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Why So Long?!

— Posted by jimy napalm on 7:21 pm on Jan. 19, 2002

PLEASE NOTE!! At the moment the actual files are protected by     password, this is because files are still being entered into the  database. As soon as all the files (all 4000+ of them) are entered into the database this password protection will be removed. I am setting this date at 15th december.
I and other members are begining to wonder if/when we’ll see your archive of 4000 files at this site. Your original deadline was the 15th Dec. 2001. You’re obviously not going to make that one and I’m wondering what a recent estimate might be.  I know this has been asked before, but could you please consider providing a set of zip files one for every directory?!

Thank you,
  jimy napalm.

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes religion.

— Posted by myachi on 11:43 pm on Jan. 19, 2002

The archives work fine for me

— Posted by jimy napalm on 12:12 am on Jan. 20, 2002

Are you for real?!
You mean you can view the links but not the files. Am I right?
If not what are they like?
Can you download all the files as one zip?

(Edited by jimy napalm at 12:18 am on Jan. 20, 2002)

— Posted by largeidaccam on 4:03 am on Jan. 20, 2002

alot of them work , but not all , yes your pretty much right

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