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— Posted by OzzY on 2:40 pm on Mar. 8, 2002

mh-kay guys, finally i found a dumbass who’s gonna kick my ass on a player-meeting of some onlinegame.. it’s a small thing, little people and so on..

well, for those who know me: I’m sure you know that I’ve learned a LOT in the two month I’m in here yet, so what is YOUR personal equipment-selection for such an evening?!

I am 1.97m in height, got a fighting weight of ~90kg and am ready to do everything to knock that asshole out!

We declared, that EVERY kind of weapon is allowed, so just imagine what you would do if you were me!

PS: PLEASE do ONLY post some kind of “equipment-table”, so a list of WHAT to use and HOW to make/use! please DON’T post oppinions about other one’s posts (flames), ’cause it really decreases the quality of great forums like this!

greetz, OzzY!

— Posted by Mr Smith on 5:54 pm on Mar. 8, 2002

the german means, incidentally:
“We all die sooner or later. You sooner, me later!”

— Posted by Darkie on 10:32 pm on Mar. 9, 2002

Mace. Right off the bat spray him with mace, unless he has a gun. If he’s got a gun call him and say ur sorry. Other wise spray him down then just beat him with some gloved fists.

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