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Different types of knives

— Posted by Sicopath on 2:51 am on Jan. 29, 2002

Okay, I have a flick-knife which i’ve had for a while and has a serrated section and a very very sharp curved tip, a couple of pocket knives that fold up and are basic in shape and have consistent edges, one of which is very sharp and comfortable to grip.
My question is, which knife should I opt for in a combat situation?
Or would it be better for me to shop around/build a fixed-blade weapon?

— Posted by ghostblade on 10:44 am on Jan. 29, 2002

my experiece with knifves comes from pigging up north australia using only knifves to kill the wild pigs or boars. If the knife isn’t a fixed blade (were the steel of the blade extends through the handle then riveted on) then you run the risk of the handle snaping off, no plasic handles either, i once had a plasic handle snap off on me when i hit bone and face it if you are going to kill cleanly you have hit the heart, quickest way to heart is through chest which is hard bone ( the throat is another quick way to kill but you only have few inches of target area and if person tucks his chin in no target area ).  

I believe the best fighting blades would be daggers cause they have been used for 1000s of years for killing people and are perfectly designed for stabbing, i once stuck my fathers 80 year old dagger clean through the skull of a pig which has been known to stop .22 bullets

i have a miliatary book on knife/bayonet fighting if interested email  ghostblade56@hotmail.com

— Posted by Sicopath on 4:35 am on Jan. 31, 2002

Cool, is this book an actual book or is it in electronic form?

I know good Knife fighting techniques but some good reading might answer alot of my questions.

— Posted by ghostblade on 7:07 am on Jan. 31, 2002

the book is a actual paper book. The book is called
“The elite forces handbook of unarmed combat” it has a chapter on knifves and defence against them. Few techiques to take knifves off enemy and good info about techniques with knifves. Has diagrams. i have a scanner and can easliy scan in the pages for you if you want.

note: the above book is only a guide if you are serious i suggest you get a partner to practice with and take up hunting with knifves (if you don’t already). A boar with tusks backed into a corner is about as close to a knife fight as you can legally get.

— Posted by ghostblade on 7:11 am on Jan. 31, 2002

An interesting quote from the book:
“Studies amongst police departments and various military units have revealed that at unarmed combat distance the knife is actually much more dangerous to the defender then someone armed with a gun.”

— Posted by Sicopath on 1:39 am on Feb. 1, 2002

Yeah send the scans, my adress is in my profile.

I understand the quote quite well, close up, guns are little more than a big lever to throw back.

— Posted by Nquizitif on 5:53 pm on Feb. 1, 2002

Hey Ghostblade, is there ne chance i could have those scans too, sounds v interesting!
Cheers! Email:


— Posted by djfalconer on 11:31 am on Feb. 2, 2002

Allright guys, i know a great site for some of the best knifes around, http://www.bladerealms.com They also have a lage selection of other weponary including guns, swords, crossbows, martial arts products, etc etc!

— Posted by bigboom on 8:46 pm on Feb. 7, 2002

a butterfly knife can kickass its a dagger with a two peice handle that folds over the blade some are only a single side blade good for killing not much else its sheathless witch is a plus compared to normal daggers

— Posted by Sicopath on 12:04 am on Feb. 8, 2002

errm,… I can’t just go out and buy me a butterfly knife can I? I Live in New Zealand… The Capital of Censorship and Confiscation. I had to get my flickknife from overseas.

— Posted by Zambosan on 9:51 am on Feb. 8, 2002

The only advantage of a balisong (butterfly knife) is putting on an intimidating display. They’re actually pretty crappy as a fighting knife. They tend to be flimsy, and even if you have a good one, by their nature they lack a guard to prevent your hand from slipping off the handle and onto the blade. Also, since the handle is split, you have to waste conscious effort keeping the two parts together when manipulating it into different grip positions. I’m not an expert on hand to hand combat, so take this at face value, but these tidbits were passed along to me by someone who was a martial arts expert (and, incidentally, was pretty f**king amazing with a balisong).

— Posted by preditor on 11:46 pm on Feb. 11, 2002

The butterfly knives defineately arne’t good for a knife fight. you’d be best with a fixed blade. I like my Ka-bar. I would recomend buying one of those

— Posted by bigboom on 12:28 am on Feb. 12, 2002

theres a lock at the end of the handle some have bigger handles that stick out for a 3 centimeter or more  fingergaurd I’ve never had a prob. with mine in any of my 7 knife fight

— Posted by Sicopath on 3:16 am on Feb. 12, 2002

Err… Well,…
After I buy myself a new stereo, i’m thinking of saving up for a sword, not a cheap ornamental one- a good assault weapon.

It’s a good trade, you lose concealment, but you scare the shit out of those “badasses” with their baseball bats.

— Posted by preditor on 3:31 pm on Feb. 12, 2002

I like the short, heavy swords that are as tough as you could posibly desire. the are thick. If you buy a sword for fighting make sore the entire thing, blade and handel are made of one solid peice of metal usually thats called full tang or chord wraped. my favorite sword is this one http://www.budkww.com/partsview.asp?action=lookup&partno=BK228&subject=U3&catpos=1

— Posted by Cypher on 11:56 pm on Feb. 12, 2002

I think in a fight something like this knife would b real good

its made by united..Unitedcutlery.com i belive

You can stab and punch, fixed rigid blade, ya cant loose.

*Note: unless u do actually get beaten in the fight then that would class as loosing*

— Posted by Sicopath on 3:55 am on Feb. 13, 2002

OMIGOD! I saw a Ka Bar knife today and I want one! I WANT ONE!

Double edged carbonised blade, curved tip, vanguard…

— Posted by preditor on 2:00 pm on Feb. 13, 2002

Cypher, that knife would make a good weapon but in a lot of places civilians can’t buy them.  and Sicopath was the knife you saw a next generation? a really good knife Ka bar makes is the Warthog, those are really sweat

— Posted by Sicopath on 3:40 am on Feb. 14, 2002

Yea, Cypher’s knife looks good, I really like the non-reflective look… Doesn’t attract attention 🙂

— Posted by DISTURBED on 4:20 am on Feb. 19, 2002

I like my next generation Ka-Bar alot but I also like tanto style knifes for their armor piercing qualitys. They have exceptional penetration abilitys and the U.S. NAVY SEALS are also quit fond of them. If you are looking for a combat knife I would definetly try a SPEC-OPS combat knife out of a BUD-K catalouge. It really just depends on what qualitys you want out of the knife. Different jobs call for different tools. Thats why I keep a wide variety of weapons at my disposal.

— Posted by preditor on 9:53 am on Feb. 19, 2002

I like Tontos but you can’t slash vary well with them. I’ve been trained to fight with the knive reversed (I hold it upside down) it works well if you know what your doing. But tontos don’t work that way

— Posted by SUPAHmanKILLA on 1:30 am on Feb. 21, 2002

i really like eveyones knives but wouldnt a small sword do better???

and any one know of a nice small,consealable,good  fighting sword..

— Posted by Cypher on 3:05 am on Feb. 21, 2002

Hmm it really depends on the sistuation mankilla

‘nice small,consealable,good  fighting sword..’ almost sounds like the definition of a dagger or knife lol

Umm i think the knife i showed u can actually buy..or get ordered but im sure u can get it in most places.

Knifes usually are pretty good for concealin but if you need 2 do some serious fighting perhaps a small sword would do…aslong as hiding it ect..wasnt such a worry 2 u.

I dunno i guess just depends of what situation ur fighting in

But~ knife fights are bitches…be warned.

— Posted by Sicopath on 4:08 am on Feb. 21, 2002

For more practical situations, a knife is good shit.
I’d never pick a knife fight myself, and buying a sword just for fighting is not a really economic way of spending.
I have a diver’s knife which is really good (as it was designed for underwater duties) and that itself can be a bitch to carry around sometimes, let alone a sword!
I’m better with knives than anyone I know, but i’m not sure i’d be as talented with a conventional sword (unless it was a katana, those things rule ass!).

— Posted by preditor on 11:36 am on Feb. 21, 2002

what do you mean by a small concealable sword?

— Posted by Sicopath on 5:19 am on Feb. 22, 2002

The old-style military bayonets might be the kinda sword he’s talking about.

— Posted by SUPAHmanKILLA on 4:48 pm on Feb. 22, 2002

im wanting a small sword becuz for me i think it gives me a bigger chance of winning lol.

but then again i dont know shit, so wat is da difference
between a knife and a dagger? (plz reply in my crossbow post 🙂

— Posted by Critical Damage on 9:45 am on Feb. 24, 2002

The Flick knife Would Be good because no-one would even know you had it

(Edited by Critical Damage at 12:53 pm on Mar. 7, 2002)

— Posted by preditor on 1:12 am on Feb. 25, 2002

what is ” the Flick” do you mean a regular flick knife or is it something less vague

(Edited by preditor at 1:14 am on Feb. 25, 2002)

— Posted by SUPAHmanKILLA on 1:15 am on Feb. 25, 2002

when u stick out your hand
and extend your middle finger its called a flick.

— Posted by preditor on 1:14 pm on Feb. 25, 2002

ha ha, smart ass 😉

— Posted by Zero Dark on 1:22 am on Mar. 3, 2002

I’v got the most bitchen knife any one thought of making it’s a butterfly with a waveblade desine and a slit down the blade that’ll keep the wound from closing up.

— Posted by scott587 on 5:17 pm on Mar. 4, 2002

i would get a knife that has a blade hat can get stuck in

the victim i dont know ezactly how to explane it but if you were to stab it would get atuck in them and when you pull it out the flesh would terr even more ive seen a few knifes like tis thefront looks like a can opener

— Posted by kaboom on 9:40 am on Mar. 6, 2002

i live in iceland and u cant get anything here all automatic knives etc etc are illegal and you cant buy any thing
my question is are there any places where they sell those kin of things and send it world wide

— Posted by Lowman on 11:56 pm on Mar. 6, 2002

has anyone seen shoe knifes before? or are they jsut a movie myth?

— Posted by Cypher on 1:36 am on Mar. 7, 2002

What like cyborg or something?

— Posted by SUPAHmanKILLA on 2:19 am on Mar. 7, 2002

i seen a shoe knife on this sight before but i cant remember the sight.

and..GOD prentend im retarded OK i dont know shit bout knives so can ya tell me wat a FLICK(heheh) or a butterfly knife is PLZ!!     pics would be good DO U HAV ANY???  

i dont know y but just like u to know…..

huntin bears wit guns is for pussys..u wanna be a man go to the forest wit NOTHIN but rusty NAIL CLIPPERS
and ONLY wearin a SPEEDO and tackle ur self a bear.

it may not be easy, even impossible but it’s ganreteed u’ll hav a shit lot of fun if u come out of it alive!!!

— Posted by Sicopath on 12:35 am on Mar. 8, 2002

Flick knives are auto-opening blades.
Butterfly knives are like those portable pliers, with a split handle, but the pliers is replaced with a blade(duh).

Oh, speedos are against my religion.

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