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Operation: Spring Broke

— Posted by Darkie on 8:11 pm on Mar. 5, 2002

Operation: Spring Broke
(break-broke, it’s a pun, get it?)
I live in florida and not only do i have to put up with everyone’s grand parents everyday driveing 5mph down the middle of 2 lanes but once a year for a whole week i have to put up with a bunch of college ass holes too that think they can come down here, drink gallons of alcohol, piss all over my state, then leave. It’s time to fuck with them and exploit this opportuinity when the local area in especially unorganized. If u don’t live in a spring break mecca or don’t have a spring break in ur country then take a ur spring vaction some where so u can cause some hell there. Spring break is different is some areas but usally takes place during the week with Easter.

Go down to where it happens. There should be hotels, beach, parking lots, and maybe clubs.

STUFF TO DO(in order of my favorite to do):
1. Get in fights with drunks. I hate drunk people and they are always willing to fight. Just act drunk too, and piss them off. After their first (sloooow) swing it’s time to go to action. Bust out ur judo skills and pound their ass down. I love this. I practice all those cool moves that are hard to do on a punching bag and too dangerous to do a partner.
2.Break into cars while everyone is at the beach. They all leave their stuff in the cars like IDs, jewelry, money and CCs!
3.Reek havoc on hotels. Explore roof tops and remove air conditioners and discard them either off the side of the roof or on to balconies. Swim in some fountains. Put a box of tide or a bottle of joy in the fountain.
4.Fire extinguiser bombs…read my next post.
5.Do an experiment by making a list of things to do at a hotel each worse than the last. Do this in all the hotels till u get kicked out then compare the tolerance level of each hotel.
6.Steal CCs to rent a room and have a huge party there until the cops come or just steal everything.
7. Steal cars and leave them in the best of places (ie beaches, fountains, a place where it’s an obstruction but really hard to tow away)
9. Smoke bombs/stink bombs in the clubs.
10. Get dumb people arrested for buying you drinks if ur under 21.
11. Put drunk/passed out poeple in compromising situations.
12. Make a huge arsenal of real looking fake guns then hand them out say “they are coming, get ready.”
13. Better yet have your friends walk in a militant formation, with the fake guns, down the street and harass people.

This is a short list. The reason i am posting this is to give u guys ideas(a continuation of the “Home work” thread) and so i can get feed back and ideas.

— Posted by Darkie on 8:12 pm on Mar. 5, 2002


To my knowlage i am the only one to come up with this so i’ll talk about it. This is a very effective device, tho not really a bomb. It also plays an important role in Op: SB cause u’ll spend a lot of time in hotels and they have them everywhere. You need to bring only rubber bands, good strong ones, and duct tape. Next to obtain the extinguisher(known hence forth as “ex” for laziness sake) go to a hotel. A hotel needs to have atleast one on every floor, and there is almost always one by the elevator and one by the stair wells. To make this simple devise use some rubber bands on the levers that u sqeeze together to fire the sucker. Make as much tension there as possible. Now when u pull out the pin it starts to go off and won’t stop! Almost all ex’s use ABC powder now. This slightly yellow powder is finer than baby powder, hurts the eyes nose and throat, and is the worst thing u will ever taste. The genius is needed for the usage more than the construction. BTW, each bomb goes off for about 15 seconds

1. Best when up a few floors and inside(so the wind doesn’t blow it away). If the hotel has a middle lobby area that goes straight down to the lobby from like the 4th floor ur set. Duct tape the ex bomb to the railing or something facing it down slightly then pull the pin and run. Go to like the 6th floor so u can watch.
2. remove any hose on it and set it on the ground in the lobby where no one can see u. Face the nozzle straight out, pull the pin and run, it spins around and throws ABC 30 feet in all directions.
3. With a hose attached and facing down toward the butt of the ex launch it like a rocket off a balcony or roof.
4. Make a bobby trap with it. tape it to something then have a door or a car moving pull the pin out.
Last time i made it i used it as a booby trap. In the hotel i was staying at the first floor was a garage with the looby on the second. There is a room about 10 by 10 that the 2 elevators are in(the room is to protect people that are waiting for the elevators from the elements). I taped the ex bomb to a wall next to the double door going in with the ex facing the doors. I rigged a string from the pin to the handle of one door through the handle of the other(so either door would set it off). I then took the elevators to the second floor and used the fire stairs to get back to the ground and outside. Within about 2 minutes this couple(about 20, real preppy looking scum) come round.The chick opens the door first(my breath catches in my throat) the guy then holds it for her as she enters. About 1 second after the door opened it went off. The guy ran away screaming but the chick(i could tell she wasn’t too bright) just sorta stood there till she was hit and then she FELL DOWN. All the while she was getting blasted and the powder sprayed EVERYWHERE. She finally got out coughing and sneezing. The doors closed and u could still see the powder swearling around in the room. It was so freaking great. I of course fled the scene but returned half an hour later(a crowd had gathered when hotel security showed up) and the place was COVERED with yellow shit. This year’s goal it to rig one to an elevator. I’ll just tape it up in a corner facing towars the middle, then put a card board “no smoking sign”(loosely taped so it will just get knocked down) to hide it. Then i’ll bring the elevator to the first floor and I think i’ll knock out the pannels in the roof then climb up there and tie the string to something. When the elevator goes up with a group of people all of the sudden…WHOOOOOSH…what used to be a sign has turned into a jet of chokeing nasty powder.

Another good idea is to tape it up in a tree and tie the string to the bumper of a car, so when the car pulls out(or in if u tie it between two cars, when the car pulls in) it goes off and sprays the car. But my all time fav thing to do that requires little effort is letting a big cloud of ABC settle to the lobby from the 4th floor.

— Posted by somefukinsnapov on 2:29 am on Mar. 6, 2002

well i fer one fukin love your work!!!!

i have all these funky breaks too/as i live in a small tourist town in australia!and it fukin sucks ass

cept i gotta cook for these assholes

but it gives me great pleasure to seek the troubled customers out, and give em what for!!    i tell u ,you have allready made my “holidays ” a lot more recreational!!!

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— Posted by brainwave on 4:28 pm on Mar. 18, 2002

sounds good, another thing you can do is hide somewhere near the beach and sling paint balls out of a slingshot, who knows what or who you might hit:cool:

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