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Fully-Auto BB Gun

— Posted by XxBULAxX on 8:50 am on Mar. 27, 2002

I have a crossman C02 BB gun that is semi-auto…I was wondering if anybody has modified the trigger mechinism to keep shooting?…I would imagine it would have something to do with the trigger spring, and the co2 mechinism….

— Posted by Zero the Inestimable on 8:56 am on Mar. 27, 2002

If it’s a double action (the act of pulling the trigger loads a BB from the clip) then you’re out of luck. The best you can do is attach a solenoid to automatically and repeatedly pull the trigger for you. Blowback semi-auto BB guns can be converted to full auto, most notably the Daisy 2003, by grinding down or otherwise modifying the sear.

~Zero the Inestimable

— Posted by XxBULAxX on 9:50 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

no, it isn’t double action..the trigger is basicly just there to release the co2..After every shot, just like a pistol, it automaticlly loads another BB…this thing doesn’t even have to be cocked.

— Posted by XxBULAxX on 9:52 pm on Mar. 27, 2002

can you e-mail me on how to do that? maybe I can translate that and understand how it’s done.. Also, I heard the these are legal since they are low power, and considered a toy..
(if you want the make and model it’s a, Crossman PowerMatic-500)

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— Posted by johnny 99 on 4:58 am on Mar. 28, 2002

Here is info on converting the 2003 armory.freeservers.com/html hope this helps you!


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— Posted by XxBULAxX on 4:26 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

where I live modification to air rifles are legal…I don’t want to get years in prison for having a fully auto weapon.

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— Posted by XxBULAxX on 4:48 pm on Mar. 28, 2002

I heard you can get a liscense for a full-auto weapon..But the bad thing is that the FBI or CIA or any government can search you house anytime they want. So, if you have some buds, or even a seed, you get prosecuted to the max

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