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Combat weaponry of the Urban Fighter.

— Posted by Ronin1965 on 2:44 pm on Oct. 23, 2001

Depending on the lcation in which one operates it may become difficult to aquire some of these articles, but where there is a will there is a way. At times improvisation may be called for.
First weapon for ones defense should be the knife. A double edge blade with a good sturdy cross guard should be aquired. This weapon should have a blade from 4-6 inches in length. The blade should be made of either high carbon steel, or 440 stainless steel. High carbon is much easier to sharpen, but stainless is easier to care for(ie. rust). Double edged, so that you have a greater ability to slash in both directions instead of one. (Later discussion on use of said weapon will come.)
Next is the garrote. This is the easiest to aquire because it can be made in minutes. All you need are to wooden handles about 3.5 inches in length and some strong flexible wire or cord. If you use wire, be aware that youmay behead your victim and make a mess of yourself in the process. Recommended cord/wire length is at least 18 inches after you have threaded or tied it to your handles.
(Later discussion on use of said weapon will come.)
An Ice pick is always handy, and very easy to aquire at your local grocery store or liquor/beer store. No need for explanation on this one.
A blackjack or sap can be improvised by taking a pair of socks, putting one inside the other and filling with sand or extremely fine stone. Just enough to make a baseball sized wad in the bottom of the socks and tie off. Many a head has been knocked senseless if not crushed by a blow of this weapon.
Next is the firearm. Try to aquire a weapon that is used by either your local military/police forces. That guarantees a supply of ammunition/parts/magazines for your weapon by either black market or aquisition through more “complicated” means. Never the less, they are there. In this country the Sig 220/225, Glock19/17, Colt 1911, Beretta 92/M9, or any of the Smith and Wesson auto loaders, and last but not least, my favorite, the Browning Hi-power 9mm.
Next time, long- range weaponry, improvised weaponry, and eassentials to your basic survival.

— Posted by Saruman on 3:32 pm on Oct. 23, 2001

hmmm that’s good.

I like this site hey hey ūüôā

Am lookin forward the next ūüėČ

— Posted by methid on 5:09 pm on Oct. 23, 2001

Those are all good wepons but i have a wepon that even the jock guys will run from.  Its called poop on a stick.

— Posted by michael on 5:48 pm on Oct. 23, 2001

that poop on a stick sounds cool but a baseball bat with poop would be even better  and if you get a realy big stick put nails on it poison on the nails a decent amount of poop and then put gas on it and thwack some poor cunt over the head they will be realy fucked off

— Posted by ghostvandal on 9:22 pm on Oct. 23, 2001

yo do you have some tips on getting away of an armed fight with without any charges ?

— Posted by Physics on 10:10 pm on Oct. 23, 2001

Not getting caught normally does the trick.

— Posted by Hamish on 2:03 am on Oct. 24, 2001

you guys are amatures, you shold come to NZ we have people here that would mame you even if you had any of those weapons (except the gun purhaps?!?!) you want my advise cut with the kiddy items and by a pistol

— Posted by Lowman on 2:18 am on Oct. 24, 2001

i’ve been to NZ never seen thoses people ohh expect for that hugh maori cunt fuck he was big.

— Posted by Xpl0siv on 2:24 am on Oct. 24, 2001

Quote: from Hamish on 2:03 am on Oct. 24, 2001
you guys are amatures, you shold come to NZ we have people here that would mame you even if you had any of those weapons (except the gun purhaps?!?!) you want my advise cut with the kiddy items and by a pistol

Just thought i’d say that yo, i’m from new zealand and most motherfuckers over here are all shit. no one carries guns and shit, mostly knives and bats. But there are heaps of fools that think they tough but when it comes to the crunch they are bitches. but of course it depends where you live.

yo talking about jonah lomu? he’s all shit, just a sold out fool if you ask me, but yeah he’s big. but when it comes to it it aint the size that matters, its they way you can use your offences.

— Posted by Lowman on 2:31 am on Oct. 24, 2001

Don’t know his name but he had a strong punch

— Posted by Randomboy22 on 7:04 am on Oct. 24, 2001

im from new zealand

stuff is pretty peacful over here however there are quite a few unarmed fights

seriously if you wana get good at fighting i met this guy in the SAS he showed me a few moves but he said that the best fighitng to do is thaiboxing.

i do it now and belive me its very tough. its very good in street  fighting beacuase most of it is practical not theory so you learn how to fight confidently.. and you learn how opponents move. Thai fighitng involves fists elbows knees and feet (shins as this is the hardest part of the body esp when toughened to kill the nerves) but also do some grapling and learn to head but moves (head butting is very useful beilve me i haev used it lots in rugby games).

but out off all of this remember…no one can dodge or block a bullet….sop buy a robocop suit! ūüėõ hehe

anyway thaiboxing makes you lose a lot of weight and makes you fit and the girls love it! eheh so give it a go ūüôā

— Posted by Ronin1965 on 9:36 am on Oct. 24, 2001

My aim of this posting was meant for the urban guerilla fighter or freedom fighters. As for street brawls your main focus should be body organs, pressure points, and smaller bones which break easily and disable(ie. collar bone, fingers.) A punch to the sternum , depending on how hard it is hit can disable or kill. Cupping hands and slamming over the ears can disable and deafen. Palm strikes to the collar bone will shatter it and disable your opponent. It is harder for me to demonstrate all of this verbally, but in the future I will try.
I have studied Wing Chung, Tae Kwon Do, and Hwa Rang Do. All martial arts have their good points and bad.
Study as many as you can and glean the best of them to form your own system. But be careful with your sparring partners. Hate to maim or kill a friend in the attempt to improve your skills.
As for my experience and expertise, I am a former military Security Specialist , bodyguard, and bounty hunter in the U.S.

— Posted by Saruman on 12:52 pm on Oct. 24, 2001

For those who can’t have guns. I would advice the Tonfa

it is a kata’s weapon and easy t ofind in an armory without any fuckin’ licence ( hey I ‘m french and man to get a good ¬†weapon without the black market you have to wake you early) it can both strike and ward off attack.
You can stop a very strong strike from a base ball bat without any arm, It will be mostly go back in the wrists of your opponent you can srike legs to cause your ennemy fall down and temple to cause serious trouble for the victim. A great hit in the sternum will make the man stop breathing and cruxh him then …

It’s easy to use but martial formation of it really kick ass
It ‘s easy to hide in the day life ( i do easily)

Martial arts rules all in street fighting, Guns are not common upon morons that whant to fuck you up

— Posted by Saruman on 12:55 pm on Oct. 24, 2001

Sorry, I suck, I forget to tell for those who don’t see what a tonfa is : It s the black truncheon hold by some police force expacially in France.

And sorry for my suking english I do my best ;o)

— Posted by Lowman on 2:37 am on Oct. 25, 2001

Fuck that a baseball bat does just as good

— Posted by peter cosgrove on 5:15 am on Oct. 25, 2001


— Posted by Ronin1965 on 3:12 pm on Oct. 25, 2001

Thought this forum was for those who wanted to learn about weapons and combat. Tell ya what, you can bring out your ballbats, tonfas, and poop on a stick, but you wouldn’t last 15 seconds in real combat. There are those who want to learn to survive who might, and there are those who don’t and won’t. ¬†Also thought this was to be a forum serious about the subjects at hand.
Weapons and combat are not for children. ( For those of you that are serious I will post, you know who you are.)

— Posted by Saruman on 4:52 pm on Oct. 25, 2001

For my part i wanna learn, for my city though quite small you would say, is hmm a jungle with mad guys like me, breaking in all around. prowlers that are in bands and that really are morons, solution : Weapons, I don’t have time for the moment for learning seriously a martial art.
And well i like Fighting in fact too. This a few mad guy , friends of mine we have a little fight club I dont know if you saw the film or read the book.
To my mind men, It s better to be always ready for a good mayhem.

I m waiting for the next part of your teaching Ronin, I liked the first.

— Posted by Dwen Chan on 5:30 am on Oct. 26, 2001

I dono about all that but ¬†I’d go with a good Kukri, a .45 Colt and a sawn off Shotgun wif lotsa 00 buck for close- infighting. Just my 2 cents. ūüôā

— Posted by Ronin1965 on 10:14 am on Oct. 26, 2001

Dwen, you sound like you know your weaponry, especially for your terrain. In urban or jungle areas you can’t beat a shotgun. It is a good gun for contacts up to
50 yards with the right ammunition. Slugs of course are effective at longer ranges and for attacking barracaded positions.
The .45 is a very good weapon indeed. I carry a Taurus PT 945 on a daily basis with 3 spares mags. Forget the hollow points, worry more about shot placement than what a hollow point will do. You can drop a man just as quick with FMJ ammo as you can a hollow point if you hit him in the “kill box”. ¬†
As far as the Kukri is concerend it to is a great weapon to remove large pieces of your opponent. I myself use an Ontario Marine Raider Bowie knife for this. =)

— Posted by peter cosgrove on 9:12 pm on Oct. 26, 2001


— I’d like to say that if people write bullshit like this in my forums i will delete your account. These forums are serious and the topic starter wrote a serious and very valid post. Do not take away from the quality of his post by replying with bullshit like this!!


— Posted by thephreak on 4:19 pm on Oct. 28, 2001

Hey ronin your teachin’ is interestin’ but round where i live (england) no body carries a weapon and its all fist fights. i dont see any martial arts and all i recomend are a big set of muscles and some tough friends. i await your next installment with interest

— Posted by trevlin on 2:44 am on Oct. 31, 2001

Hey Ronin- ¬† I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. and my gang and I have to go through different types of weapons depending on what part of town we are going to be at. Sometimes we only take switch-blades, butterflies, or throwing knives. Other times, we take such weaponry as 9mm. Every once in awhile we even carry SMG’s. No matter where we are, we always have pepper-spray, pocket-size blow-guns(metal pipe, needle darts), brass-nuckles, handcuffs, and a small flammable spray can and lighter. In my vehicle, I have an assortment of guns, knives, and explosives that any gang-banger would do anything to have. I also have manuals on making bombs, ¬†guns, etc. A few of my contacts have even experimented with Anthrax. My personal knowledge and skills, include: street-fighting, little Tae-kwon-do, weapon mastery, programming, hacking, cracking, phreaking, “street smarts”, and more. I have a gang of 26 men. Each of us also have different connections and access to various things. We hardly ever need to fight, but when we do, we win, and we don’t get caught. We have only lost one man; he was taken out by a sniper while dealing guns(black market). ¬†Anyway, I would like to know what knowledge, skills, connections, weapons, etc. you have. Please contact me at juddy100@hotmail.com.

(Edited by trevlin at 2:46 am on Oct. 31, 2001)

— Posted by TheMethod on 7:56 pm on Oct. 31, 2001

hey trevlin you and you people travel alot?

— Posted by GR3MLIN on 7:45 pm on Nov. 1, 2001

yo sup?
I’m from OZ and there’s not much goin down here at the moment.
interested in getting some contacts for weapons etc. me and my boys rely on a fast get away from any job, so that requires a fast car. also the best thing i’ve used lately was the humble Bicycle Chain. stays out of site in a pocket till needed and then kicks ass.

— Posted by Ronin1965 on 3:18 pm on Nov. 2, 2001

Quote: from trevlin on 2:44 am on Oct. 31, 2001
A few of my contacts have even experimented with Anthrax. (Edited by trevlin at 2:46 am on Oct. 31, 2001)

Well, I must say that I will not contact nor associate with anyone who would contact or associate with anyone who has experimented with anthrax.
You should know that what you have stated has already singled you out for surveillance from just about every federal agency imaginable, not to mention foreign intelligence agencies. Whether you are full of shit, or you truly know someone is one thing. But, for conversation we will say you are full of shit. You have just brought down the wrath of a national security apparatus that will see to your destruction just because you wanted to talk shit. I kid you not, you fucked yourself and your buddies talking shit like that. Guess we’ll be seeing you on TV as a SWAT team vaporizes
your ass to hell.
I was posting for those who would fight against a tyrannical or despotic government. Also for those that want to learn for self defense in the more dangerous parts of the world, and those who are students of warfare. Not gangbangers that blow innocents away because they don’t know the difference between fire control and just pointing a weapon into a crowd. I watched a 5 yr old get her head blown away because some punk with an AK-47 thought it would be cool to fire into a crowd in a city park. What if it were your kid, your sister, or neice. Would it be cool then. If you have an enemy you eliminate your enemy, not an innocent.
There is a difference between a pro and an amatuer, or a true soldier(freedom fighter) and a terrorist. Only some jerkoff cowards would use anthrax. Sorry people, but I am pissed off. If any of you are true students, contact me. I will no longer post this board. It needs to be moderated badly.

— Posted by Sicopath on 4:54 am on Nov. 3, 2001


I carry around a nice switchblade, it’s a really sharp 440.
Only for defense, my knowledge of offensive knifing is quite limited.

— Posted by trevlin on 1:57 pm on Nov. 3, 2001


I have not talked to the guys who were messing with @nthrx since they were arrested a few years ago. The FBI got them, they were living in a little town north of Las Vegas, called Logandale, or maybe it was Overton. I had only talked to them once or twice, and it was not about anything like weapons or @nthrx. It was just like a “hi” “how are ya” thing. I did not even know he had an interest in anything like that until it was exposed on the news that the FBI had raided their places and arrested them. You probably heard about it, or could find out about it. One of their names was Bill Leavitt, I beleive. Not sure about the first name, but positive about the last name.

— Posted by RythemStealth on 8:06 pm on Nov. 3, 2001

I have a nice dagger, its meant for show, but got it nice and sharp, oh by the way if your in the Uk, always keep the items consealed and wrapped in a bag, otherwise you can be arrested for possession..

This is were i got my dagger “Fantasy Dagger”


Ill post the rest of my links up if you want them

“Stealth is Strength , do not hesitate”

— Posted by Cypher on 10:23 pm on Nov. 3, 2001

Ronin if really interesting and id like to learn more plz continue posting or start a new one. plz! ūüôā

— Posted by FancyPants on 3:41 am on Nov. 5, 2001

hehe ronin iz cool

— Posted by Ronin1965 on 2:22 pm on Nov. 6, 2001

Due to many requests I will return. Lets just keep it simple. Whatever you guys want to learn more about, post request to:


From there I will make up a regular post on this board.
Remember it might take me a while to fulfill request, but I will do this as quick as humanly possible. Family(5 kids) comes first. =) ¬†Guess you can say I keep the wife busy….hehehehe

— Posted by cutechick on 6:44 pm on Nov. 6, 2001

Some of you guys are truly scary mofos. I’m afraid I don’t understand going out all tooled up with all these weapons. Do you have to do that in the US for protection?

In NZ noone carries weapons. It is all unarmed. It is really fookin rare for anyone to have a knife. Even so – you can pick em they look different, they gots an energy about them.

Anyhoo I hope noone here is looking for a fight cause there tends to be only one winner, and you never know what the other guy has done in the past.

In the movies we only ever see and hear about the winner, but we forget about the loser – the guy with the broken leg, sternum or the guy who got dead.

Ronin seems to know what he is talking about. I reckon he should talk some more.


— Posted by Sicopath on 10:55 pm on Nov. 6, 2001

I’m in NZ,
Down here, the trick is, don’t fight fights you’re sure to lose.
Killing is only second-instinct, I really want to worry about soap-dropping.

— Posted by wampa stompa on 1:13 am on Nov. 7, 2001

I can’t believe so many people have been or live in Nz on this site (me also). I find if you want to avoid fights without offence, pull out a BB gun they look real and scare people majorly. ¬†

I learnt this from my kid brother

— Posted by The Great Milenko on 5:03 am on Nov. 7, 2001

Yeah ima hafta agree with Cypher on this one, ronin your a true inspiration and i was reading about “trevlin” and his “escapades” now either he’s telling the truth and he has just had some amazingly hard to beleive expeiriences OR he’s trying to sound good and is probably (and sounds like) a 10-12 year old like for instance “one of my friends was taken out by a sniper while dealing weapons (black market)” hmm is it just me or is it a little suss for a sniper to automatically take out a guy who simply dealing illegal weapons why wouldnt they just aprehend him like normal cops do =/
anyway i’m not here to judge ppl just to say that you rock ronin and keep it up ūüôā

— Posted by Ronin1965 on 2:34 pm on Nov. 7, 2001

I have read over some of the post and have noticed that most of you have a good bit of common sense.
One of the most efficient ways of protecting oneself is to use that common sense. Avoidance is one way of accomplishing this.
1) Always travel in pairs if not groups.
2) When walking down the street always be aware of your surroundings.
3) Avoid areas know for crime and violence.
4) For some of you, avoid the drug scene if possible.( I know a little weed calms the nerves, but be smart and avoid buying from someone you don’t know.)
5) If you notice what looks like a rough crowd ahead, cross street or turn around and take another route
6) And last but not least, run like hell.

I know that doesn’t sound like a tough guys way out, but I’d rather be alive than dead. But If you end up in a corner, then defend your life to the best of your ability.
Keep in mind though that most of these confrontations are for keeps. Do not let up for one minute, or it could be your last. Will be posting on knife and garrote soon.

— Posted by trevlin on 5:25 pm on Nov. 7, 2001

I would just like to say something in reply to The Great Melinko’s comment on me. First of all, the sniper was not a cop, he was another black marketer who didn’t want to pay for his stuff. He killed my freind so he could take all of his merchandise, and he succeeded.

No I have a question about something you said, “i’m not here to judge ppl just to say that you rock ronin and keep it up”. Why did you judge then? I mean, if you were only trying to say “Ronin rocks” and “keep it up”, why didn’t you just say that? If you really weren’t here to judge people, you would have not judged me.

On another thought, it takes judgement to see that someone “rocks” and that they should “keep it up”. Although this is a positive judgement, it is still judgement. Therefore, you should not have said anything about judging people.

— Posted by Vertigo on 6:12 pm on Nov. 7, 2001

Trevlin, please keep your indignity to yourself.  This is a COMBAT  posting forum, not textual abuse.  Milenko, never doubt until you see for yourself.  Play nicey nicey now.  Ronin, respect for your knowlege.  Please post again soon.

— Posted by trevlin on 10:48 pm on Nov. 7, 2001

Vertigo, thanks for reminding us what this forum was for. I have a suggestion…

Because of the popularity and knowledge that Ronin has, I think it would be very nice to have a newsletter sent out by Ronin. People can sign up for it here, then, if Ronin is for this, he could send a newsletter out to those interested. Pretty much just like posting here, except his spectacular lessons will be sent to us.

— Posted by Sammael Xhaos on 11:08 am on Nov. 8, 2001

Following Ronin’s teachings and wondering about longer range weapons, even if I already got my doubts about his hardware recommendations (H&K PSG 1 for those who have enough money… cheaper M1s when you lack of cash), technical counseiling would be welcome.

NOTA : You said there was a difference between terrorism and Freedom fighting… but by definition both are terrorism, the use of violence to affect political reality… USA has been “liberated” from British dominion this way, French Republic too, and in this time it was OK… today terrorism became pejorative because it is oriented against the occident, no more reason.

P.S. : Pardon my approximative english, I come from Quebec, and sorry to make trouble for a single word, I couldn’t resist.

— Posted by Ronin1965 on 2:18 pm on Nov. 8, 2001

I have not got into long range weapons yet due to other request. Yes, if you have the money there are many long range weapons I feel are more than adequate. The HK PSG-1, HK G3SG1, Steyr SSG, Springfield M1A, Robar SR-90. If you are in a bind for cash, A surplus large ring Mauser action, rebarreled to .308, fiberglass stock, Leupold scope, and a Harris bipod is a good start. For a good scope you must pay>
Leupold, Kahles, Unertl, Zeiss,and Hensoldt are by far the best. For ammunition I use Federal .308 match grade 168 grn boat tail , hollow point.
As far as the difference between a true freedom fighter and a terrorist , I can tell you the difference. A freedom fighter will not terrorize and attack civilians. (Not if he has a brain in his skull.) He will show the people how weak his adversary is by assaulting his soldiers, policemen, and politicians. Not the innocents whom he represents or wishes to win over to his side. The death of civilians is totally unacceptable. Of course there are those that claim to be freedom fighters that have no problem with killing innocents.  Now to clarify something, an informer is a target, a collaberator is a target. Once someone has chosen a distinct side and made this known publicly or privately and has become known, he is a target. Children of any age are NOT targets!
Yes, governments wage war and many die. But to be morally upright as a freedom fighter you must be above governmental morals. You must be a hero to the people, not a villian.

— Posted by RythemStealth on 4:18 pm on Nov. 8, 2001

All though I do agree with Ronin, about children and innocents being killed, isnt this inevitable?

Fighting from within and being a freedom fighter often results in the deaths of innocent people..

Having morals when fighting is essential, most freedom fighters, and i use the term loosly kill innocent people in so called rebel attacks..

Remember the police, politicians and militiary staff are people to, life is precious..

All though i live in england, i have had experience with various firearms, but id like to ask everyone a question..

What long-range weapon would you recommend that is easily condensed I.E into a small box, and hidable…

Often sniper rifles and long range rifles are often quite large and cumbersome..

Rythem & Stealth
“Life is precious, so protect your own at all costs”

— Posted by Vertigo on 5:28 pm on Nov. 8, 2001

Another important distinction between terrorists and freedom fighters: ¬† Freedom fighters tend to stay at home, whereas terrorists like to pick on the neigbhors. ¬†Assaulting a destructive and corrupt government is not the same as flying overseas and blowing up someone else’s shit.

— Posted by Sammael Xhaos on 11:48 pm on Nov. 8, 2001

So you are considering USA as the greatest terrorist in history… Attacking USSR back from 1917 to 1991, and often by conflicts in other country (like Viet-Nam and Corea) to stop communism. CIA even organised the hijacking of two planes on september 11th, 1973, planes that crashed on the govt. palace. Sounds familiar ? It was only to get Augusto Pinochet (accused lately of crime against humanity) on the head of Chili’s government… just to get rid of the communist-looking democracy that annoyed the White House. I am not anti-american but their external politics really give me the creeps…

— Posted by Ronin1965 on 8:45 am on Nov. 9, 2001

It seems to me that in South Korea and in South Vietnam, the people did not want to be dictated over by communist. Oh, and by the way, what did Russia and China do with the prisoners of war the borrowed from N. Korea and N. Vietnam during these conflicts.
Lets look at Tianemen Square. We see what communism stands for. The squashing of natural law and rights. The squashing of your right to live where you want, work where you want, say what you want. Hmmmm, sounds to me as if you embrace communism with the examples you have given.
I do not neccesarily support every action that our government has taken, though the latest one I do.
But as I said when war is waged there must be a higher moral ground for the freedom fighter. Yes there will be accidental civilian casualties, but it must be known that any done purposely, and with malice should be dealt with swiftly and finally.  Vertigo also pointed out that freedom fighters are on their own turf. They do not take the fight to another land.

— Posted by Ronin1965 on 8:54 am on Nov. 9, 2001

This is a quote from Sammuel Xhoas:

“even if I already got my doubts about his hardware recommendations (H&K PSG 1 for those who have enough money… cheaper M1s when you lack of cash), ”

When did I ever post that?????  Not until you brought out this subject did I reccomend any hardware. I hope you also meant the M-1 Garand and not the M-1 carbine.
Two different weapons, big difference. Carbine only for light duty and close in combat. The only reccomendations were for close combat with improvised or easily obtainable weaponry. A freedom fighter may only start with those types of weapons because of ease of concealment. Then after the fight has progressed ,he can appropriate the the weapons of his enemy arm himself and other comrades. This is called creative resupply. =)

— Posted by RythemStealth on 2:00 pm on Nov. 9, 2001

I think that you`ve all made valid points, communism, capitalists, there is a difference, but we are all human and every country has its cross to be carried…

Im not against the middle east, but i think as such:
“every action, has an equal or greater reaction”

No one can stand by and watch innocent civilians die, america has the total support of the British goverment, and my total support…

Terrorism and Freedom Fighting, there is no distinguishable line, to divide these to..

In the past, we British thought the americans were terrorists, when trying to free there land…
The americans believed they were freedom fighters…

Neither is right and neither is wrong, there is only one truth to this argument, terrorism and freedom fighting do work and will always shock and spread fear throughout there targets, i am severely against attacks against any target by terrorist/freedom fighters..

My sympathy and prays go out to those families who have lost love ones..

“War is good!, for nothing but the crows”

(Edited by RythemStealth at 2:02 pm on Nov. 9, 2001)

— Posted by Sammael Xhaos on 6:23 pm on Nov. 9, 2001

Just to clarify my politic beliefs… I hate everything that tries to convince people that “THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH, DON’T ARGUE WITH AUTHORITY, IF YOU THINK WE ARE WRONG, YOU ARE WRONG”. I believe that a few parts capitalism, a few parts communism, a few parts despotism, etc. and a lot of good could be better than what we have anywhere on this planet right now. Nevertheless, I don’t say that USSR’s communism (which was far from Marx’s projects, really miles away :P) was better than USA’s capitalism (which is probably at his best), but both ways to use other countries to fight one another is strongly condemnable. As for middle East… we can’t make people pay for the crimes of a minority of violent terrorists which consider themselves as freedom fighter that think the oppressors are the occident… and that may be right in what they say, it’s only a question of interpretation : american troops ARE really on arabian ground since ’91… So anyway this is it… I only condemn USA because USSR is officially dead, hard to get them lower so don’t see any discrimination…

Ronin, I didn’t speak about anything you said before when I spoke about hardware recommendations, I just meant that since you seemed to be experienced, you would have recommended those weapons of great quality — or am I a medium ?? (never touched a PSG-1, though, even if I would really love it). For the M1, it was the Garand, even if I wouldn’t spit on the carbine in closer firefights, as you described.

— Posted by Justeu on 6:55 pm on Nov. 10, 2001

i see here a lot of disscussion about guns and i think that the best weapon is AK 47

— Posted by MasterSpy on 7:31 pm on Nov. 10, 2001

Justeu, I am just wondering what your reasoning is for having the AK-47 as your gun of choice. I mean, what makes you choose it over others? The AK-47 sure is fun to shoot, but I wouldn’t rely on it for accuracy(just my opinion). Ronin, what do you have to say about the AK-47?

— Posted by Justeu on 8:01 pm on Nov. 10, 2001

MasterSpy, in my country (Romania) our army regular weapon  is AKM Рa modified version of AK 47 (AK 47 is made in Russia, AKM in Romania ) Рand i shoot with those guns : they have a good range ( are effective at over 500 meters ) and with a little practice almost everyone can shoot and kill a human target at 400 Р500 meters.
A lot of people (especially in NATO country’s ¬†) say’s that AK 47 and his versions are “terrorist weapon” because they are easy to use, reliable and you can use them in all enviroments : urban guerilla, mountain resistance, distance accurate shoot ¬†etc.
And everyone can shoot with AK 47 Рin Bosnia War i heard about kids,  14 years old shooting very nice with that weapon ; and was a rumour that a mercenary from ex- USSR have a splendid head-shoot against a bosniac soldier from over 800 meters Рaltought  is a little hard to believe that.      

— Posted by Sammael Xhaos on 9:04 pm on Nov. 10, 2001

And used AK’s cost less than 5 $ US to buy in Africa… It’s worth the trip ! Buy a thousand, sell it here for 100 $ a piece…
Seriously, as far as I know, a reliable weapon with a good range, good firepower, simple to use…

— Posted by MasterSpy on 5:34 pm on Nov. 11, 2001

That is very interesting to know, Justeu and Sammael Xhaos. Thank you for sharing that. I have only shot 2 different AK-47’s, and I probably didn’t shoot more than 200 rounds. So perhaps the lack of practice and experience with the gun, was my problem. Are there any other guns that you would suggest using?

— Posted by Saruman on 7:42 am on Nov. 12, 2001

The Ak-47 is getting old. there are others models that kick really some ass (beliving stats)
Let’s take a look at
for more information
I like expecially The AK-103 that weight 1 kg less than the 47 and is more effective.
you can also order AK-74 and AK-M at http://www.okhotnik.ru/
But you receive only in Russia, Pratical for European :
Let’s have a trip in russia, buy some , and pass the finland/Russia Border, there s no a lot’s of people and finding somewhere to pass would be easy.
Then all the borders from finland to spania, Italia, Irland , etc all Borders are open, Let’s just hide your AK
I plan to have the trip, one day

— Posted by Ronin1965 on 3:25 pm on Nov. 12, 2001

The Kalashnikov series of rifles are by far, more dependable weapons than most. Though from my experience anything past 300 meters with the 7.62×39 round is a waste. Now on the other hand, those weapons chambered for the 5.45×39 round is far superior in accuracy and range. Also the round itself is designed to do much more considerable damage than the 7.62 round. The AK series definately knocks the M-16/AR-15 weapons out when you consider reliability.
Though the M-16 does outstanding when distances come into play.  One weapon I have not tried yet is the Dragunov sniper rifle, also from the same family of weapons as the AK, but chambered for 7.62x54R. I hear that if you can get the sniper ammo(which is hard to get here) it is very accurate. But when using the ammo designed for the Moison-Nagant bolt action(which is easy to find) it really sucks.
Believe me, with an AK rifle, a few spare parts and magazines, you can probaly count on the rifle to last you your lifetime.

— Posted by MasterSpy on 4:07 pm on Nov. 12, 2001

Ronin-You seem to have very much experience and knowledge when it comes to weapons, combat, tactics, etc. I am relatively new to this type of stuff. And I don’t spend much time learning or trying new weapons, combat, tips, etc. I would however, like to know more. I have read your posting that taught how to fight with knives, like the stance, holding, areas to hit, etc. Can you do the same thing with guns? Maybe a little on pistols, rifles, automatics, etc. It would be very much appreciated, I thank you in advance.

— Posted by MasterSpy on 5:05 pm on Nov. 12, 2001

Vertigo and RythemStealth, I just barely went back to the “Knife, Icepick, Garrote” topic, and read your posts on different ways to use, stand, etc. If you could give some more of your insightfulness on pistols, rifles, automatics, etc., that would be great. And anybody else that has good stuff to share I would invite to do so as well. Thanks.

— Posted by RythemStealth on 9:19 pm on Nov. 12, 2001

Thanks MasterSpy, I only have a limited hands-on knowledge of firearms..

Im not going to pretend to know loads about firearms, i dont like people who state stats of weapons, i prefer hands on knowledge..

My specialist areas are explosivesarmed-unarmed combat.

But the experience i have had with rifles/shotguns etc has served me well.

As most people point out above the ak47 is built to be tough durable and powerful and cheap to manufacture..

Take the AK history and the M16 carbine history..

The AK has always been a more reliable weapon, it can be used from freezing to tropic temparature and alot of the time requires little servicing..

My personal weapon of choice would be the
glock 36 .45

I know, I know its not a rifle or PSG or anything, but in most street combat you`ll need stopping power and speed are of an essence..
Also concealment from the authorities is also vital, unless you want a prison sentence…
Also the glock pistols are v.safe and accurate..

Rythem & Stealth

(Edited by RythemStealth at 9:24 pm on Nov. 12, 2001)

— Posted by Ronin1965 on 3:24 pm on Nov. 13, 2001

I can try to give you some info as soon as I finish my class tomorrow. Only dropping in to say hello.        
RythemStealth, Vertigo, ¬†I feel can cover as much ground and then some when it comes to getting things down on the board. I am new at this, and sometimes my words don’t exactly fit my thoughts. LOL. I have trained people for 8 years in various defensive techniques, especially pistol. But doing in person is different from trying to express it online. Much of the techniques will cross over. If you guys have any imput, or I seem to gloss over anything, feel free to critique.
If you have any specific questions you can e-mail me or catch me on ICQ. #62144653

— Posted by Vertigo on 2:21 pm on Nov. 15, 2001

Thank you Master Spy and Ronin1965. ¬†You confidence in me is slightly misplaced though. ¬†Pistols and rifles….firearms of any sort really…I have sorely neglected in my personal studies. ¬†I have always been of the opinion that if I am willing to kill, I may as well go in and do it right. ¬†Bullets miss, fingers refuse to squeeze triggers. ¬†A solid fist, a knife, or a well timed chair shot on the other hand, have a bit more “penache”.
Yes I realize this can be a dangerous attitude, but fighting is inherently dangerous.  Dead is dead any way you look at it.  
If you want my best qualities, ask for improvised weapons.  ACE Hardware absloutely rules.

— Posted by Sicopath on 9:35 pm on Nov. 18, 2001

as far as guns go, pistols are the most versatile.
Silencers are illegal in lots of places and I can’t see them being used in any lawful manner so I won’t mention much about them. Their saving grace is their ability to lower bullet velocity, so you have less chance of killing anyone and going to prison (i’ll assume none of you enjoy sodomy).
When someone has a bulletproof vest on, they can still feel the shock from impacts, so never let up your barrage, you’ll leave the enemy winded.

In all street fights, an empty hand is essential to have, the stopping power of a hit to the solar plex is incredible, i’ve had the misfortune to experience it a couple of times,.. so, yeah… Fists are quick to use and comfortable to carry around, that’s my motto.

— Posted by lifeanddeathmc on 3:42 pm on Jan. 24, 2002

A nice street weapon that really tears the fuck out of flesh, is a expanable baton with the little ball on top removed, and a old clutch cable inner hanging out of the top.

— Posted by lifeanddeathmc on 3:52 pm on Jan. 24, 2002

Ronin, what are your thoughts on the F.B Radom vis mod 35, the early models, not the nazi models.

— Posted by mutedogg on 8:54 pm on Mar. 10, 2002

No disrespect to the man, but why the hell are all of you licking Ronin’s nuts? ¬†Based on his posts one can conclude that he doesn’t know THAT damn much about fighting and weaponry, ESPECIALLY when it comes to firearms (not that any of you do). ¬†Just a bunch of punk ass pussy rejects. ¬†9mm and 7.62×39 soviet? ¬†What.. the.. hell……where you thinking? ¬†I doubt half of you have actually shot a fire arm before, let alone fully understand the terminal balistics and effects of a gun. ¬†I suggest some of you get off of your lazy asses and research a little on your area of interest,and then get some first hand experience. ¬†

¬†If you are going to be a lil bitch and not handle your problems with your fists, at least know what the hell your depending on to save your ass with. ¬†Sorry to come off as rude and what not, I forget that most of the posters on this thread are whiney pussy posers who wouldn’t know a switchblade from a butterfly knife, or an Armalite AR-10 ¬†from a H&K 91.

¬†But a little tip, if you want to sound bad ass, use a caliber that will actually make you sound like you know what you are talking about, and has impressive performance on armor (i.e. 10mm, 50 A.E. Magnum, 454 Cussull, .308 Win, .50 BMG), none of this .223, .308 short (7.62×39), or 9mm bullshit. ¬†

If you were my kids I’d have to sell you to a biker named Irv. ¬†And if your over 20 I’d tell you to get a job, and get a life!! ¬†get a wife and some pussy, too. ¬†and if you aint straight, then get the hell off the internet you perv!!!!!!!

— Posted by Moono on 4:20 am on Mar. 11, 2002

To all who want a solid consealed wepon, simply go to the local super market, grap a trolley and get the handle. these things do a fair amount of damage. (different shops have different trolley polls)
these are easy to conseal coz they are thin and not too long. Under a jacket is probebly the best way.

— Posted by loneseal on 8:14 pm on Mar. 18, 2002

been reading all these posts about killing, i read this in a book once and it is what i live by: evade at all costs. if you cannot evade then injure, if you cannot injure then maim, if you cannot maim then cripple, if you cannot cripple then kill.

— Posted by None on 5:56 am on Mar. 19, 2002

moono, are u from australia per chance? trolley poles are very popular here… every shopping centre has a whole collection of handleless trolleys in its car park.
not exactly a weapon, but good for self defence in an emergency, an IV syringe is a good last resort, even the tuffest of cunts would shit bricks, especially if u look drug fucked or sumthin.

— Posted by Meta4ce on 1:42 pm on Mar. 20, 2002

quit reading that damned anarchist’s cookbook.
It’s kinda outdated…I got an original copy…somewhere.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 4:35 pm on Mar. 20, 2002

I used to be in a gang and I think I’m gonna start gettin back in that. Anyways We weren’t too serious about shit like black market and all that.
We only took out people that diddn’t deserve to live. I confess I’ve killed only one person. But the others were always getting kills. This one guy took count by cutting his leg. He had like.. 60 cuts. Shit. I’ve seen the bodies and I know that it did happen.
For urban warfare I would use a 9mm. Shit. I don’t need an assult rifle untill I get serious about it.
(to all the lying motherfuckers! you know who u are. Ur gay to be lying in an online forum.)

— Posted by Meta4ce on 1:18 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

Quote: from Roland49686 on 4:35 pm on Mar. 20, 2002
I used to be in a gang and I think I’m gonna start gettin back in that. Anyways We weren’t too serious about shit like black market and all that.
We only took out people that diddn’t deserve to live. I confess I’ve killed only one person. But the others were always getting kills. This one guy took count by cutting his leg. He had like.. 60 cuts. Shit. I’ve seen the bodies and I know that it did happen.
For urban warfare I would use a 9mm. Shit. I don’t need an assult rifle untill I get serious about it.
(to all the lying motherfuckers! you know who u are. Ur gay to be lying in an online forum.)

you one of them asian BTK (born to kill – some squad) cats? because I know a viet crip and they do some ill shit like cutting themself after catching a body…I’d never confess to a body on here…that’s how you get caught…believe me, they’re on it.

— Posted by GRINCHMEIZTER on 1:31 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

roland let me guess youre a cop killer.

— Posted by Roland49686 on 6:41 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

Grinch ur cock sucking poser. Grow up.

— Posted by Critical Damage on 5:54 am on Mar. 23, 2002

those weapons are good ronin

— Posted by logan on 7:01 pm on April 7, 2002

Heres a letal weapon, that no one should be without. First, go out and buy a flag. take one of the poles, these can be used as they are, but I’ve always gotta push the envolope. take duct tape, and tape one end. make sure you close the bottom. make, and pour cement down the top, and pack as thightly as poss. before you do this, drill about 4 holes in the top part, so when you fill it with cement, it’ll stay in the pipe. Take electrical tape (duct tape isn’t a good handle), and cove the duct tape on the handle. The last step is to take a engraver, or drill, and engrave the name, “The Shit-Head Beater” near the handle. This works best if it’s only about 2 1/2 feet long. try not to go above 3 1/2 feet. You can’t swing it as well, if you do. Presto! “The shit-head beater”, or at least thats what I call it. If its small enough (2-2 1/2 feet), you can carry it in a school sack, or like me, with all your other weapons, in your trench coat. You can also take a hollow pipe, cover the end, and place a little circle of cardbord in the bottom, so the tape isn’t sticky, fill half way with little lead files, or (and this works best), fill with fiber-glass fileings. find a computer chair, back grip. it’s used to cove the sharp pipe, on cheep chairs. you can also use any other non-perminant cap, that fits the pipe tightly. place this on the top of the pipe. When in a fight, take off the cap, and with an over-head swing, swing it as hard as you can. aim this at the guys eyes/face. the fiber-glass peices get imbeded in his skin, he’ll start to mone and scratch his face, but he’s only driving them deeper. once he starts scraching, beat him in the head. the cops use a fiber-spray to control convicts. but they have to take a shower after they get sprayed, if they don’t, they swell up, and itch all over. they usally fall over as soon as their sprayed. both of these tried-and-true methods, work wonders. I carry one with me every where. It’s half cement, and half fiber-glass/lead fileings. This one works the best, and it’s only 2 feet long. I hope this helps.
     ~Peace, Bro~

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