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Some thoughts

— Posted by Uya on 6:35 pm on Mar. 24, 2002

Well, i don,t know if this is adding something to the forum, but alas…just some thoughts. I have been an annarchist for the whole 41 years that i am on this earth. I have read all the books from the first Russians to the ones of Emma Goldman. I believe that people don,t need any goverment who is above them And i believe that it only can be reached by action. So i travel with some anti-globalist groups, but we always stumble upon this big problem…it seems that when welfare is growing, people get more and more stupid and lack the idea of fighting for something they believe in. Don,t get me wrong..i have a job, 2 kids and a pretty normal life. However, the thoughts how  the world has to be, without anyone standing above you, is still alive. I don’t feel like i have joined the ” stupid people “, but there are some responsibilities i have, espacially towards my kids. That also is being an anarchst. Takiing responsibilities. Nevertheless, i keep on doing what i think is neccesary to hurt the system where ever i can. I raise my kids in the thought that they must believe and rely on theirselves, that they don,t need anyone who tell them what to do or think. But somehow, there are times that i think that a system without goverments still stays an utopia. Maybe the next generation or the one after that..i dont know…..
So, just some thoughts written on a rainy sunday night…greetz, comrades…the time will come…..maybe….

— Posted by Roland49686 on 7:35 pm on Mar. 24, 2002

Wow. I have alot of questions for you.
It must be hard to be a mother and anarchist. Show the world u can be both and it will be a plus on our side!
What do you think about fighting? as in combat? I am in loads of combat every week for our cause. What are your opinions?
Would you let your kids do drugs? What about sex? DEFY THE GOVERNMENT AND BUY THEM CONDOMS, CIGARETTES, AND PORN!!! heh. If this was true… I wish you were my mom. My mom is a christian zelot that gets pissed off when I use the word fuck.
But she lets me do salvia (she knows what it dose) and lets me smoke it. She also lets me keep my combat gear because I have shown responsiblity for it. Thats what makes her good. Her fairness and kindness to me!
How old are ur kids? and what age?

— Posted by Darkie on 7:55 pm on Mar. 24, 2002

I once thought about whether or not i am a REAL anrachist.
I can’t say that the government is my main and only target. I feel that we need some sort of government but this one isn’t cutting it. It is supposed to be representitive of the poeple, but i still feel my vote isn’t enough. That is why i do physical and social things about it. I keep the government in check by supporting anarchy so that people don’t get too much confidence in it. I steal for self profit, i cause mayhem for personal entertainment, and i cause chaos for change.
For example:
The KKK want to hold a rally in my town? I start a riot. They never are allowed back again
My school is doing something stupid like spending money on security camera upgrades? I steal the cameras they have now to show them how ineffective they are.

I don’t want the government to go completely away, i simpley want to bend them to my will. But i very very much respect that yo have stuck with this for yu whole life. So many bastards born in the 50s/60s and grew up in the rebelious era have sold out and changed their beliefs because they became corrupted or lazy.

My 2 cents

— Posted by lodger on 4:57 am on Mar. 25, 2002

HI, I’m a 37 year old mother of 5 kids, and it was heartening to read of someone with a similar view, I’ve also noticed what you have Uya, my partner calls it “dole (welfare handout) apathy” —but just remember ; that welfare can be a tool of economical control to (hopefully) avoid lawlessness of the “lower” class. ie: A government (the upper-read Power-class) thinks- we have to give the lower something- to avoid dissension between the haves and havenots. This is almost always done to the detriment of the middle class. Who , when their bottom line is reached , are the instigators and the engineers of revolt or government change. All Governments ( or Political organisations) of all sorts whether Dictatorial or so called “Democratic” play this game of playing people off against each other to stay in power. The old “Divide and Conquer” routine. So it seems to me that the quickest way to impliment change would be to either push ultra right wing philosophies (eg poll tax, no welfare etc), which foments trouble with the lower, or push extremely liberal philosophies(massive increases of welfare etc), as both “hurt” the middle class — the lifestyle of the average John Doe or Joe Bloggs. The trick is to manipulate this change into a better change for all, something Utilitarian,something that I don’t think has ever happened yet.
Shit , i just read what i’ve wrote, and I’m sorry I sound like I’m lecturing Engles and Marx stuff, got carried away I guess. You see we used to have a family friend who became a politician, got to be an MP, then became our “default” Prime Minister for a few months, after the next election (and a change of “ruling” party) he was cast into our domestic political wilderness but was nominated for -and got-the chair for the WTO. His name is Mike Moore and he was a great free thinking man, probably the most caring person we (NEW Zealand) ever had in power , but unfortunately he is what he is now : A Snout in the Trough.
Keep up the GOOD fight!

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