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total destruction of schools

— Posted by The Bum on 9:19 am on Mar. 7, 2002

my dad is a head janitor for the schools in my town..and thus he has the keys to all 6 elementary schools, the middle school, the highschool, all the lockers, and master keys for every single classroom.. i got alot of ideas already but i would luv to have more on wut i could do to pretty much fuck up the whole works of the school board… i kno theres alot of threads about this already but none of them have ideas like i need… remember i got all night and weekend to cause mischief and there’s only one watchman…and only in the highschool. So if anyone has ideas i’d really appreciate some good ones

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 12:34 pm on Mar. 7, 2002

You lucky, lucky, lucky bastard.

There are so many thing you could do.

I’d use the oppurtunity to steal and make some money rather than simply reeking havoc.

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— Posted by MachiavellianSmith on 1:06 pm on Mar. 7, 2002

Well my friend, u are in a position that many of us only dream about. theres only 2 things u gotta consider 1st. 1, if any of the buildings have alarms, ie perimeter or motion sensors, i wouldnt suggest trying it. also, if the keys are not metal keys, but ‘key cards’ it can be recorded so I’d watch out for that. that outta the way, grap up to 4 friends, and steal as many computers, calculators, and other electronics shit as u can, make fire extinguisher bombs (see other forum) and just turn everything upside down. the longer it takes for them to put everything back, the longer classes will have to be on hold. also get a big stereo speaker magnet and rub it on the monitors as well as the comp towers. and the more they have to replace ie computers, the less $$ they have for the school play:( just always wear gloves and the more spray paint that is used, the better.

if u DO have all weekend, go ahead and steal as many of the teacher’s files and paperwork as possible. it will screw them big time.

— Posted by FileShocker on 5:17 am on Mar. 8, 2002

change the school bells and clocks.
smash up office’s computers.
hide all teachers desks somewhere
bring in gallons and gallons of paint.
splash every where.
open and trash all the lockers.
steal all of theprincibals shit.
bomb all of the schools on a sunday.
i coulld keep going

have fun, try and make money out of it.

— Posted by Scarface on 9:52 am on Mar. 28, 2002

Po do sometimes in most major cities and suburbs for the most part, make a runby most elementary schools, not usually inside, but drive around the permiters, i have seen cops a bunch of times after hours, so if u do do this, make sure to not a leave a car very visible, and if you are near a window, watch your flashlight’s so if a fat one drives by, he wont see your flashlight.  

— Posted by confuzious on 12:05 am on Mar. 29, 2002

Install keyloggers on all the computers, and leave a remote administration trojan. Rewire the intercom so you can control it. Steal everyone’s records and burn them later. Steal everything of value. Copy those keys!!! Leave a lockpick inside so they don’t suspect the person who could have gotten the keys….  Rob the vending machines. Look in all the administrative offices for money or other useful stuff, check the athletic offices too, and check to see if they took the lunch money out of the registers in the cafeteria. Steal tests and sell cheat sheets to kids. My school had a machine to print the student IDs, STEAL THIS IF YOUR SCHOOL HAS ONE!!! great for making fake id’s later. Rob the science rooms for all the useful chemicals, steal everything in the shop rooms you can get, ECSPECIALLY an oxy-acetylene torch if they have one. Those things are really useful. There are so many things i would do if i had a whole weekend to play around in my school. Just use your imagination.

— Posted by clichit on 3:13 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Strap some small propane tanks together and put them in the center of the school. set a timed chemical fire and run like hell.

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