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Revenge on a bar ?

— Posted by Digital Mage on 1:05 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

I worked at the door in a bar untill a few days ago got fired for carrying unlegal weapons now his 18 year old son works there and no he is not fit for a door guard no sir.Anyway this pisses me off and I whant to get back at them but how the hell do you get revenge at a bar ?

— Posted by Just0nePepsi on 1:38 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

One thing I know bar owners hate is when someone fucks up their bathrooms. Shit on the floor and in the sinks. Take all the toliet paper. Clog up the toliets.

Also you could jump the 18 year old one day. You could attack him with mase and beat the shit outta him.

If you can get to the power lines cut the power off.

if i have any more ideas i’ll mention it.

— Posted by Ratty on 1:03 pm on April 4, 2002

If you really hate this bar enough to put some effort and money into it here’s a plan………..

1 print up some fliers with the bars name and that it caters to “Alternative lifestyles”

2 distro these fliers at known gay bars.

3 as the new patrons enter they will scare off most of the old patrons

4 grab a beer sit back and watch this place slowly become a gay bar

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