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— Posted by deathweasle on 9:42 am on Mar. 16, 2002

ok, if you are a newbie or you are just here to right retarded spamming messanges like i like drugs or i like bombs, then this is the place for you

— Posted by preditor on 1:47 pm on Mar. 16, 2002

what right do you have to do this?:angry: it is by reading through the forum that a newbie will learn and retain information. by allowing them to come in and post stupid shit you are robbing them of an education. you also allow for more incoherent usless literature to cluster the sight, more useless info that we have to sort through to find what we are looking for. evan if you meen well, you are wrong!

— Posted by hippie john on 6:17 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

isnt there already a thread with this name? :confused:

— Posted by hippie john on 6:18 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

sorry I clicked on the wrong thread.

— Posted by STONNER420 on 12:18 am on Mar. 22, 2002

I have ganed alot of knowledge and with it i used it to make new things i love this site! 🙂

— Posted by STONNER420 on 12:20 am on Mar. 22, 2002

I do have 1 question how the hell can you make sleeping gas?????

— Posted by rishka on 5:38 am on Mar. 22, 2002

heres a suggestion for the newbies:
dont double post!!!!
and for christs sake , look through the archives BEFORE you ask any questions.

(Edited by rishka at 5:40 am on Mar. 22, 2002)

— Posted by Critical Damage on 5:34 am on Mar. 23, 2002

yeh i know i’m a newbie but we all have to edit it is pointless double posting just to get more posts

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