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Where is this info located?

— Posted by Morgan Thomas on 7:08 pm on Mar. 15, 2002

Who put this ad / info on their website, that directs people to this website ( Bombshock. com)? Is it just BS?, or do I just not know where to look for the information they are speaking about? Here is the ad I’m speak of;

“Radar Jamming and Scrambling

With these documents you can learn the theory behind radar systems and how to jam them.

PLEASE NOTE! While the manufacture and use of radar jammers is not illegal, speeding is. We do not promote law breaking in anyway and if you speed you are not only risking your own life, but other innocent peoples lives as well. Please use this information *only* as information and to learn the theories behind radar systems and not for any other purpose..

Police radar systems have caused a lot of an uproar among people in recent times. “It is a breach of trust”, “They always get you at the places it doesnt matter” are some of the more common complaints. I, personally, were simply amazed by the technology and naturally, wanted to find how it could be beaten. So I conducted a lot of research, and with the help of a local officer, managed to develop a 100% successful radar jammer.

I teamed up with a few local electrical engineers and general nerds to examine the police radar system and find a way to jam or scramble its readings. You can learn the theories, and read about the way in which a police speed radar works, and view the plans on how I built my radar jammer.

After months of research, and help from people all around the world, we have come up with 5 individual documents about police radars and jamming them. Included is easy to read plans on how to easily construct a radar jammer out of easily come by parts. An amazing opportunity to get your hands on these amazing documents.




— Posted by Xpl0siv on 5:22 am on Mar. 17, 2002

the archive is being sorted out, this information is probably not in the database yet which means that you wont be able to find  it. i have the info and it will be available soon.


— Posted by Morgan Thomas on 11:47 am on Mar. 17, 2002

Thanks very much!!, If you happen to have it “handy” (easily retrievable) you could email me what you have at mmrmcthomas@aol.com or mcthomas@hiwaay.net .
I’ve went through numerous websites (hundreds) and this information is truly difficult to come by, or it is simply just too involved / difficult for anybody for anybody to figure out (which I have a really tough time believing).
The three ways to accomplish the task ( RFI interference from a modified CB radio, Jamming from a variable output Gunn oscillator, and “pinging” from a modified Ham radio) are all diverse approaches, and it just isn’t reasonable to believe that nobody on the internet knows how to do either of the three tasks. I have also seen some (what appeared to be “aimable”) EMP guns on this site & other ones, that would seem to provide the capability to accomplish a major victory in the war against traffic radar. Not only would “Ole Smokey” jump briskly out of his cruiser and fan his flamming dash pad ( where his radar gun had just suffered a spontaneous combustion) with his stiff brimmed trooper hat, his radio would be fried ( so he couldn’t call anybody up the line), and his ECM (cruiser engine control computer) would be fried so he couldn’t chase you either.  So many things would be frying at once he would scarcely remember his name, much less which vehicle he met when all this started happening. It might shake him up enough to drive him back into the auto repair trade ( which he was terrible at , prior to becomming a law enforcement officer). If you had no real emergency you could take the portable unit out of the car upon arriving home and when they eventually did pull them over their “look see” would be fruitless. If a State Trooper in a local circuit court in rural Alabama told the judge that he felt as if you had a EMP generator used against him, the judge would kindly agree with him, and tell him that he was “beeming him over” to a State mental institution for a nice long rest, just for kicks the judge might tell the clerk to enter the meetings of the hearing under, ” Captains log, Star date, etc.” just to humor the officer.
Please email me what you have/ can get hold of convienently.
Thanks again.    

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