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— Posted by balor on 3:40 pm on Nov. 28, 2001

Can anyone in the US tell me about the gun laws.I know the laws really vary from very strict to very lenient in the different states.How easy is it to buy a handgun in major cities such as New York or Los Angeles for example.If you were to buy off a gun dealer will they ask you for Id or a copy of it (is it his legal obligation to).Also how easy is it to buy a handgun at a gunshow.I heard that there are no paperwork(do you need a ffl) or waiting time at a gunshow, is it true?Is the serial number of the gun registered along with the ID of the purchaser?I dont want to know about buying a gun on the blackmarket I just want to know the legal route to buying one in the US.

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— Posted by Lowman on 3:25 am on Dec. 4, 2001

Why ask on these forums just call some government people like the ATF or somthing

— Posted by balor on 3:41 pm on Dec. 4, 2001

Because I am not in the US. I am hardly go ringing up every one of the states in the US and ask how easy or fast can I get a handgun etc. and how can I avoid paperwork. It would sound a bit suspicious to me anyway.Whatever country I would be ringing from I would be traced and arrested quickly.
And on the topic of you asking me why did I ask the question on this forum.Weapons and combat is the title of this section of the forum and a lot of the time it is easier to find a place with liberal gunlaws than to fabricate a handgun etc. so I think my question could be answered by a shooter/guncollector or somebody interested in improvised weaponry.
I would appreciate any “useful” info besides the obvious ATF answer.Its like ringing up the cops to find out where can I procure an illegal weapon easiest.

— Posted by Lowman on 4:46 am on Dec. 5, 2001

Sorry i misunderstood you i thought you were living in the USA you never said you didn’t

— Posted by balor on 3:23 pm on Dec. 5, 2001

Sorry if I misled you Lowman but I dont believe in giving out too much info about myself.My questions are fairly clearcut so my location doesnt matter.

— Posted by jmb1125 on 10:49 pm on Jan. 27, 2002

you cannot have a gun in n.y.c. or wash. d.c. at all.
l.a. would be the 3rd worst place to try to score.
you dont want to buy a registered gun at all.
what you would want is a used, unreg. gun.

thing is this would be a private party sale.
no shop would sell you a gun w/o paperwork.
reg. or not. even pawn shops won’t sell used guns
w/o paperwork (i think) altho some might. where
i live they still sell guns in the paper.


— Posted by DogMan on 11:06 pm on Jan. 27, 2002

what i want to know is why is it that state can not let people have or limit the purchase of guns. it is a Constitutional  right. the @second amedment says the people have the right to bear arms, not people over 18 with a lisence.

— Posted by jmb1125 on 4:06 am on Jan. 28, 2002

ok DogMan good question. but i don’t understand the
part about “not people 18 with a liscense.”
as you know, laws vary from state to state. the 2nd
amendment applies to all 50 states. Each state can control it’s own laws. The U.S. has become a patchwork
of messy gun laws that overlap, city to city, county to
county, state to state.

balor’s best bet would be to buy a unregistered, used
handgun from a private party. He can’t buy new from a
dealer (store) because he’s not a U.S. citizen. And there
is a 15 day waiting period (background check) on all
new handgun sales everywhere (as far as I know)
And a FFL is for a liscenced dealer, not a individual person. So balor should just come to someplace like
I live and just buy one out of the ads in the paper.

Of course I don’t know what you would do for ammunition back where he lives. I’m sure that they
don’t sell it in supermarkets like they do here.

I didn’t mean to sound arrogant about how great the U.S. is. It’s just that ppl
here don’t pay much attention to how the
rest of the world lives without a Bill of Rights and 2nd amendment, ect. sorry.

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— Posted by balor on 3:37 pm on Jan. 28, 2002

Thanks JMB for that.Its just that the licensing/purchasing system here is completely different to the US so its hard to get a clear view of the US laws when they dont apply to you.
If I was in a gunshop JMB and I show ID whether false or not does that show that you are entitled by age to buy a gun/is a copy taken and recorded by the police eventually pairing the guns details with the owners name,address etc. or is it just for the gunshop owner to have a copy to cover himself.You answered my question on gunshows in another thread so thanks for that JMB.Ammunition wouldnt be a problem as I have books on reloading and access to suitable propellant,probably if I was going to get something it would be in .22lr or .22 wmr as I have rifles in those calibers.

— Posted by jmb1125 on 6:46 pm on Jan. 28, 2002

You know it’s hard for me to get a clear view of gun laws
in the U.S. & I live here. The situation is very fluid. If you
were to use a I.D. saying you were of age, it wouldn’t
help because the 15 day waiting period & background
check would compromise your position.

The gun purchase laws in the U.S. are basically as follows:
U.S. citizenship required.
No felony convictions.
No history of violence or mental illness.

So buying a gun from a dealer (or shop) new or used,
registered or unregistered may not work for you.
I don’t really see any way around that. There are other
options that we already discussed. And that’s about all there is. May I suggest the HIGH STANDARD .22lr auto?
That’s a sweet little piece that has interchangeable
dovetailed barrels. Nice to change over to the highly
modified “hush” arrangement. And for .22 mag it would
have to be a revolver of course better with interchangeable cylinders for lr & mag. I like double
action but some people like the old-style single action.
Any other questions?

— Posted by balor on 2:39 pm on Jan. 29, 2002

Thanks JMB Id say that about covers it.Thanks again!

— Posted by jmb1125 on 6:27 pm on Jan. 29, 2002

hey balor,
Your welcome. Anytime, ok?

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