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Trash the KKK

— Posted by Darkie on 11:18 pm on Mar. 22, 2002

I just heard on the news that next satuday there will be a KKK rally near my area. Some of my friends and I are going to trash it, heh, maybe even start a riot. Anygood ideas?

— Posted by loscgk83 on 11:36 pm on Mar. 22, 2002

riotin…..hmmmmm…….lets see kkk and people like that hate blacks,asians,mexcian , etc.So say some shit like ” I LIKE TO RAPE WHITE WOMEN or some shit like that to piss them off.only get a few at a time let them chase u to  a alley or new street with friends the with baseballbbbbbbbbats

— Posted by largeidaccam on 12:36 am on Mar. 23, 2002

theres stacks of things that you could do….im in Australia what country are you in if its Austraila ill come help you start a riot , but if your not in Australia just do things like rock up to there rally witha banner saying i love black people or something like that if this rally if publised then people like you will also be making an appearance that are also up for creating a riot use that to your advantage , if your an extrmised ofcourse you could always just petrol-bomb a large group of them

— Posted by loscgk83 on 12:45 am on Mar. 23, 2002


— Posted by Darkie on 12:47 am on Mar. 23, 2002

I’m in Florida and so is the rally.More specificly St. Petersburg, near tampa and clearwater.

I think the main thing i will do is use a mega fone to say stuff like “Black Power”, “Whities go home”, and “Thank god for Jews.” I could try to “hack in” to their speaker system(if there is one) and really have phun with that.
If a riot does start then the ral fun begins.

— Posted by largeidaccam on 1:13 am on Mar. 23, 2002

YES start a riot , get all of your friends people you dont know people you do know people you hate neone against the KKK put up posters to rally against the KKK at the same spot where theyre rallying and your pretty much granteed a riot

— Posted by JimMorrison on 10:17 am on April 5, 2002

i live near that area,luckily these redneck corn-husk son-of a bitches, didnt do anything.  ”fuckin illionois nazis…i hate illinois nazis”

— Posted by Pirating Piro on 10:25 am on April 5, 2002

Hmmm…How to start a riot?  Gather a bunch of people and punch the air.

— Posted by dudearama on 10:32 am on April 5, 2002

I live in Canada where there is no KKK, but even if there was, I’m white so what do I care about them.  I definately don’t like them, but I would rather trash a black power rally than a white power rally.  Too many white people are trashing themselves and I’m sick of it.  Minorities are ruining a democratic system.  Let’s not forget, white people may have wrongly enslaved blacks, but white people also built the greatest countries  in the world (USA, CANADA, BRITAIN, etc…).  Let’s stop overconpensating for “white guilt”.  I’m not a racist, but I’m white and I’M PROUD!

— Posted by aSs BacKWuRds on 10:57 am on April 5, 2002

Make a pipe bomb like this.
One 7″ diameter pipe filled with explosives and a pager set on vibrate with wire ripped out and spaced correctly to make an ignition spark.
One 9″ diameter pipe put over the first one and filled with small metal objects for shrapnel.If you fill it with sand it will literaly eat the skin of of them like sand blasting.
Plant it somewhere they wontfind it but make sure it is close enough to do some damage.
Call the pager and watch the fucking assholes die.

— Posted by groundcontrol on 11:53 am on April 5, 2002

Dont start a riot, that only shows that your even more ignorant than the KKK.  The whole reason that towns let the KKK have rallies is because they have to.  They cant stop them.  Its called the freedom of speech, my friend.  So if they let the KKK have a rally then why would they stop you from having your own rally?  Have a pro-minority rally at the same time same place.  That will piss the KKK off and (listen closely, this is the most important part) they will start the riot.  Do you see now?  If the KKK starts the riot then you’ve won, because they will be arrested for insighting a riot.  And now towns have the right to ban them.

— Posted by davetheduck on 12:30 pm on April 5, 2002

a good way to start a riot is by wearing a black panthers outfit, come to think of it that will just get u hurt

— Posted by Darkie on 6:24 pm on April 5, 2002

A couple of replies.
1. Canadian guy, sorry but ur not a real country. You are basicly the 52nd state.
2. i am interested in starting a riot so i can watch it on the news and know i did it. And one word…LOOTING.
3. One time i applied for the black panthers….i was rejeted, maybe i shouldn’t have included my picture….

— Posted by BoOnDoCk SaInT on 10:42 pm on April 5, 2002

“1. Canadian guy, sorry but ur not a real country. You are basicly the 52nd state.”

Darkie, what an ignorant thing to say. We are a proud and patriotic country, with benefits that the united states cant compete with. Sure we dont have a military, but frankly, we dont need one. Go to any country in the world brandishing the canadian flag, and you are praised, go to certain countries in the world brandishing the american flag, and you will get shot.

We have an excellent FREE health care system, sure are taxes are higher, but we dont have to pay 40000 to get a heart transplant. We are the 2nd largest country in the world (next to russia).

Lets see, if any of you americans have seen joe the canadian on one of the beer commercials, you will know what im talking about, we dont believe in assimilation, we believe that everyone can do what they want to do, without being harassed by anyone else. Our money is colourful and fun, not green and generic money.

Think twice before posting something like that again buddy, im sure there are other canadians that can support my cause.

— Posted by dudearama on 11:17 pm on April 5, 2002

All I have to say is this:  Canada 5, USA 2.  And even our women can kick your asses in Hockey!

— Posted by R0NiN on 12:28 am on April 6, 2002

I think petrol bombing them easy enough.

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 12:43 am on April 6, 2002

Quote: from dudearama on 11:17 pm on April 5, 2002
All I have to say is this: Canada 5, USA 2. And even our women can kick your asses in Hockey!


N e whom Firebombing them is all well n good n shit but you could also sleak by their cars and put a tube filled with acetone peroxide on the axel then fire bomb them if that onetries to get away BAM the acetone peroxide blows the fuck outa the car.

— Posted by headcase on 12:51 pm on April 6, 2002

Darkie, what a dumbess thing to say.
Why would Canada be the 52nd state?
Anyway, I’m not racist but I’d like to point something out.
In Kenya (I think) the President Mugabe is taking all the farms from white people by force, killing some, and giving it to Black people.
Problem: the black people are not farming the land and the country is entering a famine.
I don’t know why they’re not farming the land, to lazy maybe.

— Posted by Darkie on 8:05 pm on April 6, 2002

I was jokeing about the Canada thing, sorry if u guys didn’t take it that way. Sometimes i say stupid things just to entrtain my self. I too have heard about what u are talking about in africa. Circumstances are a tad bit different. 1. The white people are colonists that basicly stole the land from the natives(like in america a few hundred years ago). 2. The whites were not selling the food locally. They would export the food from the famined country because they wuld make more money. 3. The natives are not farming because the whites have raped the land leaveing it not fertile enouh to grow weeds. Also they have no money to start farming because of the over all depression of the country.
Not wanting to offend anybody, but…most people that say they are not racists really are. One point to prove this is that they say they are not racist before they say something that they know in the back of their mind is racist.

“to lazy maybe”….Not likely buddy. As soon as you show me one african that watches as much TV or is as over weight as the average american i will not call you stupid. Stupid.

— Posted by groundcontrol on 3:04 am on April 7, 2002

Quote: from Darkie on 8:05 pm on April 6, 2002
“to lazy maybe”….Not likely buddy. As soon as you show me one african that watches as much TV or is as over weight as the average american i will not call you stupid. Stupid.

As soon as you come to my town and show me one african american who isnt sitting on their front porch all day drinking beer that they pay for with their welfare checks (which i pay for out of taxes every month) then I wont call you stupid. Stupid.

— Posted by kingpin on 3:34 am on April 7, 2002

fuck the kkk up bad get a gun, get to a purch and rain down vengence from on high.
kill the facist cock suckers

— Posted by rishka on 3:53 am on April 7, 2002

well , im from australia , but i do know a little bit about what the kkk has done in the past . having a riot with them isnt going to solve anything, but then again they arent meant to .
if it was me , then i’d use everything in my power to have them banned from rallying etc . or to just follow the little pricks home and get rid of them that way . that would be called serial killing i suppose and premeditated , but what do u think they’ve been doing for the past however many years?
btw , i am white , and im deffinately not a racist.
it just seems that the people in this world rely too much on whats on the surface . like skin colour or looks.  thats never going to stop though, until all these racist arseholes are diminished to nothing.

— Posted by kingpin on 4:19 am on April 7, 2002

make a chlorine bomb and throw it into a group of them

— Posted by Darkie on 8:10 pm on April 7, 2002

As soon as you show me one african that  has had family here for atleast 100 years and that family wasn’t originally brought here as slaves, then i won’t call you stupid. Stupid.

— Posted by groundcontrol on 10:53 pm on April 7, 2002

Quote: from Darkie on 8:10 pm on April 7, 2002
As soon as you show me one african that has had family here for atleast 100 years and that family wasn’t originally brought here as slaves, then i won’t call you stupid. Stupid.

Is that my fault?  Does that mean that they can sit around and get drunk off of my hard earned money?  I had no control over slavery.  For fucks sake, there are a shitload of africans here who’s ancestors werent slaves.  When you make it past 4th grade history youll learn that.

— Posted by yourunforgivenII on 1:46 pm on April 8, 2002

what if oyu were to get c4, dynamite or some other high exp, get some wet triiodide and put it on there, with a can of acetone peroxide, that oughtaa fuck em up when it hits…hehe just ake sure you dont blow it up in your hand… ow…

— Posted by headcase on 2:39 pm on April 8, 2002

Your right about the colonists. Didn’t think of that. I don’t live in America so it would be wrong for me to make a comparison between the farmer and the steriotype American (Homer Simpson). As for the state of the land, the white people seemed to be doing okay, and they couldn’t have exported ALL their food, and the country is starting to suffer a famine.

— Posted by balor on 4:50 pm on April 8, 2002

Its amazing the stupidy of a lot of people on this thread. The KKK and other white supremacist movements are only trying to protect the country that the white man built with his own hands.If you hate the KKK is that a vote to continue the way the black men sit on their porchs who never worked once in their life,living on their welfare check.
I always think that blacks should be grateful that their ancestors were brought as slaves to the USA. Otherwise if they stayed in Africa the present day generation would have almost never existed due to famine, sickness and poverty. They certainly wouldnt be sitting on their porch back in Africa.At least they have a chance to succeed here even its only a tiny minority make the effort.
Also at the moment we all see what is happening in Israel.Previous to 1945 there was only 40000 jews living there when it was Palestine.Once WW2 finished there was a delunge of refugees into the country from Europe.They thought that since there was jews there 2000 years ago they had a claim to the land that belonged to the Palestinians.Im from Ireland and 2000 years ago my ancestors came from Spain when they invaded the south of the country.I certainly dont think that I have a claim to some part of Spain, the same sort of claim that the jews think they have over Palestine.I always think what if the jews had decided to all migrate to Manhattan for example.(Around 1905 the jewish world congress decided that they should form a state in either Argentina or Palestine).Imagine if the Manhattan Israeli army was bulldozing the houses of American citizens invading sovereign American soil,had the American president under house arrest and was regularly shooting innocent children. How would you regard the KKK then? Villains or freedom fighters?

(Edited by balor at 4:54 pm on April 8, 2002)

— Posted by Darkie on 5:17 pm on April 8, 2002

OK OK OK. Everyone has their own points. So i will shorten what i am bitchen about.

I hate it when people bother me. If i was living in africa perfectly fine and then all of the sudden some white guys just showed up and tried to either make my people slaves or force their load of shit god on me i would be mighty pissed.

Basicly i am sck of people aggressively forcing their ideas on me. Whether it is the KKK, a tele-vangelist, a cop, a teacher, or a fucking politician, i am fuckign sick of it. That is why i am an anarchist; to go against everyone else and let them know that there is one person who has just said NO(or yes if need be).

I’m sorry the black people in ur hood sit around all day on their porch. But you do have to relize that equality(especiall amongst jobs) has only recently really been accieved, like in the past few decades. Give them some time. You can’t expect a people to turn around completely, in less than one generation.

— Posted by thejesrseydevil on 7:40 pm on April 9, 2002

hey look man what ever you do im behinde you 100% its about time those fucking hypocites be tought a lesson! around were i live im trying to start a group (or gang) called KKKK, Klu Kluck Klan Killers (take a wild guese what we do) but its kinda hard to do around were i live theres more hicks than hick haters. what ever you do man have fun!

— Posted by groundcontrol on 10:35 pm on April 10, 2002

Darkie the only thing I can say is…….. fuck it, at least your fightin for a cause.

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