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chem substitute

-- Posted by smoothcriminal on 12:02 pm on Mar. 21, 2002 where can i get petroleum either from this site could use a chem equivelent chart -- Posted by Rebo on 5:09 pm on Mar. 21, 2002 I'm not a moderator or anything, but I don't think you are supposed to 2x post. check the reply to the one you posted in D&A -- Posted by Critical Damage on 5:48 am on Mar. 23, 2002 Shouldn't this topic be in a different ...

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explosives and pyrothecnics

-- Posted by DeathWagon on 10:21 am on Mar. 17, 2002 WHere did this forum go! I am ont he site and about 10 20 in the morning and every post from the explosives forum is gone!!! -- Posted by Roland49686 on 12:00 pm on Mar. 17, 2002 I see it too. It's in the Drugs and Alchohol forum too. I have no idea what the hell is going on. Wait and we will get answers. Peace -- Posted by hippie john on 12:17 pm on Mar. ...

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What is the anarchy forum about???

-- Posted by IcedMetal on 5:00 am on April 6, 2002 In the description it says "No description nescacerry" HAHA -- Posted by qube on 2:45 pm on April 6, 2002 The Anarchy and Crime forum happens to be about Anarchy, and WOAH you guessed it Crime! LOL, sorry you probably thought you were really funny putting that and ive made you look foolish :biggrin: sorry d00d! And when Xpl0siv put "No description necessary ...

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chat room

-- Posted by FileShocker on 2:07 am on Mar. 8, 2002 Try to get it fucking working. -- Posted by somefukinsnapov on 3:08 am on Mar. 8, 2002 i dont think that will get u far ...but its worked for me,so what can one say........? -- Posted by FileShocker on 3:52 am on Mar. 8, 2002 I can not get this chat room to load. tried changing sever address. its no conecting. help please. -- Posted by vigilante on 3:32 am ...

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-- Posted by I HATE MY MUM on 11:20 am on Mar. 29, 2002 BOMBSHOCK IS GONNA BE TAKEN OVER IN TWO DAYS! YOU CUNTS WILL BE SORRY YOU EVER DISSED TOTSE, EVERYONE THERE FROM MODERATORS TO NEW MEMBERS IS ON THIS... I'M NOT JOKING. -- Posted by Creeper on 11:30 am on Mar. 29, 2002 Sez the one called  "I HATE MY MUM" Look, We never "dissed" totse as sutch. And Most of the Mods at totse are O.k.. Its just newb's li ...

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