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Ebooks for trade

— Posted by paladinpress on 8:16 am on April 5, 2002

I have a massed a small collection but I know that there is many I’m missing. If have any one that I would like E-mail me or post and I will reply. Thanks  J.

4 Winds Shotgun
Home Work Shop Volume 1
Home Work Shop Volume 2
Home Work Shop Volume 5
Expedient Homemade Firearms (9mm Sub M. Gun)
Poor Man’s James Bond 1
Poor Man’s James Bond 4
Sten Mark II
Cia Improvised Sabotage Devices
Cia Key Casting Manual
Cia Remote Detonation
Improvised Launchers
Improvised Munitions From AN
Improvised Primary Explosives
Improvised Rockets
Improvised Shap Charges
Two Component HE Mixtures
Advanced Anarchists Arsenal
Black Medicine “The Dark Art Of Death”
Black Book Companion
Book Of Forbiddin Knowledge
Blowguns – Breath Of Death
Explosives And Propellants “From Common Materials”
Guide To Lock Picking
Pocket Flame Thrower
Hit Man, A Technical Manual for Independent Contarctors
Sneak It Through
Silent Kill
Silent Death
IRA Explosives
Shooting To Live
Lie Behind The Lie Detector
Be Your Own Bodyguard
Escape from Pretoria
Breath Of Dragon
Workbench Silencer
Without A Trace
The Silencer Cookbook – .22 Rimfire Silencers
The Complete Book of Flash Powder
The Big Breach
The War Gases
Ragnars Detonators
Ragnar Bensons Homemade C4 Video – A closer look

There is more then 30 others that I did not list for space reasons, I have several that were made by “Home Chemists” and were never Formaly published, covering every topic from Improvised Weapons to Drug Manufacture. I also have many Military Traning Books. Thanks J. darkdontay@yahoo.com

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— Posted by dudearama on 9:55 am on April 5, 2002

Why don’t you scan some of your books and share with the rest of the class!

— Posted by paladinpress on 10:38 am on April 5, 2002

I hate flamewars,   with that said please refer to the topic E-book stands for Electronic Book, meaning any printed or writen works transfered into a medium that can be transmitting therough computer—–    
They are all either pdf of pic
I have not problem shareing but I’m not a Public Library I would certainly share with those that post a topic and I have a book or knowledge that would help but I would like to get something in return IF possible,    I’m allways trying to increase my Library.   Thanks   J.

— Posted by dudearama on 11:00 am on April 5, 2002

I asked you to scan your books mainly because I’m very interested in the “poor man’s james bond” books.  If you could send them to me: http://www.DAVIDLEEGENDRON@HOTMAIL.COM, I would be very grateful.  I can send you a book called “Secrets of the ninja” if you want?

— Posted by paladinpress on 11:40 am on April 5, 2002

The total combined size of both files is 152mb slighty bigger then a E-Mail box can handle tell what you are looking for and I’ll see what I can do, – is this ninja book published by any company (Published works usualy have a higher “Trusted Content” factor, Thanks J.

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— Posted by balor on 1:41 pm on April 5, 2002

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Since this thread is about trading e-books it is probably better off in the community section since the books are about multiple topics not just weapons or combat.

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