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Some Suggestions

— Posted by InsomnIaC on 12:20 am on Nov. 18, 2001

hey Xpl0siv this site is the best man and ive been reading ur sites since the Chaos Networks…. It might be pretty hard to do but the archives would be alot better if all the files were named… it would be alot easier to find what your looking for

Also—> the new side menu is awesome

— Posted by Xpl0siv on 12:24 am on Nov. 19, 2001

thanks man, read my posts in the topic about the archives in this forum.. it’ll let u know whats up

— Posted by Dman on 12:07 pm on Jan. 4, 2002

it would kick ass if nodoze was free…but i doubt that will ever happen…

— Posted by wampa stompa on 10:44 pm on Feb. 3, 2002

Um, just a little thing, xp10siv, you need to change the colour of the small text underneath the titles of the forums cos the army camouflage crap makes it near imposible to read. Oh, and, I been loging onto this site for ages and i am still a “new member” with ONE DAMN SKULL, don’tcha think i deserve some more and whats with the great milenko getting five stars. Whats up with that?


— Posted by Barker on 1:56 pm on Feb. 4, 2002

you get stars by posting i think it goes 51 for 1 star 102 for 2 and so on

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 12:32 am on Feb. 9, 2002

The reason i have more skull thingies is because i put in more relavent info, i dont just bitch about why i dont have as many thingies as the next person, if you genuinly have things to share with the forum then it wouldnt matter to you, besides it’s not like you get a prize if you have the most skulls lol, and i do recall the whole incident a while back with me a cypher so dont bother pointing that out!

— Posted by wampa stompa on 9:53 pm on Feb. 11, 2002

No need to get too agrivated. I was just asking. (Almost sounds like your feeling insecure. lol)

— Posted by balor on 3:44 pm on Feb. 12, 2002

How about Xplosiv if on the registration form for example you printed a thing reading something”all newbees who want to ask a question must first look through the archives and/or look through the threads to find an appropriate thread to post in or one that answers the question they were going to ask!It getting pretty annoying that a newbee posts a question in the wrong section or asks like the other day “how can I make a simple bomb” in a thread on how to get Nitric acid.His question could have been easily answered by looking through the archives and there is more than enough different threads to look at.
Anyway keep up the good work Xplosiv!!!

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 5:30 am on Feb. 14, 2002

*looks around scitsofrenically* WHAT!! >..
lol nahh i was just pointin it out for you 🙂

— Posted by irish man on 8:59 pm on Mar. 22, 2002

well i was new but now i got the hang of it but it is hard when u first come in

— Posted by mastamanny on 12:08 pm on Mar. 24, 2002

i suggest an iq test for all members.

Because there are some numb nuts around here that dont deserve to have any….

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