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— Posted by peace on 1:36 am on Mar. 9, 2002

this site was started for learning purposes right? so whats with all the dicriminative newbe shit, the rules forum was very immature to say the least i mean if this site is directed to havoc envoking skills then let the little fuckers do so dont leave people to be un fulfilled.(dont let any law enforcements in the site either)

— Posted by Just0nePepsi on 10:25 am on Mar. 9, 2002

I hope you break your fingers so you can’t type no more!

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 2:36 pm on Mar. 9, 2002

I think the whole point is that you earn respect. Personally I like the rank idea, it gives the site a bit more flair and gives you a reason to keep coming back. Yuo can see who is respected and who isn’t and who has revelant points. It also presents each member with a bit more personality.


— Posted by Sicopath on 7:46 pm on Mar. 9, 2002

We were all Newbs once, but we made it through because we weren’t lazy, irrelevant and bitchy.

If you’re a newb and wanna get tha respect, don’t be lazy, irrelevant or bitchy.

Respect man.

— Posted by Zero Dark on 11:40 pm on Mar. 9, 2002

New old it dosen’t matter that much. ¬†you should listen to every thing each other say and don’t be to hard on the new pepole (though some of the new people have dumb things to say) you should all listen to each other who knows you might learn somthing…

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 12:29 am on Mar. 10, 2002

NO, NO, NO!! :angry:
Your missng the point entirely peace!!!
We dont hate newbs, we embrace them!
But the type of newb we dont like is the anarchy preaching cookbook loving newb who either spews out uncontrollable bullshit about “kewl ass smoke bombs” or sits there on their fatass and demands ppl to tell them how to make C-4 because they want to blow up their f’n school, and makes absolutely no attemp to look at the other posts, just goes on making new ones when they get pissed cause no-one anwsered their question immediatly!!
but if your just new we have nothing against you!
Just follow the rules and dont be either kind of the two types of newbs we hate and you’ll learn plenty and be well respected.

— Posted by Xpl0siv on 6:52 pm on Mar. 10, 2002

amen, TGM…


— Posted by preditor on 11:17 pm on Mar. 10, 2002

I know I did and said some stupid things when I was a newbie, (maybe not so much here as in other places) but what I had to say most of the time was a legitimate thing, evan if I might have been mistaken in some things I’ve said. a lot of the newbies here make some of the same mistakes I’ve made but don’t go about getting better or correcting the mistakes the right way, that is my problem with a lot of newbies. if I could make one word stick in every persons head here it would be THINK, that way if you mess up it’s justifiable. (and not as annoying)

— Posted by The Dark Avenger on 1:52 pm on Mar. 11, 2002

Anyone else have the feeling that TGM is turing into some kind of raging bitch? Get laid, man.

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 2:03 pm on Mar. 11, 2002

Yeah you could do with chilling out a bit, we’re not here to be shouted at. Midlife crisis?


— Posted by qube on 5:05 pm on Mar. 11, 2002

Jeez, he is a fucking moderator, as in he moderates bullshit etc, he is just trying to lay down the rules so it makes his job abit easier. Also no one has anything against the newbies, it would be nice to have a few more decent people in the forums rather than “smoke bomb” shit heads being stupid. To be honest with you, prehaps it aint TGM who needs to get out, maybe its you! Also shouting at people for being absolute pricks is his job as a moderator, id do the same, and id probably be just as pissed off as him at the state some people are acting, hmmmmmm cant wait for the rules ūüôā That will shut some people up. Peace out, also for the people who were saying they cant get the emoticon legend ages ago, next to the box you type your text there is a link saying “Emoticons are enabled” click that for the legend!

— Posted by Xpl0siv on 1:59 am on Mar. 12, 2002

Fuck man.. I praise the work TGM is doing to try to sort out what the fuck is going on in these forums.. I dont have the time, any time i have to spend on the site i prefer to spend it inputting files into the database, not sorting out the small bunch of weirdos that post shit in these forums and piss off all the members that actually are willing to share and ask normal questions.

Keep up the work man.


— Posted by rishka on 4:13 am on Mar. 12, 2002

That nasty little prick saying tgm is being bitchy , as well as this ‘mid-life’ crisis bullshit ,if you’re going to make comments like that about someone who is trying to get rid of all the scum that leave posts that piss you and everyone else off,just fuck off if you dont like it.
Personaly i think its great that there are admin people to get rid of little idiots who’ve got no idea. They take up space when they post that would be better off having perhaps your valuble comment. While their comments are on there , it will take you longer to scroll through that shit , to get to what you really want to know ,about whatever subject it is you’re interested in.
The moral of this story is ,dont make a comment about people who are trying to help you,unless its a good one.

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 11:19 am on Mar. 12, 2002

I got annoyed because TGM made some fuckin patronising comment about me in another forum when I was making a perfectly decent suggestion, I do appreciate the work etc.

Talk about fuckin brown nosing, Rishka. I’ve had good ideas on this forum and been sensible but don’t appreciate being heckled unfairly.

— Posted by rishka on 5:42 am on Mar. 13, 2002

brown nosing? where the fuck is your brain? oh let me re-phrase that , where did your maturity levels go?did you have any kind of maturiy at all?ever?
come on man , all im saying is , dont have a go at others , over something petty , and expect nothing in return.

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 1:13 pm on Mar. 13, 2002

“Where the fuck is your brain?” And thats very mature of course. I’m sure that Millenko can fight his own battles and doesn’t you sucking up to him trying to help. I’ve already backed up my comments, drop the subject.

— Posted by preditor on 10:50 pm on Mar. 13, 2002

What is with this controversey about TGM I’ve been reading lately?

Personally he has become too close to an “Authority Figure” in my mind, and as we all know, we mostly hate authority in all it’s forms. I think your dooing a great job TGM, but to some people you may seem too “High And Mighty” for your own good. I’m not supporting anyone who has anything bad to say about you, but just maybe help figgure out what the problem really is.

Keep up the good work TGM

— Posted by qube on 6:32 pm on Mar. 14, 2002

Most people bring shit on themselves, and if TGM wernt there to sort um out i dont wanna imagine where we would be!

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 12:33 am on Mar. 15, 2002

I can see how people might think that i’m too much of an authority figure, but surely you can see the difference between some donut munching pigger and a mod like me who merely wants to keep the k3wl newbs in check, even if i do come off angry or mean, you must admit that if i did’nt do what i do, this forum would look alot more like totse, not that it matters to the people at the explosives and weapons forum, to them the only forum that could possibly be of any worth is theirs, pfft. Oh and lay off rishka, she’s not brown nosing, she’s a friend of mine so don’t fuck with her :angry:

— Posted by rishka on 2:59 am on Mar. 15, 2002

hey mushroom boy , fuck off . if you want to start the insult game , go ahead . i couldnt give a shit , but i am not a brown noser , you dont even know me so dont even fucking start putting shit on me because ur lame-arse life is supposedly fucked.
go and kill yourself , you’d be doing the world a favour , as we’d all be safe in the knowledge that your defectives genes wouldnt be passed on to future arsewipes.

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 3:43 am on Mar. 15, 2002

Well if your gonna pull the maturity card on me as you did earlier, I think you’ve just lost.


— Posted by Sicopath on 3:44 am on Mar. 15, 2002

As far as I remember TGM is a teenager.
I think he has a mature state of mind for someone of that age group.
He takes his job seriously as well and most of his complaints are quite valid.
His delivery could use some work though, as most people seem to mistake his suggestions for “bitching”

— Posted by hippie john on 6:23 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

this is not a valid post

(Edited by hippie john at 12:54 pm on Mar. 18, 2002)

— Posted by hippie john on 6:24 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

sorry! I accidentialy double posted.:sad:

(Edited by hippie john at 3:25 pm on Mar. 17, 2002)

— Posted by rishka on 12:09 am on Mar. 18, 2002

dont attempt to pull one over me mushroom.you’ve been way out of line since the start , so back off.

— Posted by peace on 1:39 am on Mar. 21, 2002

wait how did this whole thing start,
or rather why not sort this whole thing out over a cup of tea?:cheesy:

— Posted by The Dark Avenger on 4:27 am on Mar. 21, 2002

Personally he has become too close to an “Authority Figure” in my mind, and as we all know, we mostly hate authority in all it’s forms. I think your dooing a great job TGM, but to some people you may seem too “High And Mighty” for your own good. I’m not supporting anyone who has anything bad to say about you, but just maybe help figgure out what the problem really is.


I guess that’s what I’ve been trying to say. I sincerely apologize for the way I have sounded in the past few posts I have made concerning TGM. I too think you, along with all of the other moderators are doing a pretty good job. I understand that it takes time to sort things out, but in the long run, I think this site will be a better more productive site. There are things I would do differently, but then again, if I want things done differently bad enough I’ll start my own site (I don’t see that happening).

I suppose what I’m trying to say is what preditor already said. “Figure out what the problem really is.” I’m really not trying to be negativly critical, but that’s how I come off sometimes.

— Posted by rishka on 4:47 am on Mar. 21, 2002

tea? who wants tea. get me some really strong coffee-burning the guts outta ya kinda stuff. and then i’ll be set

— Posted by Critical Damage on 12:39 pm on Mar. 22, 2002

Hey I may be a newbie but the rank system on this site is sweet

— Posted by Ratty on 4:31 pm on Mar. 22, 2002

I concur.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 1:30 pm on Mar. 23, 2002

Hey I know things have changed and all but I have a question:
Do Rishka and Mr. Mushrooms still hate eachother?
I know a little about rishka but I consider her very mature and a contributing member.
And for Mr. Mushrooms I think he is Very marture also and is very wise in many ways.
They both have my respect and when they fight… it bothers me. So are u 2 all cool now or do we need to see something happen?

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 2:49 pm on Mar. 24, 2002

Far as I know we’re cool, I was still new at thne time and I have apologised elsewhere and respect Rishka whatever her stance on the situation is.


— Posted by peace on 12:31 am on Mar. 28, 2002

   the more i think of it, I was talking too soon
¬†this site is kinda funner with the ranking, even though an affiliated member who made a post about how to make hydrogen ¬†sort of left out the fact that the formula in no way made hydrogen but chlorine gas…….. but im still alive so thats okay

— Posted by Da Bomb on 9:45 am on Mar. 28, 2002

DOES any1 know how to make a pair of nunmchuks

— Posted by Creeper on 9:49 am on Mar. 28, 2002

Try posting that under Weapons & Combat…
Then maybe you will get a more possitve responce. :angry:(Hides)

But Still a good point, how would you make some?

— Posted by Critical Damage on 1:21 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

How to make nunchuks has already been a topic so u should have looked there when it was on the topic was started by  emergency gangsta

— Posted by soulburn on 2:02 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

hmm two sticks and a fuckin string

— Posted by Creeper on 2:46 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

Nope… ¬†It would have to be chain.
But In a breef summary:  (Makeing this up off the top of my head)  

1   Large wooden pole.
About a meter of chain…

Cut the pole into 2 sticks the same length.
Hollow about about an inch at the top of each pole.
Buy some “staples” ¬†(A bent type of nail)
Nail the chain to the pole.

I’m talking shit. ¬†Bybye.

— Posted by soulburn on 4:39 pm on Mar. 29, 2002

go to a karate school and dish out 10 bucks. id say to steal it but the rooms full of ninjas

— Posted by Creeper on 4:54 pm on Mar. 29, 2002


In the uk numbchucks are very rare…. You can just hop over to france if you want them that bad.

— Posted by kingpin on 10:23 am on April 3, 2002

why would there be numbchucks in france????
you could always just use sumthing else like a baseball bat.

— Posted by Molitolv Volkov on 7:25 pm on April 5, 2002

heres an idea.


— Posted by rishka on 7:28 am on April 6, 2002

yeah roland , we’re both cooln now , so it’s all good. been ages since i was in this thread , so dats why havent talked in a while.
good to know mushroom

— Posted by rishka on 7:30 am on April 6, 2002

i know i double posted!! but my last one didnt come up after i submitted it , so i had to use another one, which is why im editing now . anyway , this place aint a cult , just some people are dickheads

(Edited by rishka at 7:32 am on April 6, 2002)

— Posted by kingpin on 11:25 am on April 8, 2002

the word dickhead doesnt descrcibe some ppl on this site (not naming names) but some ppl are just stupid, maybe they got dropped on their haeds as babies and its not their fault but, if they can operate a computer they should be smart enough to oh say know that a batterie wont explode if you throw it on the ground.
well thats my little whine for the night so bye.

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