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revenge against a asshole

— Posted by Badassmf on 8:46 pm on Feb. 9, 2002

theres this dickhead at my school who was playing this really nice girl for a year and he dumped her and he really hurt her how do i make him pay? nothing too severe

— Posted by Sicopath on 10:17 pm on Feb. 9, 2002

jump him and shove a fuckin’ broomstick up his ass.

— Posted by largeidaccam on 10:43 pm on Feb. 9, 2002

come on theres heaps of thing that you could do to him just think , even more things if you know where he lives

— Posted by vigilante on 4:47 am on Feb. 10, 2002

if he rides a bike, then add an extra lock n chain to it. So then he cant get home.it would be kinda funny

— Posted by largeidaccam on 5:03 am on Feb. 10, 2002

or take the tyres/bike what ever comes first

— Posted by qube on 7:18 am on Feb. 10, 2002

You could do the old, glue in lock trick.
OR do the old tie the shoelaces 2gether, hehe.

Bit old school, but hey atleast they will work and not be too harsh, but if you want harshness, then im sure us guys on here can figure out sum harsh shit to get that fucker.

— Posted by Hergor on 7:37 am on Feb. 10, 2002

…or attach some blackpowder to the bottom of his bike’s mudshields and connect the electric igniter to its direct current generator

(use a quite large capacitor that it sets of when he’s at some speed)

— Posted by qube on 4:59 pm on Feb. 10, 2002

Could get a drawing pin, get the front tyre, and push the pin in a little way so that when he rides it pushes it in fully and his tyre explodes. Or do it 2 his car if he owns one. Or explode his mail box if u live in the US.

(Edited by qube at 5:01 pm on Feb. 10, 2002)

— Posted by Just0nePepsi on 5:46 pm on Feb. 10, 2002

Email bomb him

— Posted by Hergor on 8:39 am on Feb. 11, 2002

that drawing pin idea does not always work for the pin might just get stuck in the tyre closing the hole.

but a tiny pipe or a small piece of a radio antenna (just any small hollow cylinder) might work… (maybe put some wax into the pipe to delay the effect)

(Edited by Hergor at 8:40 am on Feb. 11, 2002)

— Posted by qube on 5:32 pm on Feb. 11, 2002

I guess. The pin may not even peirce all thw way to the inner tube if they are chunky ass tyres. The hollow tube would work, aslong as ya sharpened the edges, and pushed it in a little way.

You could unzip his bag as he walks along, and every1 will theive his stuff.

— Posted by jmb1125 on 7:16 pm on Feb. 11, 2002

Steal the seat off his bicycle.
Everyone will think he’s a POOF-TER if he rides
like that!!!!!!!!!

(is that how you guys say “faggot” in other countries?)

— Posted by Sicopath on 3:26 am on Feb. 12, 2002

Poofter is how pompous British people say it….
No offense to anyone alright?

— Posted by qube on 6:00 pm on Feb. 12, 2002

LOL! Every1 is saying things to do with bikes! IT aint just bikes remember!! Just revenge in any context, so think of sum other things…..like putting his mums head in his locker…or not :S!!!

— Posted by BoOnDoCk SaInT on 6:20 pm on Feb. 12, 2002

3 words:

BURN HIS MOM!!!!!!!!!
ya that will put him in his place 😛

— Posted by jmb1125 on 6:22 pm on Feb. 12, 2002

– – – lol – – – Sicopath……….
Ok thanks for cluing me in. That’s what they were saying
in Sydney in 1975. They were also saying:
“Don’t get YANKED into the war.” (Vietnam)

Let’s try one more………plant dope on him……..
……..rat-fink him out……….not your good dope,
just the shitty “ditch-weed”.

— Posted by bt lildrummerboy on 8:24 pm on Feb. 12, 2002

you could all ways give him head and the bite the tip of his dick off and then go around calling him a then yr old girl

— Posted by largeidaccam on 9:44 pm on Feb. 12, 2002

Quote: from bt lildrummerboy on 6:24 am on Feb. 13, 2002
you could all ways give him head and the bite the tip of his dick off and then go around calling him a then yr old girl

what guy want to sux on another guys cock to start with then biting the head off??wtf i dont want blood and a piece of cock in my mouth thanx

— Posted by BoOnDoCk SaInT on 10:05 pm on Feb. 12, 2002

I guess you could saute it in its own juices… gay guys only try this LOL

— Posted by rishka on 1:44 am on Feb. 13, 2002

you could all ways give him head and the bite the tip of his dick off and then go around calling him a then yr old girl
that is disgusting .
personally , i know how the girl feels , so therefore i think if he has anything that he really treasures, cut it , glue it,burn it , destroy it until its not recognisable . if you dont know anything he holds dear to his heart , get some prawns-preferably after they’ve spent a bit of time in the sun, and put them in his locker , in the radiator of his or his parents car.
if you really want to freak him out , go round to his place after everyone has gone to bed and take all the clothes off the line , seal allthe doors shut with superglue-and the windows. then get a knife or a screwdriver , take the caps off the tires on the car , put the knife or screwdriver in and twist it so the valve is cactus.
if ya wanna do more than that , then u’ll have to use ur imagination or look at another forum , cause im tired and im goin to bed . cya all later

— Posted by maniacmike on 1:20 pm on Mar. 10, 2002

stick a piece of 3 inch diameter pipe up the guys arse and put some barb wire up the pipe into the guys arse then remove the pipe thus getting barb wire stuck up and make the guy pull it out -SLOWLY. ha ha ha

— Posted by butthead on 2:47 pm on Mar. 10, 2002

yo dude, instead of doin this slick shit, be a dick 2 him… pick the lock on his locker, take the books, glue em ALL together and put em back… steal his backpack and throw it in the toilet… u dun gotta make this a big operation with bombs n junk… bully em around. make his life suck. (if hes jacked u can bomb em.)

— Posted by Skankman on 12:47 am on Mar. 12, 2002

Dude this is so simple. It will fuck up his life with just one phone call. Make up a phony CC# that will work ( see the archives) Then simply call up a gay porno magazine and subscribe him to it. When it shows up at his house in the mail, and his parents see it they’ll freak out. I’ve never done this, but it sounded like a pretty good prank in my head.

— Posted by brainwave on 10:54 pm on Mar. 20, 2002

bt, do you suck dick to get even,hahaha:cool:

— Posted by brainwave on 10:55 pm on Mar. 20, 2002

bt, do you suck dick to get even,hahaha:cool:

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