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paid to surf websites

— Posted by death the horned god on 10:45 am on Dec. 20, 2001

has anyone ever tried using these ? how well do they work ? which ones do you recommend ? and most importantly is there a way to cheat them ?

— Posted by Just0nePepsi on 2:27 pm on Dec. 31, 2001

Yea you can cheat them. Check #CheatzRus on DalNet. I think its CheatzRus it might be #CheaterzRus. Well look for sumthing like that

— Posted by brainwave on 9:03 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

you dont make good money:cool:

— Posted by loscgk83 on 9:06 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

notin to do with anarchy,crime or fuckin disorder …….

….think first, type last!

— Posted by myachi on 3:42 am on Mar. 26, 2002

technicly if he plans to cheat them it would be a crime.

— Posted by Strobe on 6:28 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

go here –>http://www.hackgirls.org/

— Posted by BoOnDoCk SaInT on 10:00 pm on Mar. 26, 2002

Most of them have special cheat weeders that can clear out the cheaters, and plus you will only get 30 bucks a month, and sure if u register to 4 or 5 u get more, but would u want 5 banners flashing at you nonstop?

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