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yipee easter is here

— Posted by bigboom on 4:31 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

time to get plastic eggs tape shut drill hole at top fill with black powder put fuse in seal whith wax and and do all kinds of things with them cops see’em they shouldn’t suspect a thing also peices of metal in the eggs can couse shrapnell these are good for
mail boxes
cars(tires,tailpipes,seats exc…)
niehbors houses
just about anything you can think of and very unexspected if they don’t see ya the your good to go lots of chaos shall befall

(Edited by bigboom at 4:33 am on Mar. 30, 2002)

— Posted by largeidaccam on 4:33 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

should have posted this in “radon acts of evil”

— Posted by bigboom on 1:31 am on Mar. 30, 2002

shit i forgot all about that course most  of those acts can be done year round a month after easter a person would look dumb careying eggs around

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