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Stealing gas

— Posted by Dman on 10:46 pm on Jan. 30, 2002

yo…how do you syphon gas from a gas tank?

— Posted by Sicopath on 4:24 am on Jan. 31, 2002

put a length of hose in and place your thumb loosely on the open end and suck on it until the gas touches your thumb, turn the hose downwards and let the gas fall out, this creates a suction motion along the rest of the hose, just put it in a jar or your own car. (don’t mix different grades of petrol)

— Posted by Dman on 10:37 am on Jan. 31, 2002

sweet shit

— Posted by Longbaugh on 3:46 pm on Feb. 12, 2002

if you’re gonna steal gas steal it from older cars… its easier because most newer cars have stuff installed that makes it really hard to syphon gas , Or a locking gas cap

— Posted by preditor on 2:37 pm on Feb. 13, 2002

instead of siphening the tank you can pull the line the bring the gas to the motor an collect it from there

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