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— Posted by From Hell on 2:59 am on Mar. 30, 2002

I’m gettin in this really big street fight next monday. This gang tore my friend’s apartment to hell, raped his girlfriend and painted her whole fuckin body over with their tags, not to mention they damn near beat her to death. Well anyways my friend has arranged a little “meeting” with the other gang and I’m comin along(because I was asked to) and I’m pretty fuckin sure every one’s gonna be armed so any ideals on some weapons I could make at home to fuck the bitches up with?

— Posted by Radiant on 9:29 am on Mar. 30, 2002

Dude, if they did something THAT fucked up just bring two big ass knifes and kill the fuckers!!!!!!

— Posted by BoOnDoCk SaInT on 9:29 am on Mar. 30, 2002

first off i think you should recruit some more peeps, there is strength in numbers, and going in just the two of you against the “gang” will result in your intestines being strung against the wall.

After you get some peeps, i reccomend wearing leather jackets, so that if they have knives and try and slash you it will minimize the damage (but not against a thrust attack)

Your also gonna wanna bring your own knives, perferably not the (ahhh forget the name) the ones that pop out of the handle, you wanna get fixed blades that have the steel going right into the handle so they wont snap off.

Finally anything else, mace works good, ummm maybe if you have access, a flare gun, i know my dad owns one (blinds them, as well as igniting a part of there body 🙂 , hope this helped

— Posted by BoOnDoCk SaInT on 9:30 am on Mar. 30, 2002

whoa radiant, we posted like the same time… weird

— Posted by Radiant on 9:35 am on Mar. 30, 2002

Great minds think alike

— Posted by rageing redneck on 12:07 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

i’d look into the the fully automatic 12 gage,fuck them dudes for they shit they done,they dont deserve to live…. a state trooper once told me they cant trace a shot gun shot…have a blast

— Posted by Creeper on 12:14 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

Quote: from Radiant on 9:29 am on Mar. 30, 2002
Dude, if they did something THAT fucked up just bring two big ass knifes and kill the fuckers!!!!!!

I agree, Thats totaly fucked up, The more peeps you have, the more damage that can be done, So get a shit load of people, and they wont have a chance, And the fixed blade is a great idea, I stabed a sack of corn with a french switch-blade and the blade snapped clean off,
So I’d advise getting some cheap kitchen knives,

Allso, Remeber to post back what happeneds, This could be of great help to people.

— Posted by shoota on 1:01 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

they won’t come with only stabbing weapons like knives and baseball bats and sprays. they will come with firearms. trust me.. you don’ t wanna come there with knives when they use bazookas. if you got cash. pay some guys who quit the army and place them as snipers if the fight is outside. put them from 2 different places where you have a lot of view. preferably high spots. and for you. you’re gonna wear SMG’s or anything that shoot fast and you don’t need to reload. be there before and set some mines or anything that wil set the fight of and that will neutrilize at leasst one person. shoot them in their stomachs and use the snipers if anything goes wrong. they should go for the head if they wanna kill.

once again. USE SHOOTARMS. don’t come with stabbing weapons.i know it’s gonna cost a bit. but you’ll see it’s worth it. also use a west. something out of fibre. any more questions post em here. i’ll help you.

— Posted by yowyowwow on 6:38 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

1. you must fight as these people fight.  did they ask for a sit down before they fucked the guy the room and his girlfrend. no. my advice is to go into hiding until, you kill everysingle one of the guys.

2. this is not a personal thing w/ you and the gang so honor and whatever other things they think they possess do not attest to you. Stiletto’s are an assassin’s knife, and knives are only good for assassins. Do as the others say and buy a shotgun, or rifle.                                    
                    1 guy, 1 friend, and his girlfriend in the biggest fight of their lives. sounds like a good movie.

— Posted by thadon41 on 8:09 pm on Mar. 30, 2002

Man, fuck all the tactics and shit..you think they will use tactics? hell no. I suggest you and your friend, kit yourselves out with a couple of uzi’s some spare clips and some balaclava’s. Find out where they hang out/live, and about an hour before your ment to meet them. Roll up wherever they hang/live, point your uzi in their way and hold the trigger until there is nothing left in the trigger.
NOTE: you should watch to see where they take cover.
Run backward or drive away if you have a car, reload and come back, they will not expect you to return a second time. Do the same.

Man either that, or make up some c02 bombs or some shit (I dont know explosives) anyway, just make some real bad hefty shit. go to their homes about 2am,  and blow the mutherfuckers house up. no shit. straight out kill them and their scumbag familys too.

— Posted by TheAnarchist on 11:09 am on Mar. 31, 2002

First off a friend of mine had to do the same things to the punk that got their friend in the hospital…blow up their car theres are tons of car bomb plans and if you don’t want to work so hard make a just a bomb with a timer and tape to their house..this plan might sound corny to you but when you look at books like the Terrorist handbook that teaches you this then it seems so easy

— Posted by fareed10 on 11:24 am on Mar. 31, 2002

sunday night go to their houses and put a brick sized pile of thermite on their car hoods. this will melt through the hood, the engine block and to the ground.
just mix course alumium filings and rust at the ratio of 7:3
you will need a sparkler to light it.
+ you dont have to kill them all. Just trash their appartments, beat and rape their girlfriends.

— Posted by thadon41 on 11:36 am on Mar. 31, 2002

Man, did you read his post? They did some real bad sh-t to his mate when they didnt even do sh-t!
You think people like this will stop? Just because you rape and blow up their cars you think that will scare them? ..fuck no! He does that, then they do something far worse. I say kill them off first as last. dont fuck about with pussy ass tactics and stuff. You either gonna take them out (all or atleast one of them) or your just gonna lay back and take it. Because if you blow up their cars, then they will be even more pissed at you and come back and gang rape your mother and pin your sisters head to your front door! no sh-t man, I have seen it happen. So wise up, quite pussy footing around and take your stand. Kill the twats outstraight. But make sure you do it in a way where you dont get caught. How?..well dont do it in broad daylight dont wear cloths and shoes you normally would have some form of fast getaway. Have a backup plan incase everything fucks up and DO NOT blag to anybody about it. If it comes to it, kill their damn whole familys too! Keizuer Sozay style.

— Posted by Memphis Raines on 4:38 pm on Mar. 31, 2002

when you slice them make sure you get a nice spray of blood

— Posted by From Hell on 4:45 am on April 1, 2002

Well, I’m leaving now to go take care of this shit. Now because, not more than thirty minutes ago I  got a fucking call that my sister was found raped and dead in her apartment, along with her husband. The bastards beat her to death with a fuckin baseball bat and blew her husbands brains out all over the wall. I know it wads them, they painted their tags all over the place, so everyone would know. Well I’m leavin now so, bye.

— Posted by BoOnDoCk SaInT on 11:25 am on April 1, 2002

to from hell,

i dont mean to diss your misfortune at all dude but how the hell did they get connections to wear your so called sister and husband are located. If they did that then they probably know where you are and your next on there list, i suggest u get out of town.

— Posted by jam181 on 7:56 am on April 5, 2002

Leavin town would be a smart idea but if you wanna have revenge be prepared to get hurt. You said that yous sisters husband had his brains blown out (no disrespect) that implies they have fire power so go after shotguns and auto matics. If you charge at them with knives they will mow you fown so be smart and get outa town. This may sound like a pussy idea but why dont you call the fukin police! Besides why did they attack ur mates girl in the first place?

— Posted by logan on 6:45 pm on April 7, 2002

I know no one has posted here for a lond time, but I thought I’d post my ideas anyways. Just spring this on the fucks, First, go out and buy a flag. take one of the poles, these can be used as they are, but I’ve always gotta push the envolope. thke duct tape, and tape one end. make sure you close the bottom. make, and pour cement down the top, and pack as thightly as poss. before you do this, drill about 4 holes in the top part, so when you fill it with cement, it’ll stay in the pipe. Take electrical tape (duct tape isn’t a good handle), and cove the duct tape on the handle. The last step is to take a engraver, or drill, and engrave the name, “The Shit-Head Beater” near the handle. This works best if it’s only about 2 1/2 feet long. try not to go above 3 1/2 feet. You can’t swing it as well, if you do. Presto! “The shit-head beater”, or at least thats what I call it. If its small enough (2-2 1/2 feet), you can carry it in a school sack, or like me, with all your other weapons, in your trench coat. You can also take a hollow pipe, cover the end, and place a little circle of cardbord in the bottom, so the tape isn’t sticky, fill half way with little lead files, or (and this works best), fill with fiber-glass fileings. find a computer chair, back grip. it’s used to cove the sharp pipe, on cheep chairs. you can also use any other non-perminant cap, that fits the pipe tightly. place this on the top of the pipe. When in a fight, take off the cap, and with an over-head swing, swing it as hard as you can. aim this at the guys eyes/face. the fiber-glass peices get imbeded in his skin, he’ll start to mone and scratch his face, but he’s only driving them deeper. once he starts scraching, beat him in the head. the cops use a fiber-spray to control convicts. but they have to take a shower after they get sprayed, if they don’t, they swell up, and itch all over. they usally fall over as soon as their sprayed. both of these tried-and-true methods, work wonders. I carry one with me every where. It’s half cement, and half fiber-glass/lead fileings. This one works the best, and it’s only 2 feet long. I hope this helps.
     ~Peace, Bro~

— Posted by balor on 3:21 pm on April 8, 2002

The reason why nobody has replied in a long time is that on April 1 From hell left to carry out what he was asking us about.Either now he has carried it out, didnt carry it out and is unlikely to do anything about it or he has died trying.

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