it using black cartrides(most powerfull ones)it can easily fire a 8mm stud through at least 15-20 mm of steel.

— Posted by The Dark Avenger on 1:26 pm on Jan. 8, 2002

I suppose if you have the time and no one’s around, you could use a slide hammar on the keyhole. A slide hammar is used to pull dents out of metal. It may take a little elbow grease, but I suppose it could work.

— Posted by Barker on 2:26 pm on Jan. 8, 2002

what sort of explosive would anyone recommend for this?

— Posted by killabyte on 5:05 am on Jan. 16, 2002

crater maker shoved into the coinslot…. RUN….

never done this, but planing too….   would be a  little fun I think 🙂

— Posted by killabyte on 5:07 am on Jan. 16, 2002

coin slot? sorry, change return hole thing… hehe try fitting it in a coin slot… but I guess it would be possible to shove a heap of black powder or Ace-Peroxide in (fill it up from the coin slot on top) LOL…  shove a fuse or sparkler in….  DAMN I GOTTA DO THIS 🙂  

If it works correctly.. the explosion will be comming from within,  in otherwords, the phone will be in about 50-1000 pieces 🙂      beware, probably ALOT of noise and shrapnel!

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 6:20 am on Jan. 16, 2002

Damn that sounds so crazy it just might work
but if you did manage to get a fair bit of ap in the lock without blowing the fuck outta yourself would it be enough to actually open the money box or would it just fuck over the lock?

— Posted by killabyte on 1:36 am on Jan. 17, 2002

id bring a crowbar with me just to make sure 🙂

but i still like my idea of blowing the whole piece of crap to shit…. kinda… 🙂

— Posted by GR3MLIN on 10:12 pm on Feb. 6, 2002

still reckon that the best method is to chain the fucker to the back of your car, rip the bitch outta the phone box, take it home, and then use an angle grinder.


— Posted by ilovekayla on 10:48 pm on Feb. 6, 2002


— Posted by The Great Milenko on 12:24 am on Feb. 9, 2002

Quote: from killabyte on 3:05 pm on Jan. 16, 2002
crater maker shoved into the coinslot…. RUN….

never done this, but planing too…. would be a little fun I think 🙂

LOL that reminds me of a stupid ass thing that these two kewl ass fags tried near my hood, they attempted to blow up an atm with a pipe bomb! lol all it did was burnt the fuck outta it, it doesnt take a fucken genius to figure out that the money is’nt in the atm, it’s in a bigass safe a few feet behind the atm! LOL it still made me laugh though :biggrin:

— Posted by somefukinsnapov on 4:36 am on Feb. 9, 2002

fuk lol id rather just hold them up than pipe bomb an atm!!  but a sledge to the coin box (usually a seperate part ) will shatter it enough to pull out the 6 dollars of change they hold!!lmfao

 fuk bud even coke machines are less trouble less criminal and more stash!!


— Posted by largeidaccam on 10:25 pm on Feb. 9, 2002

ill confirm this later seeing  my firend did it and not me , but what you do is pick the reciever up  , jam a Macca’s straw down where peoplez put the money an then press the coin return button ? also this my only work on Auzzie phones cause thats where i live??

— Posted by Darkie on 8:50 pm on Feb. 18, 2002

Get a good rachet set and a pick up truck, go around at nite and use the ratchet set t remove the fones from the ground or wall and load them into the pick up truck, then go some where away from people and beat the hell out of the things witha sledge hammer, really.

— Posted by rishka on 1:34 am on Feb. 19, 2002

have you actually tried that maccas straw in the coin slot thing? tell me if it works , cause im in australia too , but that sounds like somethin fun to do when you wanderin down the street at 3am or so-usually when im down the street and bored outta my brain.
i know where all the payphones are in my district , so its kinda funky if that works, money comin in from everywhere lol.
buh bye

— Posted by pyrotech on 12:53 pm on Feb. 20, 2002

If you are going to steal the phone, the first thing you should do is find out when the collectors come. Then take it the day before they come to get the maximum amount of money out of the thing. Another way to break into it would be to place thermite on it at a strategic point that will give you access to the collection box.  

— Posted by DJClarkey on 10:24 am on Mar. 18, 2002

ehhh if you wanna know how you unlock the BT payphones you can 1. Trap the bt man in the box with pals and threaten him then beat him up and take his keys to trap him kick the corners REAL hard and i mean REAL HARD i cant do it but a pal of mine can they lock in jamming him in…. or 2. You could use the car jack way i saw it on a documentry bout thieves the only thing is the cash boxs have silent alarms u put the bottom of the jack against the black bit in between the windows on the booth and the top of the jack against the cash box push push push and VOILA!  i havent tried that one and Ive no intention of trying that one too risky wiv alarms etc…

— Posted by knightmedia on 7:52 pm on Mar. 19, 2002

If anyone has specs on the kind of locks that are in these things, let me know. I might be able to find out the best way to pick one open, or make keys for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re standard schlage wafer locks (like the kind on the big blue mailboxes in a different size) — they’re nearly impossible to break or pick, but not completely impossible…


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