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revenge served cold

— Posted by Jimmy Long on 11:35 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

aight fellaz, listen up. i need some help here. this bitch i used to date is trying to break up me and my girl i got now. shes telling her i got my freak on with some chick in white panties that i dont even know, problem is, this chick is (of all places) on the internet and lives in Pittsburg, KS. see, i live in GA, so it is a problem to fuck with her property, so i need some suggestions. i have her phone number, addy, anything one would need, but i need ideas. my g/f already doesnt believe her, so im just out to get revenge on her. im gonna do the phone thing where i call her mom and say i got her pregnant, but i want more ideas. i want to make sure i make her life hell. i want the most evil sadistic plan all your crooked twisted minds can come up with. ::breathe…::
ok people, help me out. calling all freaks…..


— Posted by ghettopimp70 on 6:25 am on April 1, 2002

Inject her with the plague

— Posted by Jimmy Long on 4:05 pm on April 1, 2002

well, unless i get a needle that goes across 6 states, this isnt gonna work

— Posted by David carr on 5:47 pm on April 1, 2002

join her to lesbian magazines things like that
as she got a boyfriend???? if so split them up send her letters saying this letter is covered in anthrax that should get her goin

You could also send her small dead animals

(Edited by David carr at 5:49 pm on April 1, 2002)

— Posted by Jimmy Long on 6:40 pm on April 1, 2002

aight, i gave her number out over the net to homos n fags and told them she wanted to phone sex, im callin the FBI anonymously telling them shes making child porn so they raid her house, gonna call her mom and tell her that she is pregnant, anymore ideas people? i can give you her number, addy, etc, anything u want, so if u wanna fuck with her, lemme know

— Posted by Roland49686 on 8:21 pm on April 1, 2002

find AS MANY online zines, websites, organizations as you can and sign her up for all of em using her e-mail address.
Then if you signed her up for enough shit like… 4000 newsletters,confrimations, and other e-mails will be put in her inbox. If she has AOL this will crash her computer and delete her account (she’ll have no choice)!

— Posted by kingpin on 8:58 pm on April 1, 2002

just slap the skank and tell her to fuck off or you’ll slap her again

— Posted by Amazin Jecle Brother on 2:37 pm on April 3, 2002

slap her twice for good measures and then tell  her to fuck or u will do it again. or u can get a credit card under her name and max it out, credit agencys will be calling her non stop

— Posted by groundcontrol on 5:07 pm on April 3, 2002

Give me her number, Ill fuck with her real good.

— Posted by kingpin on 9:03 am on April 4, 2002

what country does she live in???
if it aint australia then im not wasting money on over seas calls

— Posted by DisTurbed1 on 12:51 am on April 5, 2002

Send her number and address out in a chat room and pretend that u are her and say u want 2 meet up and fuck lol

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