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Sweet Ass UK Gadget Sites

— Posted by tee hee on 9:55 pm on April 10, 2002

I found some fucking sweet as gadgets from another forum called http://www.digital-forums.com > nothing against bombshock but you should join. (damn i dont feel like getting flamed but i have to say it.):biggrin:
The sites are http://www.boystuff.co.uk >http://www.gadgetsuk.com >http://www.firebox.com > The goodies include: lights,torches,hemp card game,weed smoking gear,personal bar tap,buy an acre of the moon and read:MINI SUB MACHINE GUN * jumps out of seat and yells*.Check these sites thoroghly .(and the forum):o:o:o:oHIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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