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Web Site Hack

— Posted by Dean Raule on 9:43 am on April 6, 2002

Can someone please find a way to get this fucken wicked book called “The Underground Directory” it has heaps good shit in it. You need a credit card to get it and i dont have one so can someone tell me how to hack it or hack it and get the ebook so I can get it. Its at http://www.dangerousbooks.com/

— Posted by IcedMetal on 10:27 am on April 6, 2002

Well it looks like a piece of shit, just by looking at that page it looks like some kind of scam ad.  I mean, a book that HAS-IT-ALL.

— Posted by headcase on 10:33 am on April 6, 2002

Sounds like this site in a book. If this site cost SIXTY SEVEN DOLLARS!!! It’s a rip-off, no book costs that much…..wait a minute, your not going to pay for it, so that’s ok. Anyway I wouldn’t get it.

— Posted by ne0 on 1:00 pm on April 6, 2002

yea im with icedmetal, but if u want it that bad, then go steal your parents credit card or something, cuz i don think any1 heres gonna hack anything 4 free

— Posted by ne0 on 1:03 pm on April 6, 2002

also, if u looked u could probly download it for free somewhere…

— Posted by largeidaccam on 6:34 am on April 7, 2002

well shit i thought the obviouse answer would be a cc generator!? although then you got to get a drop address and shit like that.. 🙁

— Posted by chroniccrescent on 6:54 am on April 7, 2002

I don’t mean to come off NewB, but where can I get a CC generator. Someone told me Kazaa but my Kazaa is fucked up. Anyone know any websites?

— Posted by IcedMetal on 7:04 am on April 7, 2002

Dude, CC generators do not work.

— Posted by trowe on 6:52 pm on April 8, 2002

my cc generator worked 3 years ago, an i got busted by the cops…:( and i forget what cc generator it was… but they do sometimes work, but finding the right ones is hard…

— Posted by tee hee on 7:26 pm on April 8, 2002

A cc generator is located at http://www.blackmarket-press.com > in the financial section.

— Posted by IcedMetal on 10:09 pm on April 8, 2002


— Posted by myachi on 4:11 am on April 9, 2002

Has anybody else had any luck with a cc generator. I’ve tried them all and none have workied. If so which ones.

— Posted by 00000 on 12:40 pm on April 9, 2002

yeah, sometimes they work. I found only a couple numbers  that always worked though, and they are all dead now, probably because i had too much fun with them. mastercard 545569000003xxxx cards seem to have the highest success rate for cc generators, but i don’t know why.

— Posted by tee hee on 4:30 pm on April 9, 2002

There’s supposed to be this really good one  called Wacky Tabacky or something that produces “well-formed” #’s.

— Posted by IcedMetal on 9:42 pm on April 9, 2002

You’d think that Mastercard are a bunch of complete shit-heads and haven’t added security or something?

BTW, out of curiosity CC gens only give you the card #, not expiry date.  How/Where do you verify if its a working # or not?

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