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Pointless Threads

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 5:06 pm on Mar. 15, 2002

A lot of pointless threads posted by stupid newbies have been posted recently, like “my friend has a hot Mom” or “Who likes Dr. Dre?”. Why not allow only respected members and above post new threads, and when newbs have gained enough respect from posting relavent replies, then they can have the ability to start new threads. I say this because it’s annoying having to filter through the pointless, unrelated crap to get to useful information.



— Posted by largeidaccam on 6:21 pm on Mar. 15, 2002

post this in “justonepepis”‘s thread its called “my rules” sounds like a good rule

— Posted by shadowstalker on 7:06 pm on Mar. 15, 2002

But some people have a low post count because they only post things that they know about that will help people so if u only let respected members post new topics then u would let some of the gay people who post alot of shit start but not the people who actually help people.

— Posted by rishka on 5:48 am on Mar. 16, 2002

that i must say is a really good suggestion. its great when you come to a forum where there is no bullshit from newbies . u sail straight through, get your information , and off you go again.
i see a flaw in this plan though , for there would have to be some sort of communication through someone (between newbies and respected members) so that if someone wanted a new forum started on a diff topic , then they could have it started.
other than that , i like the sound of it.
and for anyone who posts crap , you could get them redirected to a totally un-related site if they try to enter bombshock.

— Posted by jmb1125 on 4:46 pm on Mar. 16, 2002

I would start a topic like “Who else likes nerd chicks?” but I’m not (that) suicidal.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 8:53 pm on Mar. 16, 2002

I’m with Mr. Mushrooms on this issue.
Alot of forums are really fucked up cuz of all the shit newbies put on there. There should be a perminant thread in every forum thats titled “misc” where anything Questions, responses, and other shit is posted. I mean when people start asking “who likes dre” I mean.. who cares? And there are SO MANY vending machine things on the anarchy forum.. i mean there IS NO WAY TO BREAK INTO THOSE WITHOUT THE KEY! but they don’t care! somthing needs to be done. :angry: really. it pisses me off.

— Posted by rishka on 9:27 pm on Mar. 16, 2002

well , i think the vending machine thing will stop once someone has figured out hte only way to get into one without the key . and then tells everyone . i would have thought that the only way to do it was to have a portable blowtorch and take the hinges off the door. and then take off the lock on the other side . but thats just me .
for anyone else who thinks that its simple to get into a vending machine in either australia or america is deluded.

— Posted by Mr Mushrooms on 11:08 am on Mar. 17, 2002

Yeah shes right, their not easy to infiltrate in the UK either. To be honest, most of the best suggestions are in the archives. I had an idea earlier which involved 4 or 5 people being put in charge of controlling posts, perhaps they could also dictate which posts go into the archives if they are sensible and well thought out?

— Posted by Roland49686 on 12:06 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

In anyway there needs to be people who will not abuse the privilage that can clean up the forums. Really. I mean alot of newbs are throwing shit around and spacing out the threads so you have to go find it. I’m trying to be more involved with the site now and I think MM’s new idea is great. With the 4 to 5 respected members that can clean up the forums and moderate them more. Let me know your feedback.

— Posted by hippie john on 6:02 pm on Mar. 17, 2002

i agree with rishka. let each of the moderators have their own forum and then if newbies have some good info the moderator can start a thread for them. 🙂

— Posted by Critical Damage on 12:57 pm on Mar. 22, 2002

I agree pointless threads should be scrapped

— Posted by Ratty on 4:28 pm on Mar. 22, 2002

I’m pretty new here but i also agree. I had it pointed out to me how much it pisses people off they they invest all this time and effort trying to create something productive, and new people come out of nowhere and water everything down with stupid shit. It probably feels like growing the most killer herb on the planet, then having some loser come along, tell you his dirtweed is just as good. then he adds it to your sack, and mixes it up.  Now you have a bag with some tiny green nugs surrounded by crap and you have to sort thruogh your bag for an hour to get any of the good shit.  Thanx for listening.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 10:52 pm on Mar. 23, 2002

I think this problem has been solved, like.. case closed since the new Mods came in.
(not that the old ones weren’t doing they’re job… they where just understaffed)

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