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— Posted by emergencygangsta on 10:00 am on Feb. 24, 2002

Does anyone know any good web sites or books telling you about hitmen, their day to day lives and their weapons??????

— Posted by Hergor on 10:19 am on Feb. 24, 2002

maybe you wanna look at this (it’s quite entertaining…):

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 10:44 am on Feb. 24, 2002

Yeh, thanks hergor, anymore like that??????????

— Posted by preditor on 7:45 pm on Feb. 24, 2002

you can get some usefull books at http://www.southord.com/catalog.asp?cat=booksnvids that would be helpfull as a hitman

— Posted by klrbee on 7:58 pm on Feb. 24, 2002


Go to that site they have the hitman book online plus its a really good book

— Posted by preditor on 12:48 am on Feb. 25, 2002

you can always download a cracked version of the game hitman. I can upload it to you if you want it.

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 11:58 am on Feb. 25, 2002

Thanx guys
Preditor, isn’t there a hitman 2 coming out, i’ll just wait for that because i have seen most of hitman 1 round my friends, but thanx for the offer
By the way, any of you got a PS2, there are a lot of good stealth,gangster,hitmen,ninja games coming out!

— Posted by preditor on 1:10 pm on Feb. 25, 2002

yes, there is a hitman 2 comeing out. you can actually learn a lot from that type of video gam, you also get a small amount of experience (small, it’s nowere near the experience of the real thing)

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 1:51 pm on Feb. 26, 2002

Has anyone seen state of emergency on PS2,  AK47’s, m16’s, petrol bombs, miniguns, tear gas launchers and lots of other amazing stuff.
A very violent, superb game all round!

— Posted by preditor on 4:44 pm on Feb. 26, 2002

I haven’t yet heard of it but I’ll try and get a cracked version of that too

— Posted by somefukinsnapov on 1:12 am on Feb. 27, 2002

i got a book from mthe net that somone here gave me
i can send it if anyone wants ,dunno if it’ll help?

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 12:44 pm on Feb. 27, 2002

Preditor, yes its well worth getting state of emergency
somefuckinsnapov, what is the book about? Well, hitmen of course but is it only about hitmen or is it about hitmen,ninjas,gangstas and that type of thing

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 4:20 pm on Feb. 27, 2002

Because if its about all of them, is it called ‘stealth’ because i have posted something about that in the ninja section.  I saw it in a catalogue ages ago when i wasn’t really into this type of stuff, but i would kill for it now.Post the name of it on your next post

— Posted by Darkness on 4:35 pm on Feb. 27, 2002

i had a book called “silent death” or some shit like that. it had like 5 sections on ninjas, silent weapons, modern assasins, human traps and special forces.
ill have a look for it

— Posted by Darkness on 4:37 pm on Feb. 27, 2002

and i have a book on the KGB. that contains afew storys and tactics but i might have sold it when i moved

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 4:38 pm on Feb. 27, 2002

Thanx Darkness, that sounds a bit like the ‘stealth’ book im looking for.

— Posted by Darkness on 4:57 pm on Feb. 27, 2002

its quite thick and on the front i think there is a like SAS troop pointing a Glock 17 at you

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 1:21 pm on Feb. 28, 2002

Darkness, have you certainly got the ‘silent death’ one, because that is the one i want the most out of them

— Posted by Darkness on 1:41 pm on Feb. 28, 2002

I might have sold it when i moved house

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 1:44 pm on Feb. 28, 2002

I thought that was the other book, or do you think youve sold them both

— Posted by Darkness on 1:46 pm on Feb. 28, 2002

i sold a shit load of books

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 1:49 pm on Feb. 28, 2002

DAMN!  just keep looking for that, though, it may turn up somewhere,post to tell me if you find it.

— Posted by Darkness on 2:12 pm on Feb. 28, 2002

I will

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 4:03 pm on Feb. 28, 2002

Is there any more web sites????
Because i have a lot of info, but none on their weapons really.
So is there any more?????   KEEP THEM COMING!

— Posted by Darkness on 4:13 pm on Feb. 28, 2002

The weapons depend on the situation like in a snipe u would need a goodbreak downable(?) weapon and atleast 5 bullets that would be filed down to the exact shape an  weaght wanted. they would then be taken apart and there propelant emptied and each bullet equaly filled so each bullet flies the same.

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 4:20 pm on Feb. 28, 2002

Did you get that from a book, Darkness or do you just know a hell of a lot about Hitmen

— Posted by Darkness on 11:48 am on Mar. 1, 2002

yeah i read it somewhere

— Posted by preditor on 1:12 pm on Mar. 1, 2002

I got a US milatery sniper book, it’s really cool. I made the suite and some of the different tools, you people should buy one

(Edited by preditor at 12:18 pm on Mar. 4, 2002)

— Posted by DISTURBED on 3:49 am on Mar. 2, 2002


— Posted by Critical Damage on 3:54 am on Mar. 2, 2002

I don’t know any books or websites but i agree state of emergency is well worth getting

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 1:16 pm on Mar. 2, 2002

Any news on the books, Darkness!

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 8:58 am on Mar. 3, 2002

C damage, you must have a ps2 to say about state of emergency, so do you know when Hitman 2 is supposed to be coming out.

— Posted by Darkness on 11:19 am on Mar. 4, 2002

I must have sold it

— Posted by somefukinsnapov on 7:48 pm on Mar. 4, 2002

HMMMM ..a likely story!!;)

— Posted by Darkness on 3:40 pm on Mar. 6, 2002

A sniper maonly need one shot but  if i was the sniper i would like more ammo incase the shit hit the fan

— Posted by Critical Damage on 12:30 pm on Mar. 7, 2002

Hitman 2 is supposed to be comingout either april or may

— Posted by emergencygangsta on 2:19 pm on Mar. 7, 2002

April or may?????????????????????????
Damn, thats a long time.  Well it is for me , i dont know about anyone else.
Im sorry to ask again darkness, but certainly certain that you have sold them!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Posted by Critical Damage on 4:29 am on April 2, 2002

well e gangsta you can get it early cause your ps2 is chipped

— Posted by tee hee on 5:18 pm on April 3, 2002

Many times I have wrote this www.blackmarket-press.com has a hitman book in the manuals sections.

— Posted by R0NiN on 12:02 am on April 4, 2002

the day of the jackal is a good one.

— Posted by SIN NeMeSiS on 11:53 am on April 4, 2002

Hey guys check this out, i know this dude, who I suspect is a Hitman, he was once my neighbour before he moved to brooklyn. Were pretty good friends and hes Stinkin rich, no one knows what he does, he doesent drink, smoke, do crack or anything like that.and hes got to huge Cabinets filled with high and low powered rifles, he even has a Silenced Desert Eagle with something in latin engraved on it. Pretty cool huh? By the way, u will never see a Desert Eagle with a Silencer on it! so i have no idea where he got it from. He is ofcourse Italian, and very frequently a fat guy in a stretch limo comes buy. He is Italian too. lol amazing huh? anyone else knows a Hitman?

— Posted by guzzetti on 9:03 pm on April 4, 2002

Get a club and hit-man! Get it!

— Posted by Critical Damage on 12:32 pm on April 10, 2002

Hey Guzzeti that is not funny at all what r u a weirdo :angry:

— Posted by trowe on 5:39 pm on April 10, 2002

Posted earlier about being an assassin and wanting more than one shot incase the shit hits the fan…
You have backup weapons. the rifle you use is only meant to do that one specific job. your sidearm(s) are what you would use if you get in shit.

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