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Shoplifting for dummies

— Posted by SwitchBladeMonkey on 3:21 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

Hey, anyone know any smooth shoplifting tips for department stores like Target or K-mart. I just need to grab some small things like film, and small electronics. Any help is useful. thank you.

— Posted by Creeper on 3:27 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

1. If possible, you should always have some money on you when intending to shoplift, because if you’ve got none, it’s rather hard to argue that to steal the item was a spontaneous decision. As a result, if you’ve got no money and are caught shoplifting you are more than likely to be charged for burglary as well as theft.

2. Buying something at the same time that you steal stuff doesn’t necessarily ensure success. Approaching staff for items you are absolutely sure they don’t have is just as good. Think of something that you know they don’t have (i.e. a doona cover with a specific pattern on it or something equally obscure) and pretend that you are looking for this, so that you have an excuse for being there. If staff are ever suspicious of you or ask if they can help you, ask them if they’ve got the thing you are sure they don’t have. Never screw this up — if you do you will have to buy the item or they may realise that you are there to steal.

3. It is always a good idea to carry a bag although you should never stash anything in it — if security/sales staff are suss on you the first place that they’ll check is your bag and it may just get you off the hook if they can’t find anything suspicious inside of it.

4. Remember that there is no such thing as a standard store detective — there is no qualifying dress code, age, race, gender or class. Grandma will bust you this week and next week it’ll be a 5 year old kid.

5. Just as there is no typical store detective nor is there a standard shoplifter. Security do not go looking for the poorly dressed people. They may pick on you out of boredom, but remember, only an unsuccessful store detective picks on poorly dressed people. By the same token don’t believe the stale myth that suits + dresses = more successes; security anticipate that professional shoplifters will dress up a bit. Wear whatever you want.

(Edited by Creeper at 3:30 pm on Mar. 31, 2002)

— Posted by Creeper on 3:30 pm on Mar. 31, 2002


— Posted by ghettopimp70 on 7:43 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

Thats true they wont pick on you for the way you dress but they will watch you if you look suspicious. All those little tricks like blind spots, secret pockets, misdirection and all that is fine and dandy but none of that matters if you cant play it cool. Next time youre at a mall watch other shoppers and take mental notes of how they act. Worry about that before the complicated slight-of hand tricks

— Posted by burninbridges713 on 9:16 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

for neone in a smaller tow or smaller store honesty is the best policy
seriously go to the store but something and steal something  now call the store and apologize for taking something accidentaly there is a fare chance they will just let u keep it depending on the size of the item if they ask u to return it do sothen say something like “im so sorry for taking it that i dont think i deserve it” and walk out
worked for me the last time i tried it

— Posted by Jimmy Long on 11:49 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

well that just takes all the fun out of it….i stole a can of starter fluid from a gas station to make ether cuz my friend wouldnt sell it to me, cuz he knew what i was gonna use it for. now, most people know gas stations have cameras all over, and starter fluid isnt the easiest thing to conceal with jeans and a sweatshirt. just slipped it up my sweatshirt sleeve and walked out. but seriously, dont go fuckin tellin people u stole from them. think if car theives did that. hey man, i stole ur fuckin porsche, but uh, since i told you, can i keep it? response? fuck you, im callin the cops. lol

— Posted by Guybrush on 9:35 am on April 1, 2002

Ok, heres a stunt ive pulled of a couple of times. Go to a BIG computer/electronics store, preferably with the entrence separated from the cash-desk/exit. Pick up an item you want, I prefer bulky and expensive things, lets say a dvd, go to the cash-desk – BUY IT, yes you heard right. Exit the store put the DVD or whatever you bought in your car, go BACK to the store. As you enter try not to be seen by the ppl at the cash-desk going in empty-handed. Act normally, pick up the same thingy you just bought. If its rush-hour, with a lot of ppl, no one including the staff will really notice you picking up a big thing wich are thought to be too big for someone to shop-lift.. The important is that the person/s at the desk selling it to you isnt watching you. Now you can either pick up some cheap thing for an excuse/cover or go right out of the store in front of the guy who just sold you the thing, TRY to be seen, make eyecontact letting him know with a a nod and smile you for some reason returned to the store. I prefer buying a cdrdisk or whatever. say sometin to the guy that you forgot it last time. Exit the store with the dvd and the cheap thing you bought. If the anti shop-lifting alarm would go off just act suprised and show them the reciept…hehe. But in most cases the bigger goods are rarely tagged for the reason I mentioned above.
NEXT: wait some time. an hour or a day. Return to the store with the reciept and one of the dvds. Say you want to return the goods, doesnt matter for what reason, get the money and voila(!) keep the other dvd and enjoy. Its worked for me. Remeber the bigger store, more people in the store, the bigger and bulkier goods, the better!! just be cool! The risk getting caught is actually slim if you play it cool.. no one will expect a cheeky stunt like that.

good luck..

(Edited by Guybrush at 10:05 am on April 1, 2002)

— Posted by confuzious on 10:49 am on April 1, 2002

Better yet, you could buy one and walk out, and then go back in and return one right off the shelf, without bothering to go throught the alarms. Or you could just get reciepts for things from your friends for stuff they bought and return stuff right off the shelf.

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 11:49 am on April 1, 2002

ever heard of the magic bagg? sum ziplock u cover in aluminium foil and when a barcode is in it it is demagnetised, any1 no if this works well and how to make a good 1?

— Posted by Jerprob on 11:51 am on April 1, 2002

Do it high. hrm A friend of mine went shoplifting in K-mart for some CO2 cart. and he was fucked off his ass. He didn’t even care. He opened one of those 24 things of CO2 and Took like 6 of them. A good way to shoplift in convience stores is to just grab it and run. Works well for beer and those cig. displays in the front.

— Posted by iamnogod420 on 7:02 pm on April 2, 2002

use a razor knife to cut cds and shit that is in plastic packaging to make it smaller and easier to steal also it takes off the bar code.  I can get just about anything this way.  plus look for items that a sales clerk forgot to put an alarm on, this happens more then you would think.  use different places to get shit.  I have over 10 places to hid items on me. Just practice different ways depending on what your getting.

— Posted by kingpin on 11:33 am on April 3, 2002

just take what you wont off the shelf and go to a secluded part of the store then take the product in question out of its casing and put it in your bag or whatever it is your gonna carry shit in, out the case in the shelf closest to you and leave. but if you do get caught dont be stupid and stick around, run the fuck away

— Posted by guzzetti on 3:21 pm on April 4, 2002

Ya know those new self check out things in k-mart? Voila those automatically demagnatize the bars!!!!!Just cancel the order and walk out with it in bag.Voila ive done it 5 times alreday. Got 3 new pc games that way.
I hope u dont work at k-mart.

— Posted by Incesticide on 8:54 pm on April 4, 2002

Make a bag out of ducktape (or wrap ducktape around it). make sure you put a few layers on it. then if you want it to look not so obvious, incase someone knows about the ducktape thing, sew some cloth onto the bag. I know this sounds like alot of work but it will work and more than once.
  The bag will not set off the alarmthingys (those things infront of the exit, lol i forgot what they were called) and tadaa you got it.

(Edited by Incesticide at 8:57 pm on April 4, 2002)

— Posted by Proteus on 9:01 pm on April 4, 2002

its a good idea to wear a baggy jumper and walk in and put a shirt underneath u jumper and walk out

— Posted by kingpin on 9:11 pm on April 4, 2002

proteus you sound like a narc, nah im just joking proteus is one of the most thieveing guys that i know.
why dont you just grab something and do a runna.

— Posted by guzzetti on 7:03 pm on April 5, 2002

There called Magic Baggs there in the Archives. U should know Incecticide

— Posted by preperationathrug on 1:36 pm on April 6, 2002

an interesting fact that i discovered was that the bubbles that contain the cameras in wall-mart dont allways contain cameras… the ones that do have visible screws on the corners for servicing…the others are dummies put there to make you think they are watching you

— Posted by ne0 on 4:48 pm on April 6, 2002

want to steal is some little things then all you need to do is go somewhere that doesnt have a camera and then put it in your pocket and walk out. also dont look like your in a hurry . they will be suspicious

— Posted by ne0 on 4:53 pm on April 6, 2002

o yea stay away from those big mirror ball things. . . theyre cameras

Comments (71)

  • R3MX

    Hmm. I took 60 12Month Microsoft point cards. They are not activated, but I took them to the self checkout… Booyahh.

  • laughing

    this is the way to shoplift at shop_rrite in lowerconnecticut: the easiest store to get in and get out and not be caught is the newfiel_d store in stamford and the hop_e street store in stamfrd. the derb_y brookefiel_d & norwal_k stores are easy 2. the security guards are always either walking around the mediciane aisles or any high priced area. like meat or fish. and if you see a big chubby guy about 5’7”to5’8” then thats the security dude. the easiste way to get away with staeling in anystore is to call the store,ask for loss prevention and say theres a person in the parking lot unloading merchendise fromhis jacket into his trunk. be creative security guys are not that smart and they are either on their phone or sleeping in the camera room, also..,.,.,,,,.,., always go with 2 people and have one person look reallly obvious that they are going to stael,,,but dont let them,,,you will have free riegn. target is easy,,,just go into the fittin room.

  • me

    what if you bring a bunch of friends have on go behind walmart with cellphones and have cut the power off then raid everything

  • Annoymous

    I’m stunned at all of you. I don’t even know you but you should be ashamed of yourselves. I work in retail and people lose their jobs over shoplifting and not seeing merchandise getting taken out of stores. I understand that some things are expensive but most of those things aren’t actually things you need they are things you want. And if you really wanted them enough you would get a job, allowing you to pay for them. FYI Your not as sneaky as you think you are, we know most of your tricks. Some of you just happen to get lucky. Oh and you probably shouldn’t be so proud about stealing from K-mart, a child could do it, why??? Because large retailers such as themselves could care less about your petty theft…because unlike what was said they do raise prices based on what you steal. Obviously none of you have morals, so you don’t care but thank you for being an advocate to the already bad economy.

  • smart

    hey morons,
    Just pay for the merchandise,idiots.

  • k-mart cop

    i really wish to extend any one in the washington seattle area to come and visit my store where im lp and fuck the cops i will beat the living fuck out of any magget theif and dont think you little faggets are sly all the lp’s know about this bullshit you think you all get away with
    there are to many guidlines to follow to prosicute which is why id reather just break your fucking leg …..shop smart shop kmart smart …bitches

  • imnormallystoned

    some of us need to get items we cant normally buy legally we steal…sometimes i walk in with a lotta extra money and leave and tell em to keep the change cause my dad owns a gas station, and i know what happens.

  • Joe Shmoe

    First , If you came to this page then that means you are interested in stealing ! So don’t give me that high and mighty “Just pay for it” Crap or ” I’m a big bad K-Mart Cop and I’ll break your leg” You aint breaking Sh*t fool !!… I have worked in K-Mart , Wal-Mart and Home Depot and after many years of hard work and loyalty to my employers I can tell you that those employers can care less about their employees. Why should I bust a single mother who is down on her luck and needs baby formula , for who Mr. Wal-Mart ?? do you know how RICH these corporate scumbags are ??? and they wont even give their employees medical insurance. F**K Them !!! Oh and it is all cheaply made and to high priced , why should you pay top dollar for CRAP….. Steal all you want in the stores I work in , I wont say a word.

  • walmart asset protection

    First of all I just want to point out the poor grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I’m not surprised, just wanted to bring attention to it. Secondly, I work for wal-mart asset protection. I’ve apprehended more shoplifters than I could possibly count; and there isn’t a trick listed on here that I haven’t caught someone doing already. About stealing out of necessity: bullsh!t. I used to steal when I was younger and I found many ways to try to justify it. The truth is that I was not only too lazy to keep a job but I was too lazy to apply for food stamps. I have since grown up and became a family man. I work all morning and afternoon as a mechanic, then all evening and into the night catching you people. Most of the people I catch have nicer things than I do, eat better, and don’t work a lick for it. They get their necessities from the taxes I’m paying, and steal for whatever else they want (which causes my bonus to shrink so I have to work harder to pay my bills and support these worthless people.) I did catch a single mother shoplifting formula once. She explained that her baby was allergic to the formula that WIC gives her. I had compassion and let her go. That night my wife explained that WIC will provide alternatives to similac in the case of allergy, but not if you’re too lazy to properly request it. I then talked to one of her relatives the next day who informed me that the reason she was shoplifting formula is that she had blown all of her money at the Indian casino the day before. The fact of the matter is that any able bodied person in America can earn a living, even though it might require two jobs; and anyone who falls on hard times can get a piece of my taxes. About these greedy, rich corporations: its called capitalism, and it works. Yes, I hate wal-mart as much as anyone. However, when you steal from wal-mart you are stealing from the employees, the elderly whose retirement is invested in wal-mart stock, and many other innocent people. The only people, I repeat: THE ONLY PEOPLE who are completely uneffected are the rich, suit-wearing, s.o.b.’s you hate so much. So go ahead and run, or fight, or whatever you feel like when I catch you. I haven’t had one get away from me yet, even if it did require inflicting bodily injury on them, or receiving some myself. What goes around comes around, and you will eventually get yours.

  • tony

    walmart ass pro. that sucks man. you sound like a good man who works hard. but you’re getting fukced. capitalism works on the basis that all parties start on equal footing. so if you and i were catching thieves, and you caught 4 guys stealing 100 dollars each, and i caught 1 guy stealing 20 dollars worth, your paycheck would be significantly higher. since you are clearly more valuable.

    the problem with capitalism is that the playing field is not fair. the odds are stacked against you because you’re joining the game late. we all are. you’re right, the rich are pretty much unaffected by theft. the walmartians are worth so much effing money that some kid stealing 40 dollars worth of electronics in a dying medium isn’t going to hurt them. hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual loss doesn’t hurt them. they account for these cost losses in advance. and companies like walmart are NOT holding back on offering health care and retirement benefits to their employees because of theft. completely unrelated, but it’s cute you bring it up.

    you probably know all this already. anyway, my only suggestion is to quit your lame night job chasing thieves and give your kids some face time. they don’t need you to work extra hours to buy a wii. they need a father/husband. these “empires” are bullshit and maybe the only way we can bring them down is by devaluing their stock by stealing it.

    i’m not on this site because i’m a thief, i’m here because i was curious about starting. those with tips sound like retards, those against it sound just as dumb. i haven’t learned a goddamn thing.

  • Rattler ssssss

    Some stores if you pick up the same items you just bought, with in a 15-20 minet time frame, are toatally clueless. Save your bags & receipts. Don’t forget the shop cart.

  • Rattler ssssss

    The way this economy is going I won’t be suprised If there are more Shoplifters. George Bush Really Set Us Up! The Dirtbag.

  • sarah

    Go into the dressing room with some clothes that have hangers and some that were folded. Easy enough to stuff a shirt without a hanger in your bag or leave it on under your jacket. If you want one that was on the hanger, just take it and put the one that was folded on the hanger and take the stuff you don’t back where you got it instead of leaving it with the attendant. Just look for the tags first!

  • al

    first i go to WALMART take a bobby pin, find makeup and use the bobby pint to open the back but walk around and look at other things while u do it nd then when uve got it all pretend that your putting it back and bend over to the bottom shelf and shove the makeup in your bra or pants or something.. Never in yo pockets. if employees tell you to stop keep walking ignore them if they run u run away. wear sunglasses or sumthin take them off when u get in side tho so u wont look suspicious when ur leaving buy something cheap bring like 3 dollars. after u pay put the sunglasses on and walk out. (make sure there is no barcode on what your stealing)

  • mustaf mohammed

    thieving is wrong yes but i do it :))) im 14 and i rob all the sweets i can get and sell them off at school …… whoever made them god dam blazer pockets are geniuses .. theres about 12 of us that go in there and just raid the place . its FUCKIN ACE !!!!!

  • The one and only

    u guys should come over to vienna,A – here is sooo easy to steal things like fish & meet.. nowhere are security .. only in some stores we have cams and nobody looks in the bag!

  • just a kid

    I’ve shoplifted. Just some small bits like mascara and stuff.

    Those of you who rant on and on about how stealing is wrong? Yes it might be wrong, but what the hell. We’re humans. We sin. It’s what we do.

    And I’m sorry, but those of you who attempted to give the rest of us advice on stealing? You’re just proving the stereotype that people who steal are illiterate morons. A piece of advice? Get an education. Spend your time doing something other than stealing, because some of your theories are obviously a product of way too much free time on your hands thinking about different ways to steal, steal, steal.

    Rattlers (no, I’m not lowering myself down to your level by adding five unnecessary s’s.): Bush? Really? Funny, I always thought it was the Iraqi who fucked up our economy. But I’m not getting into politics here.

    tony, i think you’re the only one on this site with a shred of decency.


    Wow antishofling is f*cking gay. I stole over 2000 dollars of goods. I bought and alpha s3 key and f*cked you red shirt minium wage f*ckers up the ass. And cops fuck u all. I smoke to much pot to pay for this shyt so ima take ur little chinese made goods. These niggas today are poor. counrty sucks ass f*ck mind ass well f*ck it

  • ambaahxo

    yu people are all idiots… exept for the wal-mart worker and the hard working theif catcher… adn whats really said is im saying this and im in grade 10 im just a fifteen year old girl. this economy sucks were going to hell in a handbasket the world is falling apart, theres so much shopplifiting and everyones attitude is “well everyone elseis doing it why not me? i mean i dont have the money and i wont get caught its no big deal” or ” oh ive been caught but i know how to steal better now so its ok” but as youve probly read on here they know about your tricks n shit yu aint as sly as yu think satan may be the ruler of the “worldd” but god still controls everything else (the universe how things turn outn so on) and he wont let people get away with stealing forever like that guy said its all gunna come back to ya. what goes around comes around eveyone knows it… everyone can probly see the earth is falling apart rapidly. a hundred years ago if someone shoplifted there would be alot harsher consequences everyones always saying “yu know whats wrong with today” well theres soooo much wrong with today but MORALSSS people need good MORALS and just a ounce of fucking CHARACTER! jeez… everybodys right from wrong is all screwed up they things the wrong they do is right and they continue there whole life n fuck the world up more… anyway that was my cynical pissed of at the world rant i feel better but fuvk man, goerge bush didnt set us up ya stupidfuck obama did DUH! i like goerge bushh…. the lazyness and unintelligents and fuckedupness of the human mind and everything never ceases to amaze me.. JESUS SAVES! ohyea wanna live foever accept it. yu gota soul? where ya want it to go? hell? why yes yu shoplifters dp yu dark souls heaven? why id bet any many that hard workin theif cathcer is a christian and he’s choosin the right path and headin to a death full of life. your souls lives forever people. make the decision before its to late and god loves ya so make the right one. he hates seeing poeple fall from him. it may be hard in this world of wrong but we need some right people if we want things to get any better… which they wont anyway christians know its only gunna get worse till god pulss his people from the earht up tp heaven and unleashes his hellish wrath on the earths ungodly ones………..really he conquars and creates happynesss BELEIVE!

  • Gaj

    Shoplifters are not at fault for the economy. Major retailers are not losing profits due to “petty theft”. They steal enough from our communities as it is.

  • gonzo

    always wear like a pair of gym shorts with pockets under your pants so you can put the items in you shorts and walk out with people who have just purchased items so if the alarm go off they will get stopped

  • Jjmcqueeny

    The truth is go to the store an hour or less before closing. The staff is just trying to run out the clock til they can lock the doors and clean up to go home. So if you go jus before closing no one hassles you most loss prevention sends their people home they work 9-5. All you need is one razor blade to cut/scrape off the sensor from the merchandise and you’re golden. Also you can steal two or three DVD or vid game and buy one of the exact same and then use the same reciet to return the others for store credit. When you return for store credit the sales person uses the exchange option which doesn’t void the reciet so you can use the same one over and over as long as you always get store credit or exchange. fuck the law first timers get a ticket and it is only a misdimeaner as long as you steal less than $100 dollars of shit. Seriously the only give you a fuck in ticket like you get for parking or speeding, and if you’re under 18 nothing happens to you and the misdemeanor is erased when you turn 18. Shoplifting more than 100dollars of shit at a time ia considered a felony thou so take things one day at a time cause if they catch you with other shit from a different store it still gets added to the total of how much money value you are charged worth of stealing. So soldier on and only take a bit at a time and you will be free to steal another day. P.S. All you loss prevention scum are nothing but sadistic bully motherfuckers you make little more than minimum wage to hastle kids and poor people you are a part of the corporate machine and when shit hits the fan with big chain stores your sorry ass will be out on the stree t with the rest of us just pray no one recognizes your scum sucking face cuz I will sure as shoot you in your fucking face cuz your in my turf now bitches.

  • Nigger

    AS for being searched, remember that in many places ONLY the police can search you and security guards have absolutely no right to search you. If store employees ask to search you, then you should refuse. If they go ahead and search you anyway, your case may be dropped because they violated your rights.

  • ksm

    @Annoymous You got the morals of a coward! Thats why you hide behind the name Annoymous. Shoplifting is no worse then price gouging or selling junk merchandise and lying to people about the quality and you being a low paid peon doesn’t make you a role model for anything.
    I don’t promote or condone shoplifting but for you to think people who shoplift have no morals just goes to show that you deserve to have a low paid job. The Wal Mart family inherited the business and has put a lot of other businesses out of business. Those SCUM FUCKS are no better then the people you don’t like, and they just do the same thing in a different way. You want to defend people who are in the Forbes 20 wealthiest in the world and all they do for you is offer you a job that pays you one fourth of what i make. Your a brown nosing fucking IDIOT !

  • skittles

    Damn me and my friend go to the Wal-Mart in my town like EVERYDAY and we just fill our purses with whatever we want and leave. And if the alarms go off they don’t even try to stop us.. we’ve been doin it for years. I have the whole Damn store I swear. Most Wal-Marts I’ve been too don’t give a fuck as long as your not too obvious.

  • lola

    for the girls mainly:
    in most handbags there is a section with a zipper.
    Unzip it and cut the seam so you can place your items in the lining of your bag. go in to the hange rooms and fill ut on up :)

    when in kmart, target etc, put twi things on each coat hanger when you go into the vhange room. out the second item in your bag and walk out with as many full coat hangers as you went in with :)

  • lola

    hun, if you work in retail you shoukd know that the price of goods takes into account the theft that occurs.

  • Eat my shorts!

    @k-mart cop

    Yet another bitter Lp. How ya doin? Somehow I suspect your rage is due to the fact that you don’t reach your little lp quota…aww poor babay.. How bout doing your job instead of trolling on forums looking like a cyber bully…

  • Darkheart

    First off Im not gonna say “blah blah stealing is bad, get a job, blah blah”. Im more realistic cause some people r in a tough spot like I was when I stole. Its hard bein in a house with 3 people and im the only one working. Hard when we were served eviction notices 3 months in a row. Hard when I worked but the “employer” didnt make enough so he could only pay me 10% of what he owed. Then months after did everything to avoid paying me the rest. You LP that say “yeah steal from my store and I’ll break your legs”. LOL nice one loser, touch me & ur not a cop and I’ll sue you for assault. See just made things alot harder for you & your company. What if you come across someone worse than me. Someone packin heat or a knife? Someone who knows how to defend themselves? Then what? I stole out of true necessity. So I can turn round and sell the items so Im not homeless. Some places I do regret cause they had good people & treated me as a HUMAN. Some were too arrogant and I dont regret them. I loved stealing from Target. Thier “sensors” had like 5 feet between them and the wall so easy way to get out without settin the sensor off. Second was the big shopping days like black friday. I know LP watched but couldnt do much sense I’ll bet they were too swamped to get anyone. I went solo and amazingly I succeeded for like 8 months. I admit I stole sometimes because I could. Ive told myself I’d only steal again if I lost this current job. Im not in any fear of losing it though.

    Things Ive learned: Stay cool & relaxed. Look nervous and it’ll send red flags up. Dont hover in one spot i.e. make-up dept. Again red flags. As I was told by someone “get in, get yer shit, get out” but make it one trip. I know the walmart by my work has the “once ur in the parking lot and not store they wont touch you”. I saw a guy make a run for it with stuff he stole but the employees didnt care.

  • thewiseone

    if you can run fast this one is for you!!!!! you and a buddy or two go in to a store (preferably electronics at walmart)start having the first guy putting stuff that you want to steal in the bag. then have another guy looking at something next to a fire alarm have the guy pull it by looking like it was an accident. the guy with the bag either walks out of the store while everyone is busy with the fire alarm or. guy puts bag down second guy walks by and picks it up make these people walk in totally different directions so no suspicion occurs

  • Vicki

    Shoplifting seems to be quite a debatable subject. I do not shoplift but I also do not stop it. I just pay for what I can afford and leave simply cause I want to avoid trouble. But I do believe big businesses are well, evil. The wealth of businesses is not spead fairly. The top of the business food chain makes all the money while others work their butts off for a decent salary. Seems unfair, doesn’t it? Is it morally wrong to steal? Yes. But is it also morally wrong to then punish those who do what’s right by paying for items, by raising prices? Absolutely! And I won’t blame shoplifters because it’s the job of the business/atthorities to stop it and think about the customers who do pay when they raise those prices. I, as a customer who pays for their items, am infuriated when I see someone steal and an employee misses it cause they’re chatting it up with their friends or lack antitheft procedures. Businesses need to take responsibility. They need to say “we need to make sure we’re stoppin this” instead of “damn, we lost profit, we need to make up for it.” There is more than money involved when both buying and stealing items, and raising prices.

  • Andriana

    I’ve been stealing for 9 years and never been caught. I started off small, but now I’ve worked my way up. The easiest store to steal from is Walmart. I know this because I was a cashier for them twice and I worked with the loss prevention department. I know what they’re looking for. The best thing to do is walk in, get a shopping cart, put only what you need in the cart, find a blindspot that’s close to the exit, fill up your purse and/or shopping bags, and walk out (with or without the cart). This works for me everytime. Remember to have your grocery bags prior to coming in. If they see you taking bags off the rack they’ll automatically know what you’re up to. By finding a blind spot close to the exit you’re not giving the loss prevention people time to figure out what you’re doing. Also if a door greeter asks for a receipt keep walking. They’re used to that.

  • hate stupid people

    @John Leguizamo
    if u can’t afford meat how can you afford to be on the internet? work for shit sake

  • GoodShopper

    if the store has a section outside take ur small item theree,while no ones looking u can easily walk right through

  • your conscience

    you all suck–we all pay more because of people like you

  • NJD


  • Leah

    Here is a thought…. GET A JOB and PAY for things you want. This is absolutely the saddest website I have ever been on. You people are scum and you are also the reason that HONEST people have to pay so much more for items because they have to makeup for what you losers are stealing. I hope you all go to prison.

  • Ryan

    I don’t know why everyone is ragging on the loss prevention. They are doing their job. You expect the employees to run your stuff through the till, you expect them to stock the shelves. So don’t get all upset when LP does their job. It’s what the store does to stop stealing. Obviously stealing is wrong, it wouldn’t be against the law to do so if it wasn’t wrong. So stop trying to justify it just because of the “economy”. Stealing is stealing. It is a criminal offence either way. If your brother was murdered, and some punk said that he did it because the economy is fucked up, and the cops were like, “ohh ok! good excuse. we can’t charge him for that then,” you would be pretty damn pissed off. So if you’re going to steal, then atleast know your wrong. Stop trying to make some excuse to make yourself right.

  • Creative Jane

    Hi, Im an amateur shoplifter (who mostly shoplifts cause I can’t afford a lot of things, etc) , and who shoplifts at places like Walmart etc. I have a question when I was walking out of the store (out the 2nd out door) I think I heard a small beeping noise (the only things I had stolen with price tags on it were dental floss etc which I didn’t dare remove and leave behind evidence, etc) but I didn’t dare look back, etc, and just kept walking as calmly as I could until I reached my mom’s car (I’m only 20 and she doesn’t know about my shoplifting yet), even when I heard somebody walking behind me. I also think that somebody might have suspected me (based on the fact that they were looking like they didn’t know anything about sewing machines and said something out of the ordinary when I was about to stuff my purse – which I then consequently ignored them and called my mom like I planned to, and prayed to God that they were just Gay, etc) just when I was about to stuff my purse.

    So my question is basically…did they suspect me? If they did what would they probably do? How shall I prevent it? And again if they suspected/knew I stole from their store…how long, and how shall I go back to their store?

    Ty for reading this,
    Creative Jane.

  • Signore Pococurante

    Not everyone who shoplifts is an idiot punk who does it for thrills. I’m not saying lots of the people who do it aren’t but don’t automatically assume that shoplifting = ignorance. There are valid reasons, in my opinion, and it’s not all the sob stories. You say capitalism works. Works for who? It’s not all hard work versus laziness. It’s a game. A game where the sociopaths win because they can exploit whoever they want, however they want. Paying for something sends as much of a message as shoplifting something and that is your willingness to accept the price set by people who are may charge too much and according to the law, we have to take it. Next time you buy groceries, take a look and calculate who many hours of your time went into buying those things. If you’re making minimum wage at $7/hr, and you bought one-hundred dollars worth of groceries to feed a family, that’s over 14 hours of your life gone in to not getting your money’s worth. Capitalism is a system that asks “How close to completely screwing people over can we go before people stop paying for our goods?”
    I support a free market but I don’t support corporate capitalism because what’s become isn’t a free market. It’s a tyranny under corporations rather than under a monarch.
    Shoplift because it’s better to stab the giant in the ankle with a fork than continue to feed him.

  • Policy Changer

    Wal mart? Lol. Why would you waste your time stealing cheap shit at a risky low budget dept store. If I ever was to steal, I would take some CDs from a record store and return them to best buy for store credit.

  • Policy Changer

    You gotta get the double disk CDs like the gold or essential series..because most single disks have sensors inside that would have to make you take off the plastic wrapping which makes too much noise, plus no wrapping doesn’t make it brand new..most security cases on the CDs can be opened with a small nail by pushing on the slots. Old long ones that have the L shaped slots can be opened with a penny or dime. Once you get good it should take you about 30 min to come up on about 15 CDs..counting the 15 min it takes to find the right CDs..that’s the long part.. And please try to replace the hard security cases on other CDs that don’t have cases..that way, workers won’t notice the empty cases so you can always come back for more the following week with out having the spot hot..and don’t steal from big dept stores..there are cameras every where..I’m not telling you to hit mom and pop stores either,,,because thats fucked up.
    And you can always sell your CDs to record stores that buy used CDs or DVDs..

    Now let’s talk about high end clothes..i haven’t did that in like 10 years…I’m talking about Armani, Ralph Lauren polo, Hugo boss or medium priced clothes also. In some cities they keep the expensive clothes on rack with a wire attached, but if you live in a flourishing city, like ny, la, Miami, or San Francisco , then they won’t have the wire to not be tacky looking. Have a friend grab some items and leave them in the dressing room. Then you pick out some clothes to try on, not to steal. When you get in the dressing room, throw the clothes that your friend left into a foil lined shoe box you had in a new bag. And for extra precautions wrap the sensor with foil..now your out the scene. You can use a fork to pry off the sensor..

  • randi

    Shit where you work at now I wanna pay a visit?? 😉@Joe Shmoe

  • WSC

    I’m actually happy I found this page. I work in retail and have been looking to improve my shoplifters catching skills. I learned alot from these guys. Now I know what to look for in thieves when they come in my store. Thanks you guys.

  • Rabz

    But you can afford a computer and internet??? dipshit@John Leguizamo

  • wal-mart detective

    this is to number 23

    big tough guy huh?
    Shoot the lp’s would you?
    I know your type, the big badass until you get caught then your the one in the office crying and begging to cut loose right..
    Busted hundreds of your type…
    Here’s an idea, get a job and pay for what’s, you actually appreciate items alot more and you won’t be taking from your fellow citizens who are scraping by and doing the right thing…
    Ever thought of that?
    Nah’ i can tell your not one who thinks..
    Many good people have lost thier lives to the likes of scum like you and when judgement day arrive I hope all the families who have lost loved ones in our profession are standing in a circle in heaven just waiting for you to arrive…

    Don’t steal people you are only stealing the bonuses off of your neighbors who work at theese stores. It doesn’t effect the corporation like it affects the workers as the bonus is the first thing that goes…..

  • Asset Protection

    Taking merchandise into fitting rooms and concealing one or two items but leaving with a few will ONLY work if your not being followed by the eyes in the sky. This method is no different than concealing merchandise right on the floor. If you think the cameras cant count the number of items you have think again. This also goes for concealing an item inside of clothing and moving it to your person before exiting the fitting room. Your already concealing merchandise when you put it inside of the clothing your taking into the fitting room.
    Foil bags? That only works in small stores where they use floor work rather than cameras. We don’t rely on the alarm systems to notify us when someone is shopplifting, infact most times its a matter of a cashier not properly removing a device. Putting merchandise in your foiled bag is just the same as putting it in your unfoiled bag, pocket, or any other place you can imagine. You can still be viewed concealing it no matter how you dice it up.
    Using a reciept to select merchandise only works on the door greeter. What if your being followed by the cameras? Wouldn’t it be obvious that your shoplifting? So you have a receipt? Ive never heard of a store that makes you pay for your merchandise and then tells you may now enter the store and select the items you paid for.
    If your playing this all by odds then yes you may have a better chance at getting caught if you look around and make it obvious as to what your doing but always remember, eventually everyone gets caught.
    Ive read most of these postings and some depict the store security guard as being lazy and dumb. Sleeping in the office? Really? On average I stop 30 people per month. Of those 30, 28 just finished reading a blog such as this one and thought it was easy to shoplift.
    The best way to shoplift anything is to pay for it!! If you get caught, add $200. pluse court fees and criminal record to the product that you couldn’t live without. 20. items becomes 220+ court fees so on and so forth. Is it really worth it?

  • Asset Protection

    @ Jjmcqueeny
    So you would like to shoot people that are earning an honest living because?? It’s all a right off for these companines. Asset Protection will never prevent more theft than that of which occurs. AP is a write off. At the end of the year it cost these monsters you speak of nothing more than ink and paper. Some AP’s make little to nothing and some make more but most make and HONEST living.

  • Jazera

    Not everyone who comes to this page is looking to steal something. I was looking for an old commercial involving the security technology when they first came out

  • shuree

    so you probably tackle people out in the parking lot.

  • lol stupid bitches

    @mustaf mohammed
    lol u are fuckng g i love u who gives a fuck its a rush let us have our fun my god

  • lol stupid bitches

    @mustaf mohammed
    lol u are fucking g i love u who gives a fuck its a rush let us have our fun my god

  • That1Guy

    Some of this stuff is good but somthing fun to do is walk in with something you already own…go to the back of the store and act like your shoplifting it…put it in your shirt or something WANING…{MAKE SURE YOU HAE PROOF THAT THE THING IS YOURS OR ATLEAST MAKE SURE THAT THE STORE DOES NOT HAE THE ITEM} make sure the item is bulky so you can get noticed easely when they try to search you make a big deal about it and wait till’ the police get there and when they check you you cant get in trouble at all and they will hee to say sorry… IT IS SO FUNNY

  • anarchy!

    Oh yeah. your store is by far the easiest to steal from 😉 you little rent a cops are pathetic. haha you think you know all of our tricks? Then why have i managed to steal prob over 1000s of merchendise from you guys? You all get paid by salary. Shoplifting doesnt hurt big franchise companys. They get to stay high up on their horse. Your even more pathetic and low then us lifters 😉@k-mart cop

  • Dubster

    Your all idiots. As a professional who has stolen well over $100,000 (retail) in merchandise and only on a part time basis, here are some fairly easy techniques that I recommend. At Wal-Mart, get a shopping cart, throw a few items in then also get an item that is fairly inexpensive but large and is in a box. Some items I have choesn are a chemical (landscape sprayer) a childrens car seat and a childrens glider. All of these are in boxes and are under $32.00 You will actually be purchasing this box but not the item. You will go to a blind spot open the box by cutting the tape at the top seam and ditching the item ( such as at the bike rack area or behind compressors in the automotive and tool section or in lawn and garden. You then will load a shit load of small itmes such as razors, fishing lures, makeup, etc. A combination of things you need or want and the rest are items you can easily unload at a flea market. My average take (retail is around $600 – $900. I do this several times at Wal-Mart, Sears, Lowes and a few other box stores that have many blind spots. I then sell the stuff for about 30-40% or retail at a flea market. It goes really fast. I turn an easy profit as well as snagging a few things for my self. Alos on a day to day basis, every single store that I actually need to go into (pharmacy, food shopping, laundry detergent, etc I will legitimately purchase something like laundry detergent but always stuff my pockets with things I need like deoderant, razors (I ditch the sensors), aspirins, 5-hour energy, snack bars, anything small that I need. I don’t thing I have paid for soap, deoderant, aspirin, toothpaste, razors, etc for about 3 years. I aslo snag a bunch of shit under $10 and return these items to Wal-Mart about 2x a week for an extra $15-$20 in my pocket each week. You can also go to Malls. Purchase a large item like a pillow on sale for $5. Ask them to double bag it becuase you have more shopping to do and don’t want the bag to tear. I do this at Sears, Macy’s, etc and save the double bags. I then use a few pieces of fluffed/crumpled newspaper and fill the bag next time I am at the mall (in parking lot) I walk in, sometimes holding a receipt. Everyone assumes you have a return, if they even care. I then walk into a department store, not the one that is of the bag you have chosen to use that day. I go in and throw a bunch of stuff in there. i get clothes I want, gifts for friends and stuff that will sell at flea markets. I do this on days I do not have work. I also do not do this on weekends and at Malls in large cities which usually have LP officers working every day. Small cities and rural stores tend to only have LP officers on weekends and Fridays. Hope this helps bitches.

  • Dubster

    I am just joking, but this is what I would do if I was a professional

  • Dubster

    Hee, hee, hee. Ho, ho, ho. Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh

  • Dan

    i am a Deputy Sheriff and work in Loss Prevention part time as a Store Detective and internal investigator. And some of you should check your facts. Simple shoplifting is a petit larceny. However if you are stopped by Loss Prevention and run or fight it becomes Robbery which is a felony. If you carry a box cutter or knife, wire cutters, or foil lined bags it now becomes burglary. You will also be charged with possession of burglars tools as well which is another felony. Loss Prevention can and will chase you and can use physical force to gain compliance and will handcuff you. Also Loss Prevention has every right to search and any belongings you have in your possession. Further when detained by Loss Prevention THEY are the arresting officer no the police, they have the ability to make arrest based on the Mercantile Protection Act. There is also a civil fine attached which is 5x the total value of the stolen merchandise. All of the above information is applicable in New York State.

  • BadaBing63

    Love this site, along with the useful hints/comments.

    Unfortunately this economy has forced me to “aquire” food from local grocery stores just to have something to eat. Before you ASS MONKEYS suggest applying for assistance, tried already. Denied due to having “too nice a car” along with expensive rent. Government penalizes you for having nice things while employed! I’m 49, worked since age 15, but now unemployed for almost a year.

    Anyways, for anyone still reading. here are a few helpful tips that I swear by:

    Fill the cart with bullshit for 2 reasons. 1st, you’ll appear to be shopping. Also to use the merchandise as a blocker from noisey cust/LP Ass Clowns when shoving that $20 steak down your pants.

    When the time’s right, and you proceed to shove that over-priced pack of pork chops down your britches (did I just call my pants britches?), don’t swing your arm away from the front of your junk immediately. Leave it there for a few seconds in case someone suddenly comes up from behind you. I’ve even acted like I was scratching my balls before. A sudden movement will give ya away.

    best way to get out without ever buying a single item:

    Get in line with a few things you intend on purchasing. Once rang up, attempt to pay with a debit/credit card with little or no balance,(if your like me, that’s easy!). Card is declined, and you’ll act a bit embarassed while walking out of the store with $60 worth of meat down your britch…pants.

    Cell Game:

    After conceling your targeted goods, simply act like you’re talking on your cell, saying something like “I LOOKED DOWN EVERY ISLE HONEY, BUT DIDNT SEE IT. GONNA TRY ONE MORE STORE THEN I’LL BE HOME. LOVE YOU, TOO” as you walk past the cashier, heading towards the exit!

    If its a Walmart or other big chain and your target is a high priced item,I gaurantee this next tip will work every single time:

    Conceil item down your pants safely in the stores blind spot. Enter the restroom, remove thieft strip etc. Leave item hid somewhere in the stall (ie; shoved inside the holder for those “ass gaskets” behind the commode, even in the garbage can under some paper towels). Exit the store. If not stopped, you can then either re-enter through another door, while in a semi-panick checking your back pockets, coat pockets as if you lost your wallet. Retrieve items, leave store. I’ve gotten all 6 and a half seasons of The Sopranos using this method.

    Hope these tips are useful. Happy Boosting!

  • BadaBing63

    BadaBing63 :Love this site, along with the useful hints/comments.
    Unfortunately this economy has forced me to

  • BadaBing63

    Almost forgot!

    Be careful when removing tags/strips while in the stores restrooms. Although no cameras, recentally found out stores like “Whoremart” and “Breast buy” installed microphones in ceilings above the stalls. Those ass monkeys in security wear headphones, listening for sulliphane wrapping being torn, or the sound plastic makes when trying to pry out a printer cartridge. Think I’m joking? Take the test. Next time your leaving your DNA behind in a “KFart” shitter, cough & take note how much louder then normal it is. Restroom tiles and all that porcelon changes the acustics, making sounds more distinct & revieling.

    This can be avoided by constantly flushing, or simply faking like your tossing your cookies!

    Happy Boosting!

  • BadaBing63

    You’re an ASS PIRATE! Wake up, and smell the coffee. Stop using religion as a means to an end. People like you are so pathetic, that you rely on a God that doesnt exist just to feel better about yourself and the fact that your such a loser no human on earth wil give you the time of day, so you make up some almighty “higher power” just so you’ll have someone to talk to! ASS CLOWNS!@ambaahxo

  • Rob In Hood

    Fuck you, law dickheads. Stop condemning about stealing. Stealing is not a crime, in fact those big corporate motherfuckers are doing to the general people like us, is what to be called as a true crime. Everyone knows capitalism, you get what you pay for. But, what happens when you pay up good and you get shit in your hands? These bastards deserve to get robbed. This world doesn’t belong to anyone. If you have to steal to survive, just stick with it. Please save your money for a good cause. Even after knowing the reality, if you like to put your money in those biggies assholes? Go ahead and get yourself robbed.

  • Kmart LP

    Lmao none of this shit works you will get caught I’m in the Ohio area come pay me a visit I will love to stop you.

  • Kmart LP

    Lmao none of this works you will get caught I’m in the Ohio area come pay me a visit I will love to stop you.

  • fagot


    Aha, you sound so stupid just stop talking xD

  • Lexus Anelle.

    I’ve stolen more than $20,000 worth of shit in my lifetime from Wal-Mart. I am 20 years old now and I don’t care if it is wrong. I steal what I want. You can’t stop me! 😉

  • fuck wal mart and target

    i stole a eyeliner from target right in front of their stuck up little noses. ever notice how pretentious target/ and their workers are? i stole from them just cuz they piss me off and the store is hella gay. i was holding the eyeliner right in front of the the employee while i was buying another item and fag didnt even notice. i put cases of water and energy drinks under the cart and bought a mat covering their view and bitch was too lazy too look down at the cart. i stole those pop rocks things for 4th of july by shoving them in between the plastic on the child seat and the cart. wal mart r a huge greedy corp they rly dont have good deals so y bother paying them their shit always breaks in a week anyway

  • retired

    B.S shoplifting is nothing the rich are always rich. They manufacture those garbage from china for 5 cents, they brought it to America asked zillion dollar for it. I assure you the extra money they will gave it to the politicians for them to lied more to the people. In the 90’s I’ve done Kmart, CVS, Walmart, Dollar store, Ames, Marshall, Stop and Shop, convenience stores, flea market, book store, yard sale Thrift stores. Payless ,Fava and do not forget the malls. I was busy MF. LOL. It’s is better than to rob people and the street. Shoplifting=low arrest. Please do not tried it at home

  • pookimon

    there are a lot of stupid people in the world isnt there. the secret too a pro booster is common sense balls bigger than the ones you have now experience,”that come with a price,ha ha” and perception, I have some secrets that gives me a high rate of success. Sorry I cant share them, if I did I would have too start all over again. I say get em if you can. We as consumers are getting ripped off. with there 300 % mark ups. And while the dumb doogooders of society are risking there miserable little lives trying too protect some shit that isnt there’s im living large. peace out?

  • TheEyesOfDarkness

    The easiest way to steal is to conceil the item in your pants, overlapping said item with a shirt AND a sweater/jacket (Mind that this is ideal in the wintertime, the bigger the jacket, the better!) If the said item is packaged and has a magnetic antitheft strip in it, have a small razor or SHARP knife readily available and make your way to the restroom but try not to make it look like you’re in a hurry and NEVER look at the cameras or look around too much.

    When in the bathroom:

    Cautiously take a very sharp razor or knife and silently cut around the item and flush the toilets (Preferably once every 1 minute) constantly because chances are- there are small hidden microphones in the bathroom for security to hear for any loud plastic tearing or breaking. As for the reason why it is important to have such sharp razors and/or knives/scissors is because less noise will be made when said item packaging is being cut. I know the magnet antitheft strips are inside items even behind the manufacturer manual because I was looking at some decent flashlights in the outdoor section and I rub my fingers around where the strip supposedly is and I for sure have found it, so that’s why it’s ideal to remove packaging from said desired item in a blind spot or very quietly and precisely in the restrooms.

    Happy boosting.

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