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-- Posted by shiftyswitchblade on 1:00 pm on April 4, 2002 i live in berrian county which is in Michigan by Indianan. i wanted to know were i would be able to buy a switchblade longer than 2" -- Posted by cort on 1:17 pm on April 4, 2002 i live in michigan 2     i jus go 2 gun shows            they dont have switch blades out on display but  jus ask 4 them some times they have some -- Posted by uni ...

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dirty Jokes

-- Posted by Mischeif on 6:54 pm on Feb. 25, 2002 This is preditor. this was originally about turning a bear into a molitof cocktail but it turned into dirty jokes so I changed the topic name (Edited by preditor at 5:00 am on Mar. 19, 2002) -- Posted by jmb1125 on 9:58 pm on Feb. 25, 2002 lame topic should be dirty jokes at least. (Edited by jmb1125 at 11:00 pm on Feb. 25, 2002) -- Posted by Just0nePepsi on ...

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flame thrower

-- Posted by johnny 99 on 11:51 pm on Mar. 15, 2002 Here is an Idea that i've been kicking aroundfor what should be a helluva good flamethrower. to buisy working to try it yet. I think that you should be able to take a standard dry ABC fire extinguisher, the one outside my window is rated for 500 psi empty it, fill it with your favoriteflavor af napalm about 3/4 full then chuck in some dry ice screw the val ...

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