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Hey Y`all

— Posted by DJClarkey on 10:22 am on Mar. 16, 2002

Firstly id just like to say this is THE most finest forum ONLINE… being a member is an exclusive right which I am privilaged to have!… Sounds a lil gay but hear me out! Every now and again Id come online an check this site to read some of the excellent messages that the fine members have put on! From slagin people off to your very handy information! Normaly id stay quiet an just read but because this forum is so real non of that bullshit other sad sites put on! Shit on this site really works like the scams etc… I feel i MUST sign up to tell you all your doing bang on jobs! Its great to find people who arent geeks makin this shit up! when really them geeks have never been on the street and wud never even know how to steal a car let alone make a bomb!  cause them sorta people get twated, So i feel it my duty to tell yall your doin a bang on job, not like the other geek little bastards makin stuff up on thier forums! Good job everyone keep this fine establishment of a forum running! Secondly i reckon you should have a forum just for general chat an stuff that way  whenever youve got something to say but dont know where to put it cause it dont fit into your catergories you can just chuck it in chat!…

— Posted by preditor on 1:42 pm on Mar. 16, 2002

Well I, personally as a member would like to thank you for what you have said and that you have just given this site one of the largest complements I have yet seen. I hope you have much to contribute here and I also hope you have much to gain here.

— Posted by jmb1125 on 5:09 pm on Mar. 16, 2002

Plus he has an avatar I haven’t seen before. lol. No, really, his idea is a good one.

— Posted by qube on 5:26 pm on Mar. 16, 2002

Yeah, this has been mentioned before and is good. And before someone says “why not just use the chat or IM?” thats hard because usually people arnt online or you want a wide range of replies which will show an unbiased opinion of what you think.
For example i wanna know what it says im logged in twice? Where can i ask that? If i wanna ask a question like that i reply to a thread and sneak it in so not to be flammed 😉 lol im such a bastard.

— Posted by Xpl0siv on 5:06 am on Mar. 17, 2002

i felt obliged to personally say thanks to you. there is a lot of work that needs to be done in the very near future due to the huge influx of members but i feel as though establishing this as a truely respected forum can be done.


— Posted by Critical Damage on 12:46 pm on Mar. 22, 2002

I think your 2nd point is a good idea Dj clarkey

— Posted by Ratty on 5:07 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

DJClarkey, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I wholeheartedly agree. although i think we should also thank the mods who help weed out all the shitheads.
What you said about being a member is a priveledge and not a right………….more people should keep that in mind!

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