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This is weak!

— Posted by Randini on 1:34 am on Mar. 1, 2002

I posted a topic yesterday about paint bombs to mail to people and I set it up for it to let me know by e-mail, if I had gotten any replies. Well, I got three and I clicked on the link and it took me to a blank topic. I tried it again. Same results. It allowed me to reply to the message, but, there was no message. I know “Darkness” replied and 2 others. I can’t even find my original message. Do you know what’s up?

— Posted by Hergor on 10:09 am on Mar. 1, 2002

think that happens when somebody disrespects the etiquette…

you posted in the wrong section and now you’re complaining why the webmaster deleted your topic ?

(btw, the other responses to your thread were, that you would have been better off if you had posted it in another section: E&P, for example…)

— Posted by Just0nePepsi on 9:32 pm on Mar. 1, 2002

Lol your loss. People here don’t take no shit.

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 11:18 pm on Mar. 1, 2002

Yeah, it was me who deleted it i think, i cant remember if i delelted it or if i just locked it, but i said that why not just sort it out maturally and beat the fucker down!! either way it’s not the site that did it, it was somthing to do with your question.

— Posted by dellexo on 8:05 pm on Mar. 9, 2002

HaHa 😎

— Posted by qube on 8:26 pm on Mar. 9, 2002

Makes me giggle, not as much as Heart those…….HAHA 😀

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