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— Posted by slimjim on 6:22 pm on April 3, 2002

I have a question about the forums and was wondering if it could be fixed or it was just me. I signed up 2 days ago with a account but i didnt get my password. so i signed up again yesterday. Still no password and i signed up for another account except this time it was with my aol account (the other accounts were signed up with hotmail and im positive the e-mail address i entered were correct cus i check the profile and it says the right address) and i recieved my password in like 2 secs i mean whats with that. cus i still dont have the passwords for my other accounts that i had planned on using.

BTW my suggestion for this site whitch i’ll add in this forum to save room is excellent the archives could use sum updating but other than that this site kicks ass.  And my compliments to Xplosiv and all the other moderators cus this job aint ez especialy with all these nooB’s runnin around the forums just like me.  Thanks for all the time and effort.

(Edited by slimjim at 6:28 pm on April 3, 2002)

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