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Easy shrapnel grenade

— Posted by impulse on 3:04 am on April 8, 2002

Here is a very simple little shrapnel grenade. Very effective, very simple.

Go to the store and buy yourself the cheapest little hairspray bottle or whatever you can find. Something canned out of metal, pressurized of course. Full ones have nice effects.

Now you have to get creative on how you detonate these. First of all, its very easy to make it spray endlessly. You could just tie some rope around it and keep it in the spraying position, if you really wanted to you could just make some device that would pull two hooks together, thus tightening the rope around the bottle and pulling the sprayer, or you could just jam the sprayer in place. Anyway, it can happen. Once its spraying(and it won’t stop ont he impact of hitting a floor or something), you just throw it towards a flame. You could somehow make the flame occur several minutes after the throw(some neat little detonation), you could just throw and duck behind a wall, etc.. your choice. Anyway, once it gets in the flames, you’re gonna have a giant burst of flames(depending on the size and fullness of the bottle) and metal shrapnel flying at great speed around the general area.

It works pretty simple. All hairspray type materials are flammable of course, all you pyros know that. The thing is, when you keep spraying, the flames will easily travel up the path of spray you are creating. It will travel right inside of that little nozzel, right down into that little tube and when it hits the inside, all that hairspray… BOOM, nice big ball of fire. Its that simple. Even a little flame, a tiny lighter, etc.. will light this path of flame. I highly suggest you not be in the area when this thing goes off ‘cuz you’re talking a flying flaming liquid hitting you, burning away your skin and flesh.. and maybe getting hit by a liquid-flame-engulfed shard of jagged metal, it can hurt.. Shit, you could even like.. tie about 9 of these together and create a gigantic little… Well anyway, its simple, its fun, its an explosion. Have fun and don’t kill yourself.

I haven’t -actually- tested this so its not guaranteed to work, but I’m pretty sure. I don’t see why not. I saw in another post a little 6-year-old or something trying to tell someone how the oxygen would make the flame go out, and it definately shouldn’t be the case here. If you wanna try this out, I would suggest you go to some open dirt field… Do you like baseball? Put it on the pitcher’s plate, spraying like crazy, whip out your nice little zippo lighter and see if you can’t pitch a nice little throw back to the pitcher.. Duck, run, and if you succeeded in your pitch you’ll hear a nice little BOOM… Shit, I don’t even know that thats enough room for you to be safe, but I imagine it is.

If you decide you don’t like baseball and try this out, tell me how it works. I’m curious to know how big of an explosion this creates, if any at all(again, it should work). At worst you just lose your sister’s can of hairspray right?

— Posted by impulse on 3:07 am on April 8, 2002

Me again, creator of the post.

Now that I think about it, you should be able to use a fuse, just not likey ou normally would. Say you bought 20 feet of fuse. You would just lay the end of it clearly in the path of the spray. You light the fuse, it slowly burns down the 20 feet to the very end and that should be enough to light the puddle and path of flame. That would give you enough time to get the hell out of the area.

— Posted by IcedMetal on 6:06 am on April 8, 2002

No offense, but thats a STUPID GRENADE!  I mean, you’d need to get a guy to stand near a campfire in order to use it for christ sake.  Why not just throw batteries in the fire, they make a nice loud pop and its not as devestating or dangerous.

Oh just read the second post, thats a good idea for a booby trap or something, but at least its more creatiev than just throwing a hairspray in the fire.

— Posted by balor on 4:08 pm on April 8, 2002

Quote: from impulse on 3:04 am on April 8, 2002
Here is a very simple little shrapnel grenade. Very effective, very simple…………………………………………………
I haven’t -actually- tested this so its not guaranteed to work, but I’m pretty sure. I don’t see why not

You can read the above and guess for yourself why Im locking this thread.Just quit wasting my time if you havent tried what you are telling us to do.If its so simple why havent you tried it Impulse.

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