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A gift from newbie

— Posted by gunnut on 10:52 am on April 7, 2002

BB zipgun: a party popper using straw as barrel
shoots 6mm BB, recent power test shows a BB is able
to shoot through 1 and 1/2 coke can, 3 layers of
alluminium pierced, and one left with a cracked hole,
with BB unable to penatrate….

Note: this weapon is very compact, and can be
consealed easily in pocket, it is just about 3/4 of
a pen….
Ideal PDW, a test also showed that a lobster is killed
with the BB pierced one inc deep into it’s head.
shot fired at 1 metre range….

— Posted by paladinpress on 12:45 pm on April 7, 2002

possible but Gas leak should be your main concer sense you are working with such a small amount of POTENTIONAL ENERGY to begin with but if you can kepp the leaks out and the barrell stiff in theory I would Guess-ta-mate fps to be about 30 maybe 40 remeber the size of you projectile and the dia of your barrell. I could go on but the idea is just cooky and I like it

— Posted by balor on 2:33 pm on April 7, 2002

This has been discussed before.What most people felt was that if it is only effective at 1 meter then why use it at all.why not use a knife,spike or something similiar that can be used a number of times and doesnt have to be reloaded.

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