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Giant blowgun and ammo

— Posted by pyrotech on 9:38 am on Feb. 19, 2002

I just bought a blowgun and some extension pieces and when I combine them it will be 10 feet long. I’ve heard that every 24 inch extension will increase your range by 50 feet and the muzzle velocity will increase by 150 feet per second. Do any of you have any experience with a blowgun of this size? Any good ideas for darts or alternate ammunition would be appreciated. 🙂

— Posted by preditor on 9:43 am on Feb. 19, 2002

Just remember that with the longer barrel you have to take a longer exhale to make it work. and do you serously mean it is 10 feet long or is that an exageration

— Posted by pyrotech on 10:36 am on Feb. 19, 2002

I am not exagerating at all. I bought five 24 inch sections. this adds up to 120 inches or 10 feet. I cant wait to try it. :biggrin:

— Posted by OBCT on 4:06 pm on Feb. 19, 2002

i have a small collection of blow guns myself. i am a well built adult male with a large lung capacity, and i find it difficult at times to fire my 8 ft blow gun. in my expirience, a 6 ft blow gun is the best for target shooting and hunting.

— Posted by qube on 4:17 pm on Feb. 19, 2002

Cant you just get an industrial air blower? Blow a dart with power…

— Posted by preditor on 4:27 pm on Feb. 19, 2002

you can buy a CO2 attachment for it. that will make it go

— Posted by Just0nePepsi on 7:09 pm on Feb. 19, 2002

Yea have fun blowing……… hehehehehe. Seriously you will have to get an air shooter or something.

— Posted by paladinpress on 11:56 am on April 5, 2002

I have owned and built many blowguns {they were a requirement on my block growing up, get on or get shot was the motto} In my experince anything over 6′ was not woth the effort by way of your lungs, you should look into just building a small penumatic gun and use your blowgun barrel. Other wise unless you start training your lungs you are not going to be able to shot it with any gain over a 6′ footer, and would just be wasting barrel length. J.

Oh I forgot to ask what type of ammo are you using, When we used to fart around and try and build insanly long guns we found that after 6 feet the drop in speed&distance per 6inch dropped massively and we found that if wee used my trumpet oil {later switched to aerokroil} sprayed down barrel we got a littel gain we were using heavy short darts  

(Edited by paladinpress at 12:01 pm on April 5, 2002)

— Posted by paladinpress on 12:05 pm on April 5, 2002

to Qoute “Anthony” {A person from a different place}

“A spudgun will never be a high velocity weapon, they produced power by large bores not high velocities.

To get high velocities in a manageable barrel you need very high pressures, like those not produced by any kind of spudgun. These high pressures ensure a large amount of thrust on a small surface areaed projectile. You man increase the thrust on a projectile by inscreasing it’s cross sectional area, but this also increases the weight, which prevents high speed.

There is a way to “cheat” though, use a small projectile in a large bore barrel, being small the projectile is very light, but using a sabot the cross sectional area is high giving lots of thrust to a small projectile, hence high speed. This is used in blowguns as well as some artillery. You’ll never be able to reach “high velocities” in firearms terms though. ”

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